On July 31, 2021, Impact Wrestling held Homecoming.

    The night included a main event featuring W. Morrissey and Eddie Edward in a Hardcore match. An amazing X-Division Title showcase with the Walking Weapon Josh Alexander and Black Taurus. Violent By Design’s Deaner would face Willie Mack with Rich Swann by his side. The most interesting part of the night would lead to the crowing of the Homecoming king and queen.

    This exclusive Impact Plus event would contain a mixed tag team tournament. The bracket would include several fan favorites and a new face.


    Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

    Rosemary & Crazzy Steve

    Little Petey Pump & Thicc Mama Pump

    Tommy Dreamer & Rachael Ellering

    Fallah Bahh & Tasha Steelz

    Alisha Edwards & Herandez

    Brian Myers & Missy Hyatt

    Deonna Purrazzo & Drama King Matthew Rehwoldt

    The Monarchy of Pro-Wrestling, Deonna Purrazzo, and Matthew Rehwoldt would defeat their opponents one by one throughout the night in the Impact Zone. Leading to the finals Gia Miller would interview Deonna Purrazzo and The Drama King.

    They would speak of the victory and how the two of them will reign in Impact Wrestling.

    The crowd would chant Drama King as the two entered the square circle. The match would start with an exchange of holds. Crazzy Steve would place an armbar hold on The Drama King.

    “Van Gogh cut his ear off, what do you think I will do?”- The Drama King

    Rehwoldt would break the hold. Crazy Steve then bites Rehwoldt on the ear. This would be poetic because Rehwoldt made his comparison to Van Gogh. The risk he is willing to take in the ring to create his art. The art form known as in-ring psychology. Rosemary would tag in to also bite The Drama King. Steve would tag back in and viciously bite him again. Finally, Rehwoldt was able to get away and tag in the KO Champion Deonna Purrazzo.

    The Virtuosa would be an even match for Rosemary. They would continue to make exchanges from a German Suplex to Slingblades. These two would continue their battle in the squared circle. Eventually, they eliminated one another with a clothesline. Crazy Steve would be tagged in and the same with Rehwoldt. The two members of Decay would fire uppercut after uppercut to The Drama King. The match would end with Deonna hitting her Queens Gambit to Rosemary.

    An Impact Wrestling Homecoming King and Queen would be crowned by Gia MIller.

    Comments from the King and Queen:

    Long may they reign in pro-wrestling.