There is currently a worldwide pandemic going on as we try and fight a disease that has already wiped out thousands of lives. 

    Most countries are in complete lockdown. But WrestleMania is going ahead.

    It is currently illegal in a lot of places to go and get a loaf of bread. Only essential workers are permitted to go to their workplace. This, evidently, means putting on spandex and rolling around with a pretend foe in an empty gym.

    All sports and entertainment avenues have stopped. Movies and new TV series are currently a thing of the past. Handshakes and hugs are forbidden, but apparently headlocks and suplexes are just fine. You see, with the entire world on meltdown, Vince McMahon and WWE are ploughing ahead like nothing is happening. WrestleMania is still going to take place, in some shape or form. 

    It will be split over two nights, with a potential 16 bouts on the cards. A bulk of those will be contested inside the empty Performance Center, meaning most Superstars will get their crowning WrestleMania Moment in front of a cameraman as opposed to thousands of screaming fans. The rest of the bouts will be filmed in various locations to have a cinematic effect. These are the same guys and girls who created See No Evil, so be warned.

    For whatever reason, Vince McMahon is adamant that WrestleMania goes ahead. In fact, they filmed the majority of the show on Wednesday and Thursday, but not without complications. Andrade is no longer competing due to injury, so they’ve drafted someone in from NXT. The Miz came down with mild virus-like symptoms, meaning he is no longer competing in the Triple Threat Ladder Match at WrestleMania. And the biggie was that Roman Reigns, who not long ago recovered from Leukaemia, refused to wrestle Goldberg for the Universal Championship due to his immune system being weaker than most. Huge respect to him for doing that. 

    Goldberg will now defend the title against Braun Strowman at WrestleMania. The biggest show of the year. It’s madness. Vince has to scrap this nonsense now and just postpone the event until all is well in the world again. They’re no longer entertaining us, they’re just further cementing the point that they should be at home with their families at this time too. AEW are no better, in fact, they’re arguably worse. Who are they trying to entertain? A few hundred thousand fans? Just pack it in.

    Two days after the horrific tragedy of 9/11, Vince McMahon forged ahead with a live taping of Smackdown to show solidarity in the face of uncertainty and fear. He put smiles on peoples faces that night in an incredible two hours of entertainment. It was risky to put on an event of such magnitude so soon after what had happened, but WWE was right in that instance. They’re not right with the way they’re dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak. 

    If you believe internet reports, only Vince McMahon wants WrestleMania to go ahead. Apparently, Triple H is a big proponent of having WrestleMania moved to June and held in Madison Square Garden. June may still be wishful thinking, but it’s better than what we’re going to get on April 4th and 5th. Vince McMahon’s famous motto is the “show must go on”, but in this case, the show must stop. For the safety of his wrestlers, for the safety of his production crew, and for the safety of everyone involved. Vince McMahon has to accept temporary defeat. 

    This could be the best thing that could happen to WWE, though. This is a time to recharge batteries, get creative and come back bigger and better than ever. In the meantime, WWE could schedule classic episodes of Raw and Smackdown on a weekly basis, and give us the greatest PPVs of all time in their entirety once a month until this madness ends. 

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    WWE has been losing fans at a rapid pace for far too long. Maybe a break will do everyone good. And perhaps, just perhaps, we will get that long-awaited yearly offseason that WWE desperately needs. 

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