The Wrestling world has been buzzing ever since last Wednesday night, we were promised an explanation on Impact, along with Knockouts tag team action and lots more did Impact deliver on everything that was promised and did Impact become All Elite? Let’s find out as Impact Wrestling presented their weekly show on AXS TV and Free Sports TV.

    Before heading to the opening contest we were given a recap of what happened during the main event of last week’s All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite, also a tour bus arrived outside of Skyway studios that we were told had Don Callis and the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega on board, we were also informed that Josh Mathews would have the first exclusive interview with the pair. We then headed to the ring for the opening contest.

    Chris Sabin Def. Josh Alexander:

    The Motor City Machine Guns have a three-part plan to get back atop of the mountain and defeating The North was step two. Sabin looking to get some revenge on behalf of his tag team partner on Alexander. Josh started using some powerful moves to live up to his nickname of the Walking Weapon, but Sabin had an answer for almost everything Alexander was doing. The two took it back to basics with some mat-based offence, of which Alexander came off best but nothing could stop Chris Sabin once he started using his speed, delivering a suicide to Alexander who was on the outside of the ring. Leading to the moment that would lead the final moments of the match, after hitting Sabin with a German suplex on the ramp, they would find themselves back in the ring and a small disagreement between Page on the outside Sabin would reverse an attempted pile driver and roll up Alexander for the victory.

    Jumping backstage as Moose preps for his main event match, his partner Chris Bey appears and says they should talk strategy for their match. Moose is quick to point out that he lets his fists do the talking.

    Then a paid advertisement from All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone, they promote Dynamite for tomorrow. Also saying how Khan was rumoured to be buying Impact, also that Callis is welcomed to be at Dynamite tomorrow, they appear to take a shot at Impact by saying that the AEW tag team division is the best in the world and how Moxley was the greatest world champion in wrestling.

    Brian Myers Def. TJP:

    After the last two weeks of Myers making fun of TJP, the two finally face off and they crash hard. Both looking for the opportunity to make the most of the momentum swinging in their favour. Myers would talk a little trash throughout, reminding everyone that he is the most professional wrestler today. Several times throughout the course of the match TJP would attempt and successfully lock in the kneebar, the first time he left Myers too close to the bottom and he managed to grab hold of it, the second time there was no chance of Myers doing the same thing. Instead, he used his head and pulled the referee by his shirt and pushed him on top of TJP which broke up the submission. TJP would also attempt his signature Mamba splash but would instead have to roll through on the mat after not landing on Myers. Myers would then drop TJP with his signature clothesline for the pin and the victory.

    Heading backstage and Cody Deaner is preparing for his match, he tells Cousin Jake that if he wants to come to ringside with him then he is under strict instructions to not get involved no matter what happens.

    TJP is pacing around backstage trying to recover from his match before he is approached by the X Division champion Rohit Raju, Rohit takes great pleasure in reminding TJP that he can’t compete for the X Division championship this Saturday at Final Resolution in the final Defeat Rohit Challenge of 2020. TJP wishes Rohit good luck but he is far from sincere and appears to have some sort of plan, perhaps a Manik plan.

    Eric Young Def. Cody Deaner:

    Cody Deaner is on a mission to prove to the World Class Maniac Eric Young that he is not a joke and deserves to be taken seriously. As Deaner lays in hard shots to Young in the corner, he repeatedly shouts at EY telling him that he is not a Joke. Deaner seems to be getting the message through to the former world champion and as he climbs up to the top rope, Doering makes his presence known but Cousin Jake jumps up onto the apron but is reminded that Cody does not want him getting involved. Deaner is distracted and as he jumps from the rope attempting an axe handle, he is pulled into a pile driver and EY picks up the win after dropping Deaner on his head.

    EY and Doering keep up with their attacks and jump both Deaner’s after the match until Rhino comes to the ring pipe in hand causing EY and Doering to retreat. But clearly, this is far from over for Cody Deaner who is seething with rage.

