As the wrestling world is abuzz with speculation, it seems that WWE superstar Edge, Adam Copeland, contract with the franchise is set to expire this month. The rumour mill has been churning non-stop and many believe he may be heading towards All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

    In a recent edition of the Superstar Crossover” podcast, Chris Jericho, another renowned figure in professional wrestling who himself made a switch from WWE to AEW in 2019, was asked about his thoughts on this potential shift. He responded cryptically saying “Well, I mean, who’s to say for sure?”

    “If you look at Chris Jericho, for example, where I was in WWE, there wasn’t much more that I could do there.

    “Somebody like Edge, you know, there’s a lot of guys over [in WWE] like this. They’ve kind of done everything they can do there. For him to come to AEW with a whole fresh new coat of paint, a whole new roster of matches that he can have, obviously a new name.”

    This statement by Jericho adds fuel to an already burning fire of speculations. It leaves room for interpretation as he neither confirms nor denies anything regarding Edge’s plans.

    Edge – real name Adam Copeland – has had a storied career in professional wrestling. His journey started back in 1997 when he signed up with WWE and quickly became one of its most popular performers due to his high-energy performances and daring stunts.

    His possible move towards AEW could signify major changes within the industry itself as it might encourage other wrestlers dissatisfied or looking for new opportunities within their current franchises to consider switching over too.

    Jericho’s comment does not provide any definitive answer but certainly keeps everyone guessing about what might happen next. This ambiguity can be seen as strategic; keeping fans engaged while also creating anticipation around where Edge will appear next.

    It should be noted that if such a change were indeed happening it would not only affect those directly involved but also have ripple effects throughout the entire community of professional wrestling – from fellow wrestlers and trainers down through management up into corporate offices at both companies involved.

    The question mark hanging over whether or not Edge will join AEW continues generating interest among fans across the globe waiting eagerly to see how things unfold once his contract expires later this month.

    While we wait for official confirmation, the world of wrestling continues to be on edge (no pun intended) about where this superstar will land. Whether he stays with WWE or makes a leap into AEW’s ring is something only time will tell.

    In the meantime, Jericho’s comment keeps fans guessing and adds another layer of intrigue to an already exciting situation. As it stands now, all we can do is wait and watch as events unfold in what promises to be an interesting month for professional wrestling.