Last week TNA fans saw part one of Genesis, the PPV turned now into a special edition of IMPACT.

    The night was supposed to signify a new era in TNA, with new talent, real stories and even a new promotional video. Yet it dawned on this writer that it was a good thing fans weren’t asked to pay for this show. The angles and matches weren’t PPV material and throughout the show I got the feeling that this new era was very much the same as the old one. Instead of Hulk Hogan dictating his views and orders, it was Dixie Carter.

    Then there is Magnus, a natural heel who has the talent to back up his actions if he was given the opportunity to prove it. The fans shout ‘paper champion’ at him for a reason, the way he defeated Jeff Hardy and the Vince Russo style booking against AJ Styles destroyed any chance of the fans taking him seriously. Is it any wonder why they won’t believe in him as a real champion? Carter and Magnus are the main players in this new era and their lack of credibility is hurting TNA.

    On the plus side there was a new Knockout Champion in last weeks show, Madison Rayne, who has trained harder to come back and is in the best shape of her career. The fans are cheering for her and demand to see her wrestle, the bad thing is that in a few months, it’ll be the same thing as a few years ago and with Rayne as Champion the fans will grow tired. It highlights that TNA needs new credible talent in this Knockout division.

    Another good moment on the show was the arrival of The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) and the tease of the new Investor to the company, but the way the debut was conducted didn’t do the Wolves any justice. However it does give fans hope that if this is just the beginning of new talent arriving and make them wonder who else will join TNA.

    So Part two of Genesis is tonight, the feud of Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode hopefully finally comes to an end and then it’s a re-run of Magnus vs. Sting, however this time it’s title vs. career. I personally hope that after Genesis, TNA will move towards better storylines and more wrestling in their programmes.

    This would be different and could certainly help TNA move towards a ‘new era’.

    – By Craig Hermitt

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