Good news has been published today about former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, according to the Wrestling Observer.

    Daniel Bryan hasn’t been seen since his WrestleMania 35 loss to Kofi Kingston, in which he picked up some kind of injury. WWE kept the news quiet, though, and with Bryan’s history of concussions many fans were fearing the worst for the five-time world champion.

    Dave Meltzer stated the following:

    We don’t know what the issue was, but Bryan was at TV on 4/30 in Columbus, OH and medically cleared and will be written back into the storylines, perhaps as soon as next week. If this happened a week earlier, or for sure two weeks earlier, Owens wouldn’t have turned. Bryan is scheduled for the European tour, which starts after next week’s TV tapings.

    So there we have the big scoop. Big O would have hung around for a bit longer had Bryan not been out of action. What could have been, eh?

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