The IMPACT+ app monthly specials returned with Victory Road last night with nine matches including three championship matches but who is going into Bound For Glory as Impact World champion?

    After the cold opening hyping up the main event between Eric Young and Eddie Edwards for the World championship we jumped straight into the opening contest.

    Rascalz (Dez and Wentz) def. Triple XXXL

    A fun-sized match with Larry D and Acey doing everything they could to keep the high flying Rascalz grounded, their strategy was sound and did manage to take some of the momentum away from Dez and Wentz but they couldn’t keep the Rascalz at bay for much longer, as they took control back in the match and managed to take out the bigger member of Triple XXXL Acey Romero. Leaving Dez alone in the ring with the best hand in the house Larry D, Dez would deliver his signature move of the final flash from the top rope and pick up a much-needed win for the Rascalz.

    Bryan Myers def. Tommy Dreamer

    The innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer set out the teach The Most Professional Wrestler a lesson in Professionalism and respect but it seemed the lesson may have fallen on deaf ears. Myers took it to the veteran Dreamer and although Tommy tried to give as good as he got after Tommy decided to climb to the top rope it would be the turning point as Myers had it scouted. Although Dreamer would deliver a cutter in one last-ditch attempt, Myers would pick up the win over Dreamer.

    Straight after the match, we head backstage as Moose gets in the face of Scott D’amore saying he shouldn’t be expected to Wrestle trey tonight as he’s too busy trying to find EC3 and get his TNA World Championship back. But D’amore is having none of it and reminds Moose that he is a Wrestler and nobody but him cares about Moose’s “Fake” title.

    Defeat Rohit Challenge: X Division Championship: Willie Mack def. Rohit Raju via Count Out.

    The Defeat Rohit Challenge made its debut and was accepted by former X Division champion Willie Mack. Who took it straight to the Champion and left him on the back foot for most of the match, however the champion proved to everyone that he is deserving and is more than capable of maintaining the classic X Division style we’re used to seeing. By giving the challenger everything he had. After both men delivered their individual finishers but both finding a way to escape , the finish came after champion and challenger clashed heads causing the champion to roll out of the ring and chose to stay there for the remainder of the referees ten count giving Willie Mack the win but also managing to retain his X division championship.

    Heading backstage again, this time Gia Miller is speaking with Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock trying to get answers as to why Shamrock attacked Eddie Edwards over the last couple of weeks. Sami makes it very clear that he did it because he wanted to show the world that Ken is still the world’s most dangerous man.

    Tenille Dashwood def. Jordynne Grace

    Still accompanied by Kaleb with a K who once again proved his worth to Tenille Dashwood by making himself a nuisance during the match. Despite Grace’s best efforts and dominating around one-third of the match and even after locking the Coquina Clutch on Tenille once again, but as Tenille was tapping out, Kaleb with a K had the official distracted leaving Grace distracted also. Dashwood took the opportunity and rolled Grace up but she is able to kick out and despite that Dashwood delivered her spotlight kick for the win.

    Unsanctioned: Heath and Rhino def. Reno Scum

    Heath was given an opportunity to get back in the ring and team with his good friend Rhino in an Unsanctioned match but unfortunately for them, Reno Scum took control of the match almost from the beginning and it wasn’t until Heath finally managed to tag in his partner Rhino they finally managed to take Scum out of the match. Rhino managed to deliver an almighty Gore to Luster the legend which would take him out of the match and Thornstowe would do the same to Rhino but Heath would finish the match by delivering his signature side Russian leg sweep to pick up the victory.

    The camera follows Heath and Rhino backstage where they are met my Scott D’amore who congratulates the pair, and tells Heath to meet him in his office this Tuesday on IMPACT on AXS TV and they will sort something a little more permanent for him.

    Trey def. Moose

    A very angry and slightly distracted Mr Impact Wrestling Moose immediately goes straight for the Rascal who managed to avoid the original shots from Moose. Which only seems to anger him more, Moose takes control throughout the match by using his superhuman strength and throws Trey all around the ring and even though Trey managed to get in a few shots that would rock Moose. It seemed impossible that Trey would be victorious. However, as EC3s logo appears on the big screen Moose becomes distracted leaving him open for Trey to roll up the self-proclaimed TNA World Champion for a surprise win.

    Straight after the match, Moose goes back on his hunt for EC3 and his championship, he heads straight for the production truck which is empty. However he subsequently becomes locked inside for a few seconds before powering his way out. A dazed and confused Moose spots something on a patch of grass. Candles surrounding his championship, as he approaches the shrine EC3 once again appears behind Moose and delivers a reverse DDT and reminds Moose that he’ll get to say goodbye to his title at the funeral on Tuesday.

    Josh Alexander def. Alex Shelley, Ace Austin and Karl Anderson

    A preview of sorts for the match scheduled to take place at Bound for Glory for the Impact World Tag Team championships. All four of the competitors in the match were accompanied by their tag team partners who would eventually exceed the amount of times they could get involved before the official ejected all four from ringside. It wouldn’t change the match very much as all four competitors would continue to turn the momentum of the match in their favour. The finish would come after Karl Anderson delivered his signature Gun stun but would be taken out by Josh Alexander who delivered a double under hook piledriver to Alex Shelley and would pick up the victory.

    Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo def. SÜSIE via Submission

    For this match the champion was accompanied by the curator Kimber Lee and the challenger accompanied by the Number one contender for the Knockouts title Kylie Rae. The Virtuosa would at first underestimate the challenger but would quickly learn not to take her so lightly, Deonna’s offence was set around weakening the arm of SÜSIE so she could easily lock in her fujiwara arm bar. Only SÜSIE was clearly prepared for it as she also managed to find an escape from the hold. There were a few close calls where it seemed we were getting a new champion but as soon as Purrazzo locked in her double arm bar named the Venus De Milo it wouldn’t take long for the challenger to verbally give up.

    Immediately after the match The artist and the Curator went on the attack of Kylie and SÜSIE and forced Kylie to watch as Purrazzo crushed the arm of SÜSIE in a steel chair and once again locked in the fujiwara arm bar.

    IMPACT World Championship: Eric Young def. Eddie Edwards via Tap Out.

    Eddie Edwards is once again in search of the world championship which he lost to Eric Young but also in search of revenge for himself and Rich Swann. Eddie ran straight at the champion and seemed to be on a rampage but the world champion proved to be too much for the challenger. Especially as Eddie came into the match with only one healthy leg. EY would make the most of this and seemed to focus his attack on the injured leg, Edwards would continue to try and fight through the pain and even managed to deliver his signature Boston knee party. But the ring awareness of the champion is at it’s best and after surviving more offence from the challenger EY would deliver a hard piledriver but instead of the going for the cover, the champion would lock in a leg bar submission leaving Edwards with no option but to tap out

    After the match Young would go back on the attack but wouldn’t be able to cause too much damage as the Number one contender for the World championship Rich Swann would save Edwards. Swann would raise the world championship before the show would go off the air.

    That was the last exit on the road to Bound For Glory, a PPV worthy show on the Impact+ app, be sure to go check it out on the app if you haven’t already.! Will there be any surprises before we get to the biggest event in the calendar of Impact Wrestling? Be sure to stay tuned to Impacts weekly show every Tuesday on AXS TV and Wednesdays on Premier Sports in the UK.