    Backstage, Tommy Dreamer is trying to calm John E. Bravo who is trying to get to the man who shot him, Larry D. Dreamer sends him away before approaching Larry himself, D proposes a match for Final resolution in which should he win he walks away from a free man but if Dreamer wins he’ll come quietly, Dreamer agrees.

    Tommy Dreamer then walks into the office of Scott D’Amore, he voices his concerns about what is going on at Impact tonight. But Scott is more confident as he is very happy with the amount of buzz this has caused already, Dreamer is more concerned with Don Callis who he thinks is just in it for himself.

    Taya and Rosemary Def. Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo:

    The final first-round matchup in the knockouts tag team title tournament see’s the knockouts champion and the curator taking on the former longest reigning knockouts champion in history and the Demon assassin in tag team action. Purrazzo and Lee appear to have control for most of the match, keeping Rosemary and then Taya trapped in their corner that was until Taya broke away and made the tag to Rosemary, Purrazzo would nearly hit Rosemary with the costra nostra but it would just lead to all four knockouts brawling in the ring and that led to some miscommunication when Purrazzo kicked Lee in the face, the champ would then be taken out of the ring by Taya leaving Rosemary to deliver the under hook neck front-facing package piledriver type manoeuvre for the win.

    Backstage, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K are once again trying to get Lish on board to discuss details about their new team. Lish is no longer interested in teaming with Dashwood, her focus is now on Sami Callihan.

    Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo approach Scott D’Amore, Purrazzo is frustrated with the schedule Scott has her working, But D’Amore only gives her one thing to focus all of her attention on and that is defending the knockouts championship against Rosemary at final Resolution.

    Sami Callihan has been granted some in-ring time with a microphone, he reminds everyone that he has carried Impact on his back ever since he joined the company. He also talks about how what he did to Eddie Edwards eye all the way back in their first encounter rejuvenated Eddie’s career and breathed new life into Impact. He shows us that footage then asks for the footage from last week’s baseball bat attack but instead Alisha Edwards comes out and tells Sami that she did not come alone. Eddie Edwards returns and takes the bat from Sami, causing to Sami to slide out of the ring and escape over the barriers.

    Moose and Chris Bey Def. Willie Mack and Rich Swann:

    Straight out of the gate Bey and Moose are not on the same page, Bey tags himself him much to Moose’s frustration. Bey and Swann clash in a preview of Saturday a very athletic exchange with both taking each other out making the hot tags to their partners Mack and Moose who instantly change the pace and style of the match. Throughout the course of the match, Bey and Moose just keep blindly tagging themselves into the match. Moose despite not being the legal man would step into the ring and deliver the lights out spear to Mack, followed by the harsh elbows. Swann would break it up causing both champions to spill to the outside, Bey would make the cover on an unconscious Mack and picks up the win.

    Rich Swann is trying to leave the building but is stopped by a security guard with a list. He informs Swann that the champion has stopped everyone from going through that specific door. Swann immediately thinks Moose is playing games, but the guard tells Swann that Kenny Omega is the champion he is referring too.

    Josh Mathews walks onto the tour bus of Callis and Omega when he arrives nobody is there but as he sits down a door opens and in walks Don Callis, closely followed by the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Before Josh can ask a question, Callis and Omega say they are gonna make history again as they change champions nameplate on the AEW world title. They then get into it and Callis runs through the history between himself and Omega, Omega the begins to explain why he is on Impact and simple but it’s because he can and this has been the plan for 27 years. Kenny explained that he loves collecting belts, he has the AEW one. AAA one. And threatens to take one from IMPACT. Kenny then reveals he and Callis plan on making more history tomorrow on Dynamite, Kenny then gives his signature goodbye before they leave Josh and Impact comes to an end.

    That was Impact wrestling and it’s safe to say this isn’t the last time Kenny Omega will be on Impact Wrestling. It’s still not quite clear exactly what type of relationship is in place between Impact and AEW but Wrestling may never be the same again, the semi-final bracket in the Knockouts tag team title tournament is set as we head into Final Resolution this Saturday on Impact Plus, who will walk out as Impact World champion and are we set for more surprises? Impact Wrestling just became even more unmissable.