After defeating Eddie Edwards last week to once again become Impact world champion, what will the world class maniac have in store for Impact Wrestling?

    As announced the new world champion Eric Young opened the show and stated how he did it by his own design and how he’s a world class athlete, a world-class wrestler and most importantly a world-class maniac. He was interrupted by the wife of the former Champion, Alisha Edwards made it clear that she doesn’t fear EY and that Eddie will be back to regain what is rightfully his.

    But after Eric Young looked Alisha in the eye and told her that he doesn’t care about the fact that Eddie can not pick up his child, Mrs Anything is possible snapped and struck the world champion around the face. EY didn’t take too kindly to that and pulled Alisha into a power bomb position before being saved by Tommy Dreamer. Tommy then cut a promo of his own stating that guys like Eddie and Rich Swann kept Impact alive so that EY would have a place to return to.

    Tommy then laid down a challenge and asked EY to accept a match against him later tonight so EY could try and end his career which the champion happily accepted.

    Moose began his hunt to get his TNA World Championship back as we see him board a plane.

    We’re then backstage at the impact zone where we see Taya Valkyrie and the newly engaged couple of John E. Bravo and Rosemary making wedding plans but as Rosemary rushes off to resurrect the only person who can officiate a demon wedding, leaving Bravo to make the plans it is very quickly taken over by Taya who makes demands of Ice sculptures and elephants.

    Then we finally get to the first match of the night.

    TJP Def. Chris Bey via pinfall

    The former champion Bey was distracted from the outset which leads to TJP gaining the upper hand pretty early on and that was before the arrival of the X Division Champion Rohit Raju to ringside who came out and was seemingly cheering on Chris Bey but would cause a few distractions by asking both men who wan want more? Meaning who wants the opportunity at his X Division title more?

    After submission attempts and both men attempting finishers, it would be TJP who picks up the win with a very quick and smooth roll-up.

    We were then treated to another episode of Locker room talk with Madison Rayne and her returning co-host Johnny Swinger and their guests for this week were SÜSIE and the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship Kylie Rae. Madison went straight to the questions and asked Kylie if the reason she went to Wrestle House was to dodge the Knockouts Champion. But before Kylie could give an answer she was then asked if she came back just to spoil the black-tie affair last week.

    But once again was not allowed to answer as this time she was interrupted by the champion Deonna Purrazzo and her security team Kimber Lee where they challenged SÜSIE and Rae to a match next week which was accepted.

    Backstage once again with John E. Bravo but is being talked at by Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan who tell Bravo that he should stop listening to Taya.

    Next up The Most Professional Wrestler Brian Myers is given some time to address Willie Mack and offers him a handshake in the ring, Willie comes out to the ring but lets Myers know that he’s not out there to shake his hand he’s there to have a match which is happening right now.

    Brian Myers def. Willie Mack via low blow and Implant DDT

    Myers spent the majority of the match on the back foot as he was caught by surprise and didn’t have time to change into his gear so was forced to work in his streets. Myers tried everything he can to gain the momentum and keep away from Willie Mack but after Myers removed his shirt he took over and delivered a swift low blow to the former X Division champion which was followed by a DDT and another victory for the most professional wrestler.

    Backstage once again and this time Jordynne Grace had been given some interview time with Gia Miller who asked her what she thought about Tenille returning and asked her about the black-tie affair from last week. But Grace had a question of her own, where has Tenille been?

    So Grace decided to take Gia Miller and the cameraman to get that question answered by knocking on the door of Tenille but was opened by the returning Kaleb with a K but he couldn’t answer for Tenille as he’s just her personal photographer but a video package did play that let us know Tenille would be back soon.

    Tag Teams Titles: MCMG def. The Rascalz

    The match started off like a rocket with Dez and Wentz going straight for the champions before the bell had been rung and The Rascalz started in complete control, that was until MCMG set to work on the knee of Zachary Wentz. Momentum swung in favour of the champions despite still having fought in them it wasn’t enough and after a devastating tag-team manoeuvre by the guns but an end to the tag title hopes of the rascals.

    However during the post-match celebrations the former champions The North made their presence known and set on beating down the champions. The North was then joined by Ace Austin and Madman Fulton but just when it seemed like the champions were about to be put on the shelf they were saved by the Good Brothers and The Rascalz.

    RVD and Katie Forbes announced the debut of their new chat shows The Whole F’N Talk show which airs next week on Impact.

    Sami Callihan then appeared on screen and crossed his heart that he would not hack the talk show of RVD and Katie Forbes.

    Taya Valkyrie def. Tasha Steelz via Road to Valhalla

    Taya Valkyrie became slightly distracted fairly early on the match due to the fact that her manager John E. Bravo was also distracted by planning his wedding when he was supposed to be cheering on Taya and although Tasha Steelz got in some good offence she was just unable to beat the former longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history. So after Taya delivered a vicious knee to the jaw of Steelz, Valkyrie picked her opponent back up and delivered the Road to Valhalla.

    Another post-match beat down this time to Taya by her opponent Steelz Kiera Hogan but fortunately, Bravo managed to make the save before any real damage could have been done.

    We go back to Moose on the hunt for his championship and EC3, we find him at what I’m assuming is his old high school or college speaking with his former coach who reminds him to Control his Narrative. Before attacked by men wearing free EC3 hoodies.

    We then head outside of the IMPACT zone where we see the man with no last name Heath who is joined by Rhino and they discuss how they’re going to get Heath a contract and how they’re going to get more money for Heath to continue advertising on IMPACT. Rhino informs us about how they’re going to get some serious money.

    Eric Young def. Tommy Dreamer – Non-Title Old School Rules.

    Tommy makes the most of the stipulation straight away by introducing a kendo stick and goes to work on the world champion but EY soon bounces back and from then until EY strikes Dreamer with his hockey mask the match goes slightly back and forth. But as Tommy sets off with EY on his shoulders going towards a table set up in the opposite corner the world champion slips off the back and drives his mask into the skull of Tommy and then delivers his signature pile driver for the win. Another post-match attack takes place with the world champion attacking the leg of his opponent by trapping Dreamers leg in the chair and attacking it with a kendo stick.

    But before he could do any more damage, a hopping Rich Swann came to the aid of Tommy Dreamer by striking EY with a crutch and we are left with the image of a very angry Impact World Champion.