The following results are from the Talk ‘N Shop A-Mania iPPV. The event aired from Doc Gallows’ property on August 1st, 2020 on FITE TV.

    Social Distancing Battle Royal Match For The Talk ‘N Shop A-Mania 24/7 Championship
    Chico El Luchador won the Battle Royal.

    Contract On A Tree Match
    “The Nature Boy” Paul Lee vs. Frankie Coverdale was declared a no contest.

    Hardcore Match
    George North vs. Stump Kowalski was declared a no contest.

    Tag Team Match
    The 80’s Russians defeated The Jungle Kittens. Post-match, Teddy Long came out and said that it’s time for the ’90’s to take over. Raven’s Flock (Sick Boy & Lodi) came out and beat down The 80’s Russians and The Jungle Kittens. D’Lo Brown made his way out and hit the Low Down on an 80’s Russian. Rhino came out and hit a gore, followed by Brian Pillman Jr coming out and running wild among all madness. Cold Stone Willie Mack came out and hit stunners on The Jungle Kittens and The 80’s Russians. Chavo Guerrero hit the ring and hit the Three Amigos on one of the Jungle Kittens. Karl Anderson handed beers to Willie Mack and Chavo Guerrero, who celebrated together until Mack hit Guerrero with the Stunner.

    Singles Match
    Swoggle Ryder (w/Brian Myers) defeated Rory Fox.

    In The House Segment
    Chavo Guerrero was shown trying to kill Chico El Luchador with a weight bar and locked him in the sauna, however Chico managed to escape and brawled in the gym with Chavo, who rolled up Chico to become the new Talk ‘N Shop A-Mania 24/7 Champion.

    In The House Segment
    Chavo Guerrero ran into Chad 2 Badd, who hit him with the Talk ‘N Shop A-Mania 24/7 Championship. Chad 2 Badd pinned Chavo Guerrero to become the new Champion.

    In Ring Segment
    nZo came to the ring and said that he forgot what he was going to say and then started to shoot on how much money Gallows is going to lose on the show and spoiled the Boner Yard match. nZo said that he expected to come and lose money and that’s what happened, so he’s out.

    Boner Yard Match
    Chad 2 Badd defeated Sex Ferguson.