Two sets of number one contenders will be crowned as we begin the road to Slammiversary!

    IMPACT dedicated tonight’s show to the memory of George Floyd and his family. Their social media remained silent through the show.

    Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz defeated Kylie Rae & Susie via pinfall (spinning fisherman’s neckbreaker)

    Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan were in firm control for the majority of the match, with Hogan pulling Rae down in the early exchanges and Tasha Steelz mocking Susie. Hogan and Steelz worked over Susie who, try as she might, could not overcome their double teams. Eventually, Susie managed to fight her way from underneath, hitting a bulldog and getting the hot tag to Kylie Rae, who ran wild.

    Kylie Rae was in firm control, however when Susie was tagged in – this allowed the team of Steelz and Hogan to regain the momentum and pick up the win via Hogan’s spinning backbreaker. Solid opener, Hogan and Steelz are a good tag team.

    Ace Austin was interviewed about losing to Willie Mack right before the tournament, but he cut the interviewer off and said that he never dwells on the past. He is only focused on the future, and his future is the World title.

    Moose then interrupted, congratulating him for making the finals. Moose told Ace Austin how prestigious the TNA World title is, making an argument to go after his title, and not Tessa’s. Ace considered it.

    Joseph P. Ryan defeated Crazzy Steve via pinfall (superkick)

    oVe joined Ryan at ringside for this match, per Ryan’s invitation. Steve called Ryan ‘the dick guy’ which led to Ryan slapping Steve. This fired up Crazzy Steve, firing off strikes and getting himself in firm control. Joseph P. Ryan cut off his momentum with a dropkick and worked him over.

    Ryan got a few near falls but Crazzy Steve fought back, running wild and hitting a cannonball. Jake and Dave Crist distracted the referee, allowing Ryan to superkick a distracted Steve for the win.

    Post-match, Joseph P. Ryan invited Jake Crist to join #CancelCulture – if Jake had changed his ways and make some sacrifices. Dave tried to talk Jake out of it, but instead Jake dropped Dave with a spin kick. Did not see that coming.

    Rohit Raju defeated Chase Stevens via pinfall (double foot stomp)

    Rohit Raju beat down Chase Stevens to begin, but Stevens fought back. Raju kicked out Chase’s leg, and started working on that body part. Chase Stevens hit a clothesline to stop that effort, getting a near fall with a back suplex.

    The two went back and forth, neither man really gaining momentum for an extended period. Chase went for a moonsault, but got knees in a really nasty landing. An accidental low strike from Stevens distracted the referee, allowing Raju to hit a big knee and a double stomp for the win.

    Post-match, Rohit Raju said he was the most underrated wrestler in the world. Rhino gored him from behind for literally no reason.

    Havok and Neveah spoke about her arrival to Impact. Neveah said that since Havok was now free from James Mitchell’s hand, she came in to make sure that Havok was doing good and decided to rejoin her as become the unstoppable duo they are once more.

    We then have another episode of Locker Room Talk, where Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger interview Swinger’s new associate, Chris Bey.

    Madison asked Bey about joining Impact, but before he could answer, Swinger jumped in and put him over, Swinger style. Madison asked about going for the X-Division championship, but once again, Swinger interrupted and answered for him saying he could easily become the X-Division Champion. However, Swinger said Bey was going to focus on his new tag team “The Finesse and Bench Press Express”, and they’re making their debut next week against “Willie Mark” and Jake “Ham n Egger”. Chris Bey agreed to team with him if Swinger would help him go after the X-Division title after.

    Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Jordynne Grace, who said that she had been training in her absence and that she was returning to a far stronger Knockout’s division. Taya interrupted saying that if she was the champion, she wouldn’t have taken time off.  Jordynne Grace said Taya was right, and since she wanted to get back in the ring, offered Taya her title rematch. Taya said she wasn’t ready for tonight, so they’ll face off next week.

    Tag Team Championship #1 Contendership: The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) defeated Fallah Bahh & TJP via pinfall (roll-up)

    Rascalz joked about there not being any fans at the show, but TJP said they are doing it for the people at home. Bahh and Dez started, with the large athlete not only overpowering his opponent but showing he can hang in the speed stakes too. TJP and Wentz then came in and started counter and chain wrestling. Rascalz came out on top when TJP got to close to their corner, falling to a double team combination.

    The Rascalz worked over TJP with quick tags and double team moves, but eventually TJP dodged, hit a Tornado DDT, and tagged in Bahh. Bahh ran wild on both men, allowing him and TJP to get the better of The Rascalz.

    Both teams went back and forth, hitting big moves and getting several near falls leading to all four men being down. With TJP in firm control via an ankle lock, Wentz helped Dez hit TJP which led to a roll-up that help The Rascalz get the win. Good match.

    We got a second vignette for ‘The Virtuosa’ Deonna Purazzo. 

    We then see Rosemary and John E. Bravo walking down the street, as Bravo says that he never had this much fun with Taya. Rosemary invited him to work for her, and even tried seducing Bravo. However, just as he was about to bite the apple, Taya called him on the phone and Bravo ran off.

    Michael Elgin then barged into production and demanded his music was played so he could make his way down to the ring. Elgin said that he is the rightful World champion but he keeps getting screwed, blaming Sami Callihan’s hacking for last week.

    Elgin said he wasn’t leaving the ring until he was declared the #1 contender to the Impact World championship. Ken Shamrock appeared and the two brawled, with Shamrock getting the better of Elgin with multiple knees, but as he went for the ankle lock, Elgin escaped.

    Just before our main event, we see that Trey Miguel has been taken out backstage. Ace Austin said it was unfortunate, but he may as well be declared the #1 contender. Wentz came down to ringside and tried to attack Ace.

    This brought out Scott D’Amore, saying that Wentz could take Trey’s place in this match. There was no specifics here on whether that meant as Trey’s advocate or his replacement so everyone was confused. This was bad TNA.

    Impact World Title #1 Contendership – Ace Austin defeated Wentz via pinfall (The Fold)

    Wentz started off hot, hitting a running dropkick and the gunckle driver for a near fall. Wentz was all fire, forcing the referee to pull him away. This allowed Ace to pull him face first into the buckle, taking control.

    Ace worked over Wentz both in the ring and on the outside, cutting him off at every opportunity. Wentz finally hit a desperation jumping knee to finally bring down Ace, allowing him to get some offence. Wentz took firm control, coming close on several occasions. However, Ace got his knees up on a swanton bomb allowing him to hit his footstomp DDT and The Fold to become number one contender.

    A vignette aired with a hooded figure watching a newscast on television, mentioning twenty wrestlers that were released mid-global pandemic. Footage aired of of Eric Young, a Bulgarian flag, Gallows & Anderson, Drake Maverick, Curt Hawkins, Mike and Maria Bennett, and EC3. The vignette closed by plugging this year’s Slammiversary.