The resurgence of Impact Wrestling reached his zenith on the biggest show of the year, and it was full of epic moments, brutal wars and physical confrontations.

    In front of a sold out crowd at the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Canada; Austin Aries held on to his Impact World Championship against Moose, after dropping him with a brainbuster in the middle of the ring.

    Sami Callihan had his head shaved bald by Pentagon Jr. following his lost in an an unreal Mask versus Hair match. Pentagon was beaten, bloodied and blinded but he got his revenge when he broke Sami’s arm and dropped him with the Fear Factor to get the win and the chance to shave Callihan bald.

    We have a brand new X Division Champion as Brian Cage beat the long-reigning Matt Sydal. Sydal looked all set to retain in a fantastic match-up, only for Sydal to come up short with the Shooting Star Press. Cage capitalized, hitting the Drill Claw to capture the gold.

    Su Yung held onto her Knockouts Championship, forcing the valiant Madison Rayne to pass out to the pain of her devastating mandible claw submission hold. She then put Rayne in the coffin and celebrated with her undead bridesmaids.

    The L.A.X gang war reached a new height as Santana and Ortiz retained their Impact Tag Team Titles in a brutal 5150 Street Fight against Homicide and Hernandez. In a match that involved tables, ladders, chairs and even draino, Santana finally finished off Homicide with a frogsplash into thumbtacks. However, the OG’z had the laugh when King dropped Konnan with a slapjack, defaced the belts with spraypaint and stealing them for themselves.

    In another highly personal grudge match, Eddie Edwards defeated Tommy Dreamer in a House of Hardcore rules match. Dreamer looked set to arguably take things too far when he set up what appeared to be a flaming table. Edwards however caught Dreamer with a low blow, then hit a chair-assisted Boston Knee Party to get the win. Post-match, Edwards breaks down bringing out his wife Alisha, but Eddie shook Dreamer’s hand and in a ceremonial passing of the torch, handed the kendo stick over to Eddie Edwards, with Alisha walking off on her own.

    In a highly physical match, Tessa Blanchard bested Allie by struggling out of the Allie Valley Driver and spiking her with a hammerlock DDT for the win.

    Finally, in our opening contest Johnny Impact made a successful return, defeating Fenix, Petey Williams and ‘Bone Soldier’ Taiji Ishimori with a Starship Pain.