Recently, Karl Anderson and DOC Gallows have set the rumour mills buzzing with talk about a potential Impact Wrestling return for the phenomenal AJ Styles. This could be huge for Impact and the fans, so It got me thinking about the phenomenal matches he could have with the current Impact roster. Impact wrestling is undoubtedly the house that AJ Styles built and it would be a true testament to how far the company has come that AJ Styles has reportedly said ”Never say never” to an Impact return.

    So should the Phenomenal one return home? here are a few matches that would be great to see.

    AJ Styles vs Ace Austin

    This is arguably one of those matches that Impact fans have been dreaming about since the “one true ace” joined the roster and really began to shine. It didn’t take long for the companions to start being made between the two, their careers are on a very similar trajectory with both having picked up the X division championship quite early on in their Impact career. Not to mention the incredible natural ability the two exhibit, a possible match between them would steal any show that it appears on. Ace Austin has been pegged by many as the next AJ Styles and I are surely many more agree with those comparisons. Both of these incredible talents are more than capable of carrying out insanely good matches and surely in potentially the main event of Bound for glory or Slammiversary could sell out any venue and should Ace Austin do what he calls the inevitable and win the world’s title it should be on everyone’s match of the year list.

    AJ Styles vs Sami Callihan

    The face of TNA vs the face of Impact Wrestling? What a match this has the potential to be, Sami Callihan is one of the most technically sound wrestlers on the current Impact roster and his feuds with the likes of Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann and yes Tessa Blanchard, proved that he can go. AJs’ ability speaks for itself and surely should he make his return to Impact this would probably be one of the first matches/feuds that AJ should be a part of. It would be exciting to see the type of feud the two could have, Sami has been awarded feud of the year and match of the year in the impact fan vote two years running so there can’t really be much doubt that the draw and the phenomenal one could put out some instant classics in an impact wrestling ring, just thinking about Sami and AJ being in the same company can give you huge feels so a future match could be something very special.

    AJ and Good Brothers vs Rascalz

    A (Bullet) Club reunion but this time in Impact could do wonders for the company, Gallows and Anderson coming in alone has given the company such a massive boost in terms of buzz about what the company is doing but add in the phenomenal one and it can only bring good things to Impact. Having them feud with possibly one of the most over factions in the company today, that smells like money. Even just a singles feud between AJ and Trey Miguel would be something incredible given how on a recent episode of Impact Trey was also compared to AJ, but having a feud between the two factions could bring in a few more eyes to the product and even to the Rascalz who maybe not everyone is familiar with especially if they’re not as up to date on the product as others. But even just a one time match between the two teams could be enough to encourage people to tune back into Impact.

    AJ Styles vs Rich Swann

    A match that could potentially turn heads should it ever become a reality is the phenomenal one vs All Night Swann, the pure athleticism between both of these guys is undeniable and a match between them could be something very special, AJ and Swann are two excellent X Division champions in their own right and despite having two completely different runs as X champion they both put on great matches and feuds over the title. AJ with the likes of Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe and Rich Swann with Sami Callihan and Jake Crist. Now despite their athleticism, they do both have different styles compared to the other with AJ showing some strong style in his offence due to his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Rich is a very well rounded cruiserweight and has recently been dubbed by some impact fans as the Iron man of IMPACT Wrestling. So seeing these face-off could be one of the best matches in impact wrestling history?

    AJ Styles vs Eddie Edwards

    Mr Anything is possible vs Mr TNA, arguably two of the best pro wrestling in the industry today. I’m sure many have thought about this dream match in the past and how it’s crazy to think that these two superbly talented wrestlers have never faced off in the ring whether it be singles bouts, tag team or six-man tags they have never squared off anywhere whether it be Ring of Honour or over in Japan. AJ had sadly left TNA only months before Eddie Edwards made his debut in 2014 along with MVP and Davey Richards at the 2014 Impact maximum impact tour. We were so close to getting what could have been one of the best matches in TNA/IMPACT history. But if the rumours are to be believed and the phenomenal one is once again thinking about impact wrestling then we may one day get to witness what I’m sure will be an instant classic between the current Impact world champion and someone most people deem to be the greatest TNA World and X Division champions AJ Styles.

    So those were just some of the dream matches that would surely be incredible to see should the phenomenal one return back home to impact wrestling, however, I am to understand that AJ recently signed a 5-year deal to remain with the WWE and it’s reported to be the last contract he is likely to sign. But AJ is at the point in his career where potentially money is no longer his first thought when thinking about his next step, after all, he’s been everywhere and done everything and with IMPACTs acquisition of the Good Brothers maybe it’s not as impossible to see a phenomenal return as many people once thought. IIMPACT is the house that AJ Styles built and a return with a possible hall of fame induction and the perfect way to bookend his iconic career would certainly be a great sight for Impact Wrestling and Fans of AJ Styles.