The New Japan Cup enters it’s second day, with a big grudge match between teacher and student…

    New Japan Cup First Round: Taiji Ishimori defeated Gabriel Kidd via submission (Yes Lock)

    Ishimori used every dirty trick in the book to keep down the plucky British Young Lion, but Gabriel Kidd showed a lot of grit and at one point coming close to a victory by catching a diving Ishimori into a boston crab. However, Ishimori flattened Kidd with a springboard kick and applied the Yes Lock to pick up the win and advance.

    New Japan Cup First Round: Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeated Yuya Uemura via pinfall (Deep Impact)

    The more experienced Kanemaru dominated this match against The Young Lion prospect, but Uemura came close with a big springboard splash, getting a near fall.

    Kanemaru attempted the Satori Surprise, but the referee stopped him because health and safety. Either way, Kanemaru landed a dropkick and hit Deep Impact for the win.

    CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI & IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Champions Roppongi 3K) defeated Los Ingobernables de Japon (NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Champions EVIL, BUSHI, NEVER Openweight Champion Shingo Takagi & SANADA) via pinfall (GTR)

    In our single tag contest of the evening, CHAOS looked strong in the opening but once YOSHI-HASHI tagged in L.I.J took control. YOSHI-HASHI and Shingo went to war with chops and strikes, but a flying neckbreaker gave CHAOS an opening to tag in SHO.

    SHO and Shingo gave us a preview of their first round clash and went hell for leather, sending both men down and tagging in YOH and BUSHI respectively. Everything broke down and in the end, Goto picked up the win with the GTR.

    That’s two big tag matches L.I.J have lost in three days.

    New Japan Cup First Round: Yuji Nagata defeated Minoru Suzuki via pinfall (saito suplex)

    Predictably, these two beat the ever-loving crap out of eachother. There were stiff forearms aplenty with neither man backing down. Suzuki even put his arms behind his back and gave Nagata a free shot. Then the slaps began. Neither man would give, but Nagata made a mistake and allowed Suzuki to lock on a knee bar.

    Suzuki took it to the outside and gained control, throwing the referee down and breaking a chair over Nagata’s arm. He worked on his now injured arm and leg, but Nagata showed tremendous heart and toughness.

    Suzuki looked in firm control but out of nowhere, Nagata dug deep and hit an exploder followed by a saito suplex to pick up the win.

    This will not do this match justice. Go and watch it.

    New Japan Cup First Round: Kazuchika Okada defeated Gedo via submission (cobra clutch)

    Gedo came to the ring with an arm in a sling, saying he was injured in practice yesterday. However, it was all a trick as he revealed a spray can but it was thwarted by Okada. He then took brass knuckles away from his former manager, but Gedo had another trick in his sleeve by hitting Okada with a wrench.

    Gedo then beats Okada down with an announce table, a chair and the ring bell but nothing could keep ‘The Rainmaker’ down. Despite interference from Jado, Okada rallied and even fought out of a shot from a second pair of brass knuckles and the Gedo clutch. Okada forced Gedo to submit to the cobra clutch.