Hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer has provided Impact Wrestling with one of the most extraordinary lineups for this Impact Plus event. We see Wrestling Legend Jazz in a career vs title match and the return of the Canadian Destroyer.

    Hardcore Justice is now available on IMPACT Plus!

    The night began with a surprise to Impact Nation. X-Division legend and the man know for the Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams, making his in ring return at the event.

    X-Division Champion Ace Austin | Madman Fulton vs TJP | Fallah Bahh vs Josh Alexander | Petey Williams

    Petey Williams returns to help Josh Alexander. The man that is known for the move The Canadian Destroyer made his in-ring return to fight by the side of a fellow Canadian. In the squared circle Williams appears to be at home. His move set has no signs of ring rust. The team of Alexander and Williams is impressive and dominate in technical wrestling. 

    Ace and Fulton begin to wear down the team of Fallah and TJP. Petey counters with a Hurricanrana. Fulton connects with a powerslam to Alexander. Ace hits his led drop. Fallah delays Fulton with a Crossbody. Fulton would later connect with TJP and Alexander with a double chokeslam. TJP attempts his signature Mamba Splash but Alexander counters with his knees up.

    Petey Williams hits hit Canadian Destroyer and Alexander locks in a submission on Fallah. Fallah taps to an ankle lock.

    Josh Alexander | Petey Williams defeat TJP | Fallah Bahh and X-Division Champion Ace Austin | Madman Fulton

    Shera vs Hernandez – Chairly Legal Match

    Shera hits a superplex into a load of chairs/ Hernandez by one way or other kicks out. Rohit Raju hits Hernandez with a steel chair from behind. Rohit causes Hernandez’s loss.

    Shera pins Hernandez for the three count.

    Doc Gallows w/ Karl Anderson vs Black Taurus w/ Crazzy Steve

    Taurus attacks Gallows right away. Gallows begins to get his momentum showing get defense avoiding the cross body by Taurus. Anderson can attack Taurus while Gallows is distracting the referee. Taurus hits a top rope drop kick. Anderson provides a distraction outside the ring.

    Doc Gallows connects with a sitdown chokeslam and pin to win.

    Eric Young delivers message to Hardcore War opponents.

    Johnny Swinger w/ Swingerellas vs Matt Cardona – Mystery Crate Match

    Swinger attacks Cardona sends him into the steel guardrail. Swinger opens another box yet to his surprise, his hand stalls out in a rodent trap. The two men are down after a clash. Swinger attempts to grab his brass knuckles. However, it is too late. Cardona is able to hit his finisher.


    Matt Cardona defeats Johnny Swinger

    Sami Callihan comes out to the ring. Callihan looks to teach Trey Miguel a lesson, in life. That he needs to take what he wants.

    Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale

    Callihan dominates the ring and the match. He hits his suplex on the floor. Callihan delivers his Package Piledriver for the pin.

    Brian Myers vs Jake Something – Hardcore Blindfold Match

    Both competitors are blindfolded. This match is a no disqualification match. Myers uses a trash can lid to attack Jake. Jake is then able to hit his powerbomb. Myers uses the referee to protect himself. Myers removes his blindfold to deliver a superkick. Matt Cardona comes to the ring with one of the crates from his match. Jake uses this to his advantage and hits Myers with a box full of action figures.

    Rosemary vs Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace vs Alisha vs Havok vs Su Yung – #1 Contender Knockouts Weapons Match

    Susan changed into Su Yung. Tenille takes the veteran move of moving to the floor. Jordynne receives a steel chair to the head by Su. Rosemary makes contact with a spear to Su. Alishia brings out her kendo stick, Kendra. Alisha then receives the Mandible Claw from Su Yung. Jordynne hits her power bomb. Kaleb with a K interrupts the pin.

    Tenille rushes to steal the pin. Tenille becomes the #1 contender.


    Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Jazz – Title vs Career Match

    The match was no disqualification and a class title vs career match. Jazz started the match incredibly strong. Deonna then works on the arm of Jazz. She attempts her Fujiwara Armbar. Locking Jazz in the ropes. Jazz is able to create distance between her and Deonna. Jazz is able to get strikes the Knockouts Champion. Jazz lands a DDT on a steel chair. Deonna kicks out from the impact of the DDT. Deonna lands her Queen’s Gambit on the legend.

    Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo defeats Jazz.

    Jordynne Grace comes out to the ring and raises the arm of Jazz. The legend’s career has come to an end at Impact Wrestling.

    Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering, Deaner | Rhino) vs. Team Dreamer (IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards | Trey Miguel) – Hardcore War

    “The rules for Hardcore War are as follows: Two men start alone for 5 minutes. Every 2 minutes a new man enters from alternating teams. The match cannot end until the final man has entered. After all 8 men have entered, the match is won by pinfall or submission. There are no disqualifications and Violent By Design will have the numbers advantage after winning the coin toss.” -Impact Wrestling

    A vicious attack was made on Dreamer backstage. It was suspected that it was a member of VBD. Edwards and Deaner dominated the first part of the match. Deaner hits a neckbreaker from the top rope. Rhino then enters the match. Rhino and Deaner team up against Edwards. Willie enters the match with chains. Willie and Eddie team up against Rhine. Doering enters and takes out both Willie and Eddie. VBD continued to dominate the match. Eric Young entered with a hockey stick. EY would face Swann on the outside of the ring. Rhino put Swann through the table. Swann would kick out of the pin. Deaner would hit Willie with a garbage bin cover. EY would land his piledriver on Willie Mack and win by pin.

    Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering, Deaner | Rhino) def Team Dreamer (IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards | Trey Miguel) – Hardcore War