Impact Wrestling is on its way to the Impact Plus event Hardcore Justice. The night began with one of the most prestigious women’s divisions in pro-wrestling, the Knockouts.

    Rosemary, Jordynne Grace | Havok vs Tenille Dashwood, Nevaeh |Alisha

    There will be a #1 Contender Knockouts Weapons Match at Hardcore Justice, the Impact Plus event. Jordynne would dominate the beginning of the match, hitting Alisha. She would also take out Kaleb with a K at ringside. Havok and Nevaeh would continue their feud, exchanging blows with each other. This would lead Nevaeh to put her through a table.

    Rosemary would hit her Red Wedding and win by pinning Alisha.

    Matt Cardona vs Jake Something

    Jake immediately goes after Cardona with a running splash. Cardona hits with flawless counters and a vertical suplex. Jake Something would them hit his sit-down powerbomb.

    The match ends in no contest.

    Myers gets on the mic and takes Cardona’s challenge at Rebellion.

    XXXL (Larry D. | Acey Romero) vs Sami Callihan | Trey Miguel

    Trey would team up with Sami. Trey starts off extraordinarily strong in the match. Callihan tags himself in. Trey disagrees with the action. The two are still quarreling with one another but, they continue their focus on Acey. Double teaming to take out XXXL’s Acey Romero.

    Trey locks in a submission and Larry taps out.

    James Storm, Chris Sabin and Chris Harris are time at Swinger’s Palace.

    Chris Sabin w/ James Storm vs Deaner

    Deaner goes for the neck of Chris Sabin right away. They hit each other with clotheslines and Deaner hits his powerbomb. Attempting the cover Sabin kicks out. Deaner begins to use sneaky tactics by racking the eyes of Sabin. Chris Sabin would connect with his signature Cradle Shock.

    Chris Sabin wins by pin.

    Eric Young interrupts James Storm stating he walked into their trap. Joe Doering is taken out, along with Chris Harris. Deaner attacks Sabin with a DDT. EY speaks of the sickness and that Harris’s blood is on the cowboy’s hands.

    Tommy Dreamer states justice will be served to Eric Young and Violent By Design. He advises EY he has his own team to face VBD this weekend.

    Jazz is set to face Deonna Purrazzo at Hardcore Justice. Deonna states she will not need the help of Kimber Lee or Susan to defeat the legend.

    Tommy Dreamer Books Myers in the first ever Hardcore Blindfold Match at Hardcore Justice. Myers will face Jake Something.

    AEW World Champion Kenny Omega | The Good Brothers w/ Don Callis vs IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack | Eddie Edwards

    Kenny Omega competed in his first time on an episode of Impact. He entered with a grand entrance from Impact EVP Don Callis. Accompanied by The Good Brothers, he would face his Impact Rebellion Opponent Rich Swann. Rich Swann would team up with his friend Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards. Omega and the Good Brothers dominate the match after a crossbody sling shot to. Edwards and Gallows face each other as Eddie takes out Gallows with a dropkick from the top rope.

    Swann and Omega continue to exchange blows. The Good Brothers and the AEW Champion Kenny Omega attempt their triple pin. Swan would break up that pin on Edwards. Omega goes for the One-Winged Angel however, Swann counters then hits his signature Phoenix Splash. The Invisible Hand, Don Callis interrupts the pin. Rich Swann would connect with his finisher on Anderson.

    Rich Swann would win via pin.

    Omega leaves stating this is just a warmup.