It’s an interesting time to watch WWE. To many, it looks like they are just as out of touch as ever, but that may not be exactly true. Currently, the superstars on the WWE Rosters and WWE Creative have the task of making something work, whether they like it or not. Given the nature of life in the WWE, what’s best to do is certainly subjective. With speculation on the internet and many fans/sites seeming to know what is best for business. So what is WWE to do?… Well, they do what anyone else would do and try things out until they see what does work. Someone who appears to understand this is Billie Kay.

    Torn from her Tag Team partner Peyton Royce last year, Billie Kay has been set adrift, a common move for WWE. Many fans question why but it’s not hard to figure. It’s what WWE does.

    They see who works with whom, who works in general, who’s good in what settings, etc. It’s all just to see. Some may not like that it’s so arbitrary but one has to admit, such is life at times.

    Take the pandemic. Plenty of people were fine with their lot and through no fault of their own were cast up in the air to reestablish themselves anew.

    WWE does this on occasion to give viewers and itself a fresh perspective on the wrestlers we see each week.

    Billie Kay appears to have been ready for this. She has hit the ground running by leading with some of her strengths, humour and personality. She has good stage presence and comedic timing so, she may be attempting to charm her way into the WWE Universe’s heart.

    This is not a bad tactic but Kay must be sure she is at peace with how this could direct her career. She’s currently heading down a path that could take her out of in-ring action. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what she wants.

    Billie Kay 0 Riott

    This leaves Billie Kay is in a position very much like The New Day a few years ago and what the 24/7 Title may represent today. The only difference here is that she’s not so much been given a gimmick to make work as has been tasked to make herself work.

    Her appearances would lead one to believe she has been somewhat successful. She may not be wrestling but she has proved entertaining.

    She may be an example of a conundrum many modern-day wrestlers may face.

    Think about it. What brings a person to the WWE Universe? It is a tough world. It’s not a place to go if one is looking for a participation certificate or the like. It can be very exacting, very cold and sometimes just plain mean. Yet, social moræ are changing and those changes do filter down into the wrestling world.

    Smarks have to be mindful of how they rag on someone. Regardless, what one can expect is that given the chance, fans will rag on someone. Some wrestlers hoping to fulfil their dreams may face the disappointing realization that in real-time, that dream may not involve a title run or TV time.

    What’s coming to light is if you stick with it long enough, you may be given your due but that could take many years. Cesaro and Sheamus, among others, can probably relate. So, Billie Kay is facing the reality of either accepting being a TV personality or refocusing and getting back to wrestling.

    What Kay does depends on what she wants. Does she want to get a title again at some point? Then she’s going to have to make an effort to find someone she works well with and build a feud and/or a tag team. A frustrated, female faction is another route.

    They just have to be distinctly not RETRIBUTION. Yet, if she’s fine with just keeping her job, she can do just about whatever she wants as long as it’s entertaining. We’ll have to wait to see what direction she goes.

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