STARDOM opening day 5-Star Grand Prix 2020 tournament results from Tokyo, Japan at Korakuen Hall on August 8th 2020.

    The company announced this week that Saki Kashima has pulled out of the tournament due to her “poor physical condition”. No other details on her health were given. Saya Iida will substitute for her.

    This is a round robin tournament where everyone in each block will face each other throughout the events. The winner of each block will meet in the tournament finals. It’s 2 points for a win, a point each for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

    • Rina beat her sister Hina with the Hydrangea submission hold in 4:31. This was a non-tournament match.
    • Starlight Kid pinned Death Yama-san with the Ki Chan Bomb in a Red Block match in 3:01 for 2 points.
    • AZM beat Saya Iida by submission with the La Mistica in 8:03 in a Blue Block match. 2 points for AZM.
    • Konami beat Saya Kamitani by choke submission in 8:06 in a Red Block match for 2 points.
    • Maika beat Momo Watanabe by submission in 8:12 of a Blue Block match for 2 points.
    • Syuri pinned Natsuko Tora after a Buzzsaw Kick in 7:46 of a Blue Star match for 2 points.
    • Himeka pinned Tam Nakano after a running power bomb in 16:17 of a Red Block match for 2 points.
    • Utami Hayashishita pinned Jungle Kyona with a German Suplex in 14:38 for 2 points in a Blue Block match.
    • Giulia pinned Mayu Iwatani after the Glorious Driver for 2 points in a Red Block match in 17:28. The mega push for Giulia continues. She bragged afterwards that she beat the icon of STARDOM. Earlier this year she won the Cinderella Tournament and she’s currently the Wonder of STARDOM Champion and one-third of the Artists of STARDOM Champions with Syuri and Maika.
    Credit: Shannon Walsh from Prosportsextra.