It’s a day of decisions as we find out who will be making their way into the Opera Cup final, as well as where Gino Medina’s loyalties lie

    Alicia Atout opened the show outside of the arena as she recapped some breaking news from earlier in the day. Brian Pillman Jr. was attacked as he entered the arena by Injustice: Kotto Brazil, Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed. The beatdown was brutal as they smashed his arm and put the boots to him. Atout told us Pillman had separated his shoulder and his main event spot in the Opera Cup against Timothy Thatcher was up in the air. 

    MLW Tag Team Titles: Champions Marshall and Ross Von Erich defeated The Spirit Filthy Squad (Kenn Doane and Mike Mondo) via pinfall to retain the titles

    We saw a recap video from last week’s beatdown by Lawlor, Doane and Mondo as Lawlor joined AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini on commentary. The Filthy Squad had karate gis that Lawlor had given them last week making them officially members of Team Filthy. The Von Erich’s had their own in-set promo calling their opponents the jabroni Cobra Kai squad.

    The Von Erichs jumped the Spirit, I mean, Filthy Squad before the bell but Mondo quickly tripped Marshall’s ankle and the Squad beat down the larger brother in the opening moments of the match. Ross got a hot tag and ran wild, and seconds later tagged his brother back in for a Claw assisted back suplex for the Von Erichs to pick up the quick win. 

    As the Von Erichs were celebrating, “Rip” Von Erich (Lawlor’s opponent from last week) unsuccessfully hit the ring and was quickly disposed of by the real Von Erich kin. 

    Backstage Alicia Atout tried to interview the victorious brothers but they were blindsided and jumped by Tom Lawlor and his nunchucks.

    We then heard from Injustice after their attack on Brian Pillman Jr. earlier in the day. They said they didn’t care about MLW’s rules or being charged for attacking Pillman. They said Pillman is out of the match so they should be the replacements and “You gotta lose money to make money”. 

    Mance Warner then had a message for Jimmy Havoc via a video package of their bloody and weapon filled feud so far. They will meet in a no-rope, barbed wire match in Dallas Texas. 

    Alicia Atout then caught up with Brian Pillman Jr. for an update on his injury. Pillman said he was cleared for his match tonight and he told Injustice that he is coming after them after he is done with the Opera Cup. And he said he is going to kick Timothy Thatcher’s ass with a separated shoulder. 

    CONTRA Unit’s propaganda video this week had Josef Samael preaching about violence and CONTRA’s strength as Jacob Fatu called out the Von Erichs saying they want their gold and they will burn Davey Boy Smith Jr.’s legacy to the ground. 

    Konnan then came to the ring and called out Gino Medina- who he called the next big thing in MLW. He talked about his dad and Los Gringos Locos- a group that Konnan was part of. Medina talked about what his dad told him about Konnan, and he accused Konnan of trying to use him as he was “untouchable”. Konnan told him that he was trying to help him and that Salina de la Renta was the one using him. He said he didn’t know what was going down between them, who was going down… if she was going down… 

    And of course, this brought out Salina who mocked Konnan for talking about her sex life “because he didn’t have one”. Konnan told Medina that he has shown him what she did with Low Ki, the paperwork with the Lucha Brothers and questioned why he would sign with her?

    The Dynasty then came out. MJF told Medina that there is a reason he is the only member of the roster with two “Elite” contracts, but the New York crowd tried to rile him up with a “Cody” chant. Holliday asked the New York consumers to settle down and told Medina that when they are here every one is breathing verified air. Hammerstone belittled Konnan and Salina and told Medina to side with the Dynasty. 

    So Gino Medina had four choices: sign with Konnan, sign with Salina de la Renta and Promociones Dorado, join the Dynasty or reject them all. With a flirty smile, Salina tried to coax him out the ring, Konnan tried for a handshake and Gino accepted…. only to kick him in the gut and join the Dynasty in beating him down. The now FOUR members of the Dynasty fist-bumped and posed for the crowd. 

    Opera Cup Semi-Final: Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Timothy Thatcher via pinfall

    We had recaps of the quarter-final victories for both Pillman and Thatcher before the injured, taped up but still, energetic Pillman entered the arena. 

    Despite his injury, Pillman flew out the blocks with a dropkick and a flurry of strikes but Thatcher gave him a stiff arm ringer that stopped him in his tracks. Thatcher focused on the injured arm with an attempted cross arm breaker but transitioned into a bow and arrow stretch. Thatcher then locked in a seated Fujiwara armbar arm but Pillman didn’t give up. 

    Pillman fought as well as he could but Thatcher’s submission style was winning out, especially with Pillman’s injured shoulder. Thatcher reversed Pillman’s finisher again into a double underhook suplex then locked in a deep chin lock. Pillman suplexed out of it and hit Thatcher with a knee to the face. He then went for his finisher again but Thatcher dropped down into a Fujiwara armbar but Pillman rolled around and rolled-up Thatcher for the quick 1-2-3.