As Impact continues to their next event Turning Point and leading into Hard to Kill. Here at TWM News, we wanted to highlight the most IMPACTful moments from the last episode of Impact Wrestling and Impact Faithful’s reactions.

    Before The Impact: Sam Beale Turns on The Learning Tree

    Sam Beale and Zicky disagree during the match. Beale recently had been expressing some unhappiness with Myers and The Learning Tree. Beale sides with Swann and Mack. Landing a headbutt to Dice. Myers counters the Handspring Cutter from Swann into a driver. Swann successfully hits a cutter before making the tag to Beale. Sam Beale pins Myers for the win.

    The night continues in Sam’s Towne.

    X-Division Championship #1 Contenders Match:

    Trey and Laredo Share a moment.

    After the match. Trey and Kid share a moment but it is sadly interrupted.

    Trey Miguel goes to the ring to greet Laredo Kid. Steve Maclin assaults the two of them. Catching the two men off guard. Trey and Laredo cooperate with each other to get rid of Maclin.

    Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The IInspiration Search for Ghost

    The IInspiration hunt around the locker rooms for the undead brides. Their plan is to fight Decay with ghosts. Cassie Lee’s comment, “fight ghosts with ghosts”. They both go on a search to find Kimber Lee and Brandie Lauren.

    Mercedes Martinez Calls Her Shot

    After Mickie James defends her title against Madison Rayne. Mickie jumps off the top and pins Madison to win.

     Mercedes Martinez comes out and enters the ring. She wants to leave her mark and reminds the legendary Knockout, Mickie James, that she won the Knockouts Knockdown Tournament. This will allow her to challenge for the Knockouts Title. Martinez declares that she will be invoking her challenge to face Mickie James.

    The match will air on Impact Plus on November 20th at Turning Point!

    Eric Young: The Pile-Driver Heard Around the World

    Eric Young enters the ring with Violent By Design. He proceeds to address all of the Impact and the wrestling world that he is the “master of violence” and he will build a monument of violence that the world will live in. Jai Vidal comes out to face Eric Young. EY states he has the disease and he has the cure.

    Eric Young lands a pile-driver. Jai Vidal bounces from the impact of the pile-driver, allowing Young to pin for the win.


    This November 20th join us and Impact Plus on the road to Turning Point and then Hard to Kill.