WWE Intercontinental Championship

    The WWE Intercontinental Championship was introduced into WWE in 1979, which was known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) at the time. Pat Patterson, the holder of the WWF North American Heavyweight Championship, had unified the title with an apocryphal South American Heavyweight Championship won in a tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    The WWE considers the Intercontinental Championship to be the second most important championship in the company, after the WWE Championship.

    Overall, there have been 79 different Intercontinental Champions. Chris Jericho holds the record for the most reigns with nine, while The Honky Tonk Man holds the longest reign at 454 days.

    Source: Wikipedia


    No.WrestlerReignDateDays heldLocationEventNotesRef.
    165Dolph Ziggler6June 18, 201810+Grand Rapids, MIRaw[187]
    164Seth Rollins1April 8, 201871New Orleans, LAWrestleMania 34This was a triple threat match also involving Finn Bálor.[186]
    163The Miz8January 22, 201876Brooklyn, NYRaw 25 Years[185]
    162Roman Reigns1November 20, 201763Houston, TXRaw[184]
    161The Miz7June 4, 2017169Baltimore, MDExtreme RulesIf Ambrose was disqualified, he would have lost the title.
    WWE recognizes Miz’s reign as lasting 170 days.
    160Dean Ambrose2January 3, 2017152Jacksonville, FLSmackDown LiveThe title became exclusive to the Rawbrand following the 2017 WWE Superstar Shake-up.[182]
    159The Miz6November 15, 201649Wilkes-Barre, PASmackDown Live[181]
    158Dolph Ziggler5October 9, 201637Sacramento, CANo MercyThis was a title vs. career match.[180]
    157The Miz5April 4, 2016188Dallas, TXRawThe brand extension returned and the title became exclusive to the SmackDown brand following the 2016 WWE draft.[179]
    156Zack Ryder1April 3, 20161Arlington, TXWrestleMania 32This was a seven-way ladder match, also involving Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Stardust, Sin Cara, and The Miz.
    WWE recognizes Ryder’s reign as lasting 2 days.
    155Kevin Owens2February 15, 201648Anaheim, CARawThis was a fatal five-way match, also involving Tyler Breeze, Stardust, and Dolph Ziggler.[177]
    154Dean Ambrose1December 13, 201564Boston, MATLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs[176]
    153Kevin Owens1September 20, 201584Houston, TXNight of ChampionsWWE recognizes Owens’s reign as lasting 85 days.[175]
    152Ryback1May 31, 2015112Corpus Christi, TXElimination ChamberThis was an Elimination Chamber matchfor the vacant title, also involving Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, R-Truth, and King Barrett.[174]
    VacatedMay 11, 2015Cincinnati, OHRawTitle vacated due to injury.[173]
    151Daniel Bryan1March 29, 201543Santa Clara, CAWrestleMania 31This was a seven-way ladder match, also involving Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, R-Truth, and Stardust.
    WWE recognizes Bryan’s reign as lasting 44 days.
    150Bad News Barrett5January 5, 201583Corpus Christi, TXRawDolph Ziggler originally retained his title against Barrett, but Director of Operations Kane made the match a two-out-of-three falls match, which Barrett won.[171]
    149Dolph Ziggler4December 14, 201422Cleveland, OHTLC: Tables, Ladders & ChairsThis was a ladder match.
    WWE recognizes Ziggler’s reign as lasting 23 days.
    148Luke Harper1November 17, 201427Roanoke, VARaw[169]
    147Dolph Ziggler3September 22, 201456Memphis, TNRawWWE recognizes Ziggler’s reign as lasting 57 days.[168]
    146The Miz4September 21, 20141Nashville, TNNight of Champions[167]
    145Dolph Ziggler2August 17, 201435Los Angeles, CASummerSlamWWE recognizes Ziggler’s reign as lasting 36 days.[166]
    144The Miz3July 20, 201428Tampa, FLBattlegroundThis was a 19-man battle royal. Miz last eliminated Dolph Ziggler to win the vacant title.[165]
    VacatedJune 30, 2014Hartford, CTRawTitle vacated due to a shoulder injury.[164]
    143Bad News Barrett4May 4, 201457East Rutherford, NJExtreme RulesBad News Barrett was formerly known as Wade Barrett.
    WWE recognizes Barrett’s reign as lasting 58 days.
    142Big E Langston1November 18, 2013167Nashville