Sareee (former WWE NXT wrestler Sarray) is now under contract with new Joshi promotion Sukeban.

    Sukeban, which is based in the United States, launched in September with its inaugural show taking place in New York City. It was announced today that the promotion has signed Sareee to a multi-year contract. She’ll debut at Sukeban’s second event, which is being held in Miami this December.

    Sareee will be part of the Cherry Bomb Girls faction in Sukeban.

    In her Sukeban debut at the December show, Sareee will face Countess Saori, Atomic Banshee, and Babyface in a four-way match. The match features participants from all four of Sukeban’s stables (Cherry Bomb Girls, Dangerous Liaisons, Vandals, and Harajuku Stars).

    “Joining Sukeban’s roster marks the return to the United States for Sareee, a former WWE performer who is widely regarded as one of the most underutilized and talented pro-wrestlers in the world,” Sukeban wrote in a press release. “Sareee epitomizes the spirit of All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, serving as a link to the glory days of Joshi pro-wrestling.”

    In 2020, Sareee signed a contract with WWE. But her arrival into the company was delayed by one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was with NXT from 2021 until departing WWE this March.

    After her WWE departure, Sareee worked as a freelance wrestler in Japan.