With WrestleMania 34 only a day away, every fans mind is begin to race with the possibilities that could occur at ‘The Grandest Stag of Them All’

    Expectations are set very high following the last time WWE held WrestleMania inside New Orleans, the universally loved WrestleMania 30. WrestleMania 34 has arguably the most stacked match card in recent memory, but the scope for shocks that night could is arguably even great. Here are seven shocking moments that the world could be talking about come nights end.


    The Return of Samoa Joe

    This won’t come as too much of a shock as Joe has been medically cleared to compete for some time now. It’s more a case of an opportunity presenting itself and what they can realistically do with him in this current format. Joe missed WrestleMania last year. Whether they will save Samoa Joe’s return for the RAW after WrestleMania remains to be seen but there are certainly some options for the Samoan at the Show of Shows. He could be Braun Strowman’s tag team partner in his Raw Tag Team Champion. This option doesn’t fill me with much joy, pleasure or happiness as I don’t want to see either of these men in the tag team division but Joe and Braun would be two absolute wrecking balls together. Who could honestly beat them? Judging from Monday Night RAW’s events, Strowman is still looking for a tag team partner and Joe fits the bill on all fronts. A second option could be as a late entrant into the Intercontinental Championship match-up. This would be a stellar way to re-introduce Joe back into the fold. The Miz has his back against the wall already and with the tensions flaring between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, adding Samoa Joe to the mix would strike fear into all three of them. This match is set to be pretty exciting as it is. With Seth Rollins potentially becoming a Grand-Slam Champion at the age of 31 or Finn Balor who would be looking at picking up his first title since vacating the Universal Championship. Adding Joe would make the stakes so much higher and there is no reason why it couldn’t happen. It wouldn’t bode well in terms of storytelling but we saw the Hardy Boyz return and win the titles at WrestleMania 33. Don’t count Joe out.


    Bray Wyatt Reborn

    Bray Wyatt has been classified as obsolete, he’s been deleted, he’s gone. We haven’t seen or heard from him in three weeks and rumours are, they’ve pulled the plug on his character. The Final Deletion saw Bray Wyatt pushed into the Lake of Reincarnation rendering his status unknown. The lake is a body of water from which superstars will emerge in a completely different persona and manner, as seen in TNA. There has been a lot of talk that we could see the return of Bray Wyatt’s former character, Husky Harris. It’s also been discussed that he could follow in the footsteps of his father and portray an I.R.S persona. Maybe he too will become Woken. Whilst I think it’s possible we could see a new Bray Wyatt, whether it be Braun Strowman’s mystery partner or a re-debut in the memorial battle, something like this would happen the night after WrestleMania on Monday Night RAW.


    Charlotte Breaks Asuka’s Streak

    It’s refreshing and absolutely breathtaking that we’re going to get a meaningful women’s singles match at WrestleMania. I’m genuinely thrilled. Especially when there is so much on the line. Title vs Streak.  Charlotte Flair is undoubtedly one of the best female performers in the business and arguably one of the best of all time as far as I’m concerned. WWE have ended one streak at WrestleMania, could they possibly end another? If anybody could end the streak, it would be Charlotte Flair. Asuka has enjoyed great success since coming up the main roster back in October 2017. She has stormed her way through RAW’s women’s division, bagged a Royal Rumble victory and recently won the Mixed Match Challenge with The Miz. For me, it just feels too early for Asuka to come up to the main roster and have the invincibility and undefeated streak vanquished so soon. Asuka’s streak will leave a legacy similar to the Undertakers. You’ll remember exactly where you were when it ends.  Do I think it will be at WrestleMania 34? No, but anything is possible.


    Carmella Finally Cashes In…But On Who?

    There’s something very frustrating about Carmella bragging that she is a “record breaker” for holding onto the briefcase for longer than anybody else. I genuinely think people forget she has the briefcase at times, it’s been THAT long. We did see Carmella’s ill attempt at cashing in on SmackDown this Tuesday only to have the briefcase kicked out of her hands by Charlotte Flair, as Natalya rolled her up and stole a victory. But what if this is all a tease? It’s no secret that WWE have had a nightmare at using and booking Nia Jax and she finally looks set for her WrestleMania moment. I do expect Carmella to cash in at WrestleMania 34 but I expect the opportunity to be on Nia Jax after she dispatches Alexa Bliss. I don’t expect Charlotte to break Asuka’s streak and retain, and Carmella cashing in on Asuka just simply isn’t realistic.


    The Authority Win

    A man with a shovel once said, “The Authority always wins…”

    A victory for The Authority isn’t impossible but it’s a pretty big ask. It doesn’t seem realistic that they could take on Veteran, Olympic Gold medallist and current General Manager of RAW, Kurt Angle and The Baddest Woman on the Planet, former UFC Champion, Ronda Rousey and steal a win. This is Rousey’s first taste at an official match in a WWE ring, at The Grandest Stage Of Them All. Ronda has been a bit shaky on the past couple of episodes of RAW and this match will require Kurt and Triple H to really step up to the plate and help Rousey make her mark on the match and hopefully, a bright start to her career in the WWE.  It doesn’t make much sense for The Authority to win as Ronda should have her moment in the sun before kicking on and seeing how she fairs in the industry.


    Roman Reigns DOESN’T Win

    It’s never, ever going to happen but let’s say it does….

    Currently at 368+ days, Brock Lesnar is still sitting at the top as our Universal Champion. Roman Reigns is set to headline his 4th WrestleMania in a row. It’s public knowledge that Brock Lesnar’s contract is up the night after WrestleMania 34. Dana White has confirmed Brock Lesnar will be returning to the UFC and Paul Heyman has condemned fans by saying if The Beast is to lose, this will be the last time we see either of them on Monday Night RAW.  Brock Lesnar has dominated the entire roster of RAW, give or take. They’ve built up the F5 to be a weapon of mass destruction that nobody can deal with, enter Roman Reigns. Reigns is going to be the first to kick out of the F5 since…probably about 2015 but they don’t want you to remember that!  It’s more or less confirmed that Roman Reigns will get his long inevitable awaited coronation at WrestleMania 34 as he transitions into the new face of the company, the conqueror of the conqueror. Ultimately replacing John Cena but it doesn’t necessarily have to happen, does it? WWE could pull off a shellshocking surprise by having Brock Lesnar retain at WrestleMania 34 and penning a new deal.


    John Cena v Undertaker Actually Happens

    This isn’t necessarily a shock. This is 100% going to happen. I’m just so dumbstruck with the way they’ve gone about this match.

    For weeks we have seen John Cena taunt The Undertaker with no response besides his brother, Kane who was easily dispatched on Monday Night RAW a fortnight ago. A final plea from Cena on the latest episode of RAW and no answer. WrestleMania 34 is 3 days away.  This match has been advertised and promoted via their flagship show but zero build-up between the two actual superstars. It’s an alarming thought that they don’t feel the need to announce and confirm the match to promote the Pay-per-view and sell more tickets, or even more an alarming thought if after weeks of build up, the match genuinely doesn’t materialise and John Cena rocks up in the crowd as an actual fan. I think this has been handled poorly regardless. The “Shock”, if indeed we get one, would be for Undertaker to return as the American Bad Ass. I know, I know, I’ve said it twice before but I’m sticking to my guns on this one. It’s the only reason he hasn’t come back yet, it has to be. If Undertaker is coming in this persona, they weren’t going to blow it at RAW. Kid Rock will do his theme and he’ll be there, motorbike an’ all. Believe that.