The Star Wars Universe is the result of a massive undertaking of world-building. Throughout 12 movies, 44 years, George Lucas has built an entire galaxy for the viewer consisting of hundreds of worlds and thousands of different species.
    In Lucas’ movies, we follow the Skywalker lineage as they, and their allies, battle the Empire/First Order.

    It is this cast of characters that made the Star Wars saga one of the most memorable, and successful movie franchises in history.

    Those who have followed this story over the past 44 years have developed an affinity for the characters that have wrestled for control over the galaxy. Good, or bad, these characters have left a lasting impression on the audience that has helped to turn Star Wars into an institution in pop culture.

    However, some of the greatest characters in the franchise have not made it to the big screen. There have been various comics, novels, and television shows that have introduced characters that have become incredibly popular. Some of these characters have become so popular that fans are clamouring for them to make an appearance on the silver screen, but which of these would work? Below we will take a look at five possibilities.

    Darth Bane

    Nearly a thousand years before the events of the Skywalker saga the Sith and Jedi were engaged in a brutal war. It was during this war that the Sith side, known as the Brotherhood of Darkness, was destroyed, mainly because of infighting. They are after all Sith and their thirst for power creates distrust amongst its members.

    Darth Bane

    After their destruction, the one surviving member, Darth Bane, created the Rule of Two. The Rule of Two is the defining point for the Sith. Having only two Sith, a master and apprentice meant that the Sith could keep themselves hidden from the Jedi. It is the best way to continue their kind while still influencing events around the galaxy.

    Creating this rule makes Darth Bane one of the most intelligent and wily Sith Lords. His story is a very intriguing one and the involvement of a war between the Sith and Jedi would make for a fantastic movie.

    Prince Xizor

    First appearing in the Shadows of the Empire novel in 1996, Xizor is easily one of the more interesting characters in Star Wars. Xizor was a Falleen Prince that had become the head of the most powerful crime syndicate in the galaxy, Black Sun.

    Star Wars: Prince Xizor

    As the leader of Black Sun, Xizor was considered as wealthy and powerful as the Emperor and Darth Vader. This is a very interesting position to be in, and it is explored in the book because it means that he would be at odds with the Sith Lords. There some great scenes between Vader and Xizor during the book that alone would be great to see translated over to a movie.

    Xizor also is a creature that uses pheromones to influence people around him. He nearly turned Leia over to his side using her attraction to him and he proved to be a very cunning adversary to Luke and company. He is the most formidable opponent for the group outside of the Sith and it would be interesting to see this side of the Star Wars story explored.

    Mara Jade

    Mara’s first appearance was in Heir to the Empire in 1991. She came in as the Emperor’s Hand who, when the Emperor was defeated, went rogue and became part of Talon Karrde’s smuggling organization. Mara is incredibly strong in the force and received the best training in the galaxy, at the hands of the Emperor. This training makes her an incredibly dangerous person and a very strong ally to whomever she sides with.

    Mara Jade Skywalker | Wiki | Star Wars Amino

    After meeting Luke we learn that her final orders were to kill the young Skywalker and this begins a very well-written story of Mara being torn between her master’s final wishes and her budding love for Skywalker. Mara struggles with these feelings as she has a hard time deciding whether she should put in with Skywalker and company or fulfil the final wishes of the Emperor. She ends up choosing the light side, marrying Skywalker, and having a child with him.

    The character arc, of Mara Jade, is one of the more interesting stories in any Star Wars story that has been presented thus far. She is also one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars Universe and for years fans have been wanting her to make an appearance in the movies. Disney make this happen!

    Grand Admiral Thrawn

    The only non-human to rise to the ranks of Grand Admiral in Palpatine’s fleet is no other than Grand Admiral Thrawn. First appearing in Timothy Zahn’s trilogy of novels, Thrawn is a Chiss from the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy.

    Star Wars' Fans Losing It Over Thrawn Name Drop In 'The Mandalorian'

    Thrawn was known as a brilliant military strategist and when the Empire was defeated at the hands of the Rebel Alliance he took up the mantle for the Empire. With the remaining Imperial Fleet, Thrawn nearly defeated the members of the New Republic with his superior knowledge and military tactics. He also kept some animals close to him that repelled the force, allowing him to not be swayed by Luke or anyone else strong in the force.

    Throughout Star Wars the primary antagonist was usually one that was force sensitive and could use this to their advantage. Thrawn had no such advantage and had to rely on his cunning and intelligence to out-think his opponents. This alone makes him as dangerous as any Sith existing in the galaxy.

    Being one of the most cunning adversaries for any Rebel/Jedi to come up against would make Thrawn the perfect foil in any upcoming movie. He has the charisma necessary to make him own any scene that he is in and he would be a great addition to the big screen.

    Mandalore the Ultimate

    During the times of the Old Republic, Mandalore the Ultimate rallied his Neo-Crusaders to a campaign that nearly took over the Old Republic. After the events of the Great Sith War, Mandalore hated the way that his kind was viewed by the galaxy and thus led them on a vicious campaign. Mandalore, and his followers, were nearly unstoppable until two Jedi, Revan, and Malak decided to learn of the Dark Side to defeat Mandalore and his army.

    The fact that Jedi had to do exactly what they should not do to defeat Mandalore says something about his strength. The light side alone was not strong enough to defeat Mandalore and his army and it took two men going over to the dark side to achieve this.

    Star Wars

    It was also because of Mandalore the Ulitmate that the term “Mandalorian” changed from a specific species to a warrior culture. Mandalorian was a term that struck fear into the heart of any species around the galaxy and Mandalore the Ultimate was the one who changed this perception.

    Seeing the origins of the Mandalorian and the wars that preceded it would be a great movie series for Star Wars to examine. It would also move away from the Skywalker Saga and show us a more expanded universe, which is what many want to happen.