Impact starts with Impact EVP Scott D’Amore in the ring speaking about his fellow EVP Don Callis and invites the owner of AEW Tony Khan to the ring as the Dynamite theme plays. D’Amore states that since they share the same champion, they must have consent with the big matches their champion Kenny Omega should have. They are interrupted by Don Callis coming to the ring to explain why Sami Callihan should be in this match and why Moose is the more deserving number, one contender. Khan and D’Amore decide that Moose will face Kenny Omega at Daily’s Place, the home of AEW. But D’Amore drops even bigger news that the winner of that match will face Sami Callihan at Slammiversary.

    Backstage: Gia Miller attempts to get a word with Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers, and Don Callis, but they plan to put a hit on Callihan. Scott D’Amore announces Callihan and a partner of his choosing will face The Good Brothers in a Street Fight at Against All Odds.

    Chapter Two on How to be a Profession with Brian Myers airs. Myers is now teaching Sam Beale how to make a pretend promo on facing Matt Cardona. Myers is upset over Beale when he did not bury Cardona in the promo. These segments have big highlights for each week fun to see where this goes.

    Backstage: D’Amore is back to confirm the tag team Street Fight this Saturday, and Sami Callihan is not happy about it. He doesn’t think anyone would want to tag with him. Outcomes Tommy Dreamer says they share an enemy in Don Callis, and he is willing to help Callihan in defeating their common enemies. However, D’Amore warns Dreamer not to call Callis his enemy as it is something he will regret. Dreamer is a different choice, but how great would it have been to see Jon Moxley reunite with his former CZW partner Callihan.

    Havok vs. Rosemary- If Havok wins, she is added to the Knockouts Championship Match

    Rosemary delivers two Spears right off the bat and attempts to choke out Havok, making it serious she does not want a triple threat match the Saturday. But no way is Havok going to allow Rosemary to take her that easily. Havok almost had the win, but Rosemary hit a fourth spear to keep Havok out of her match. Deonna Purrazzo, with her cronies Susan and Kimber Lee, come out and attack both Rosemary and Havok. Susan picks up the mic and says she wants Tasha Steelz right now. Even though it is Kimber Lee, it is the one who is facing her.

    With all the triple threats matches happening in every promotion quite shocking that both the Knockouts and World Championships matches were not changed into triple threats even tho they were teased.

    Winner: Rosemary

    Tasha Steelz w/ Kierra Hogan  vs. Kimber Lee w/ Susan &  Deonna Purrazzo

    Kimber Lee takes most of this match, and she hits an impressive Three Amigos with a final delayed suplex. Some great back and forth towards the end of the match, and Steelz hits the Falcon Arrow to gain momentum for their championship match on Saturday. Susan and  Purrazzo come to argue in the face of Fire N’ Flava and begin to attack. Rosemary and Havok are back for revenge and unite to take out Purrazzo and Kierra Hogan, teasing a partnership between the former enemies.

    Winner: Tasha Steelz

    A new vignette airs for Steve Maclin, the former Steve Cutler. He is stating that if people only knew what happened when his back is against the wall. He screams that he is bringing Mayhem to Impact soon.

    Backstage: Gia Miller is with the X-Division champion Josh Alexander coming from this historic Iron Man match with TJP last week. Alexander says he feels great, and he’s waited 16 years for the opportunity and line up the competition. He’s interrupted by Ace Austin and tells him not to bother watching other competition and should only worry about him, who always has an ace up his sleeve as he points to Madman Fulton.

    Rohit Raju & Chris Bey vs. Trey Miguel & Petey Williams

    Great to see Petey Williams constantly used as of late shocking that he’s been wrestling for over two decades. Impressive athleticism by every competitor here, a lot back and forth action. With the combination of moves coming out of this match, adding Ace Austin to this will make this match great on Saturday. Trey Miguel hits that complicated but good-looking submission hold on Raju to pick up the win for his team. And in the third post-match attack, Ace Austin and Madan Fulton come out to attack the winners. Josh Alexander comes out to make the save but not enough for the giant Fulton. All the challengers unite to take out Fulton and leads to a Super Candian Destroyer on the big man.

    Winners: Trey Miguel & Petey Williams

    Backstage: Gia Miller speaks to Willie Mack with Rich Swan on his match with W. Morrissey later tonight. Mack says it is a new day, and this time around, he will take a piece of his ass. Swan interrupts and tells him to save a piece for him this Saturday. Mack tells him not to worry and to let him go at it alone tonight.

    Tenille Dashwood is back with a new episode of All About Me with her co-guest Kaleb with a K. She welcomes someone she has felt the chemistry with, Rachael Ellering, who brings Jordynne Grace was not expecting. Kaleb presents Dashwood with a new shirt that she loves. Dashwood asks Ellering if she has any questions for her and why she was still tagging with Grace after their chemistry a few weeks ago. Ellering claims that Dashwood has been disrespectful and challenges her to match this Saturday. Instead, Grace furiously challenges Dashwood and storms off the set to make the match official.

    Violent by Design gives another eerie promo. The leader Eric Young puts his faith in Deaner in defending the Impact tag titles this Saturday. And tonight, Joe Doering will end the heartbeat of the Heart of Impact Eddie Edwards.

    Joe Doering w/ Violent By Design vs. Eddie Edwards

    Eddie Edwards struggles to get the upper hand on Joe Doering, who controls most of the match. Every time Edwards has an opening, the giant brings him down. Just when it looked like, Edwards had the advantage, Violent by Design interferes. Doering’s opponent, this Saturday Kojima, comes out to even up the field. Doering is pulled back by his teammates. This brawl and break apart teases the magic they are going to create at Against All Odds.

    Winner: Eddie Edwards via DQ

    Great Vignette airs with Moose talking about how the Impact Championship has Illuded him all these years. And if it were him at Rebellion, then it would be a different story, and Kenny Omega would not be champion. D’Lo Brown and Josh Mathews support Moose and break down the stacked card for Against All Odds.

    W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack No Disqualification

    For a no disqualification match, it begins in the ring. Both opponent’s attempts wear out each other before bringing the violence.  Back from commercial break, they end up outside and the first weapon, a chain by Mack. But all the weapons Mack brings out goes against his favor when everything inflicts damage on him. But Mack is back in the fight with a tilt a whirl slam to set up his Six Star Splash but misses. Mack looks like he is about to win the match with a chair, but Morrissey big boots Mack to win. Just before Morrissey can hurt Mack more, Rich Swann comes out to save his friend. Security breaks them apart, and Swann gets the last chair shot as Impact goes off the air.

    Winner: W. Morrissey