Well. Here we go.

    For the first time in almost two decades, there will be another weekly, competitive wrestling television show to go head-to-head with WWE programming (Sorry Impact, I’m not counting you). The eyes of the wrestling world will be moving their vision away from the classic Monday nights and instead settling on then middle of the week – ‘The Wednesday Night Wars’.

    So why should you, someone who perhaps only watches WWE and has no interest in other promotions, be excited for All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite’s debut? You won’t be watching so who cares… right? Wrong. Even if you never watch the ‘alternative’ show, there is still cause to be excited. Please sit back and listen as to why I, personally, am excited for AEW Dynamite.

    The main reason I’m looking forward to Dynamite starting this week is because of one reason and one reason only; it’s an alternative. Despite me being one of NXT’s biggest fans for several years now, it’s undeniably exciting to think about the brand new options and match-ups we have in front of us right now. With the All Elite roster seemingly fit to bursting with both established veterans of the independent scene, current stars and a group of young and hungry talent that would make the Ajax Academy director blush, AEW has it all.

    Whether it be the sudden rise of ‘A Boy and his Dinosaur’, SCU hating every town they’re in or The Elite riding high; Dynamite, and the company in general, has something for everyone. NXT absolutely does have that but not in the same way I feel. Storytelling, as well, is a huge aspect. It has been shown, in the small amount of time the Jacksonville based promotion, that telling intricate, well thought out and logical stories are the centerpiece of their crown.

    It can be either the slow burn of the, what looks to be, Kenny Omega heel turn. Or the explosive Cody vs Shawn Spears match that linked a real life mis-step into the very fabric of a character. Or it’s just Nyla Rose being logically dominant. It’s all brilliant. And it makes me, and hopefully millions of others, desperate to see what’s coming next.

    Finally; I just want to see something different. I don’t mean ‘YAS, TV-14 AUTOMATICALLY BETTER’. What I mean is, it’s fresh. It’s exciting. It’s a company with a fire beneath it’s feet and a lot of people wanting it to fail but, simultaneously, has an already die hard audience who want it to take over the world. There has never been a better time for this situation to arise. A company led by a billionaire with a Rhodes at the helm and a roster full of men and women with something to prove. Sound familiar? It should. AEW is here and ready to blow the doors off.

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