On February 23, 2021, Impact Wrestling continued its road to Sacrifice. Everyone is talking about Moose, The Good Brothers, and a man called Jake Something.

    Deaner vs Jake Something – Tables Match

    Deaner and Jake continue to battle it out. The rivalry has been personal since the beginning. Deaner has not been the same since he has been cleaned in the waters of Eric Young’s Violent By Design.

    Jake Something would win by pin.

    Jake Something would be attacked by Moose with a Spear.

    Scott D’ Amore would announce that Moose would be defending his TNA Championship the same night.

    Trey Miguel, Willie Mack & Josh Alexander vs Chris Bey, Ace Austin & Black Taurus

    Six-Man Tag would determine who advanced to the Triple Threat match next week. Whoever wins the Triple Threat match will face TJP for the X-Division Title.

    Chris Bey won by pin after hitting his finisher “The Art of Finesse” on Willie Mack.

    Sami Callihan would confront Trey Miguel. Trey attacks Callihan breaking out into a fight between the two. Security would break them up.

    Decay makes a statement. Stating that they will be taking back Impact Wrestling.

    Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone paid ad with AEW talent. They go over the card for Dynamite.

    Havok and Nevaeh discuss their difficulties as a team. Tenille gets turned down as a partner.

    The Good Brothers vs. XXXL

    Match was booked on BTI on AXS. Anderson and Gallows would win with the Magic Killer on Larry.

    The Good Brothers have a conversation with FINJUICE. They continue to exchange light insults verbally.

    Swingers Palace

    Rohit Raju intrudes on Chris Sabin and James Storm. Sabin states he does not want to be kicked out he loves Swinger’s Palace. Rohit and Storm will settle their differences in the ring.

    Eddie Edwards vs Hernandez w/ Brian Myers

    Myers illegally attacks Eddie Edwards in the match. Eddie Edwards would connect with his Boston Knee Party off of the second rope. Defeating Hernandez.

    Match would be announced next week.

    Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers with special guest referee Matt Cardona. An Eye for An Eye.

    Kimber Lee & Susan w/ Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz 

    This Knockouts match would be for the #1 contenders match for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. This will allow the winning team to face Fire N’ Flava. Susan attempts an ankle lock on Grace. Grace would break out of it and hit her Grace Driver for the pin.

    Grace & Jazz would find ODB laid out backstage.

    Moose vs Jake Something – TNA World Heavyweight Championship

    Moose would face Jake Something. The match was made earlier by EVP Scott D’Amore. Jake Something would attack Moose during his entrance. Moose would then gain his momentum. They would brawl in the ring. Exchanging clotheslines, chops, and running elbows. Moose would win with his Lights Out spear.

    Moose would continue his punishment by introducing a steel chair into the ring. Rich Swann would come to stop the chaos.

    Scott D’Amore would come out to stop the brawl and announce that Moose will face Swann at Sacrifice.