Turning off the Victory Road and on the home straight to Bound For Glory, Impact Wrestling bring us the latest installment of their weekly television show. This week had a big surprise in the X division and we were invited to the funeral of the TNA World Championship.

    As we are welcomed in to the show by Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne, Tommy Dreamer makes his way to the ring for the opening contest.

    Tommy Dreamer def. Brian Myers via DQ

    A rematch from Victory Road last Saturday, as the veteran Tommy Dreamer looks to once again teach his opponent (Myers) some respect. But Myers is looking to prove that his brand of professionalism is the future of pro wrestling. Myers seemingly a little more aggressive than he was in their previous encounter but Dreamer would get in some strong offence and looked to be picking up the win. Myers on the other hand had different intentions as he goes to the outside and introduces a kendo stick to match, it would take a few more minutes and one last flurry of offence from Tommy before Myers drives the kendo stick in to the skull of Dreamer, leaving the official with no choice but to call for the bell and award the match to Tommy Dreamer.

    Myers would continue delivering heavy shots with the kendo stick to Dreamer until Scott D’amore made his presence felt and told Myers to drop it and leave which he hesitantly does.

    We come across Moose backstage who is still in search of his TNA World Championship and EC3.

    Backstage, this time with the groom to be John E. Bravo and his groomsmen, where he is asking them to help pay for the wedding. Fortunately the best man Fallah Bahh had a plan to get the money required.

    Defeat Rohit Challenge: Jordynne Grace def. Rohit Raju

    The next instalment of the defeat Rohit Challenge was first accepted by former X Division champion Willie Mack. But the Champion (Raju) shut that down quick and made it clear that Willie is no longer eligible for the challenge. He then calls for a fresh challenger and he gets it in the form of the former knockouts champion Jordynne Grace. The official rings the bell but the champion Rohit takes his time to start the match and refuses to let the official raise the title and make it an official title match. Mack decides enough is enough and tries to take the belt from the grasp of the champion, but during the scuffle Grace takes the opportunity and rolls the champion up for the victory and is announced as the New X Division champion.

    As soon as the bell is rung Raju jumps to his feet to protest the result of the match, claiming it was not an official title bout because the title was not raised by the official. The referee agrees and let’s announcer David Penzer know that Grace is not the champion but she did win the match.

    As Rohit walks through the curtain he’s met by Scott D’amore who sarcastically praises Rohit for giving out opportunities ,and informs the champion he’ll be giving more opportunities out at Bound for Glory when he defends the X Division title in a six person scramble. Against Chris Bey, TJP, Trey, Jordynne Grace and Willie Mack.

    Once again backstage and the best man Fallah Bahh is in search of Hernandez to get his money. Hernandez puts up a fight and the two go their separate ways.

    Rascalz (Dez and Wentz) def. XXXL

    The second rematch from Victory Road, but this time team Triple XXXL didn’t wait for the bell as they jumped their opponents leaving Wentz out on the floor as they go to work on Dez. XXXL take the control and manage to keep Dez off his feet just like in their previous encounter. But yet again it wouldn’t last much longer when Dez managed to get the tag to his partner Wentz who would turn the match back in the favour of the Rascalz. A double super kick would take out Acey Romero then the hot fire flash double team manoeuvre to Larry D would end the match and give the Rascalz another win.

    Heading backstage and we come across Fallah Bahh who walks into the bathroom of Hernandez who is in the shower and Fallah takes advantage of this by stealing the roll of cash from Super Mex’s belongings.

    Jimmy Jacobs is at the Foreman medical centre to get an update on Rich Swann from Dr Ross. Who informs us that Swann is ready to go now. As Rich then starts to tell Jimmy just how ready he is, he’s attacked by Eric Young who is disguised as a medical orderly. The world champion once again attacked the ankle of the challenger.

    We return to Gia Miller who is speaking with the World Tag Team champions the Motor City Machine Guns. They’re discussing their upcoming match with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. They’re interrupted by one of their BFG opponents the Good Brothers who promise to make sure nothing goes wrong in their main event match.

    Taya and Rosemary def. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan.

    Knockouts tag team action, both teams giving it all to put their opponents away and it seems Tasha and Kiera were fighting against the height advantage of Taya Valkyrie. But despite their best efforts the finish would come after Taya took Kiera Hogan out of the match, Steelz then returned the favour before turning around and being speared out of her boots by the Demon Assassin Rosemary.

    Deaners def. Johnny Swinger and Crazzy Steve

    A fairly short match with Cody Deaner dominating Swinger for the majority of the match and because of the miscommunication between Swinger and his partner Crazzy Steve. Cody Deaner would deliver his signature DDT to Swinger after he attempted to use the monkey of Crazzy Steve to pick up a quick victory.

    Mean Gia Miller back at the interview set, this time with Kylie Rae who is visibly upset with Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee after their attack on SÜSIE last week at Victory Road. Kimber Lee would appear just to mock Kylie. Rae would snap and attack Lee.

    Next, we were promised the funeral of the TNA World Championship and that’s what we got. EC3 would appear on a bridge just before dropping the belt into the water below. He would then tell Moose that he needs to find himself again and says the words “Free Moose”.

    The camera then shows a deep in thought Ken Shamrock before a very loud Sami Callihan walks over to him. As Shamrock appears to be regretting his actions, Callihan reminds him that he is the World’s most dangerous man, Shamrock then attacks a near by security guard under the instruction of Sami Callihan.

    MCMG def. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton

    A Non title match as the champions go up against one of their BFG opponents. Both teams do everything they can to cut the ring in half and keep their opponents from making the tag to their fresh tag team partner. The machine guns clearly putting quite a lot of their focus on keeping the larger Fulton out of the match and did manage it, but unfortunately The North would make their way to the ring, steel chair in hand but are help up by the official just long enough for the Good Brothers to put a stop to their plans before they got the chance to go through with them. Whilst the Good Brothers had The North distracted the tag team champions would deliver their neck breaker, cross body combo Finisher, picking up a big win on the road to Bound For Glory.

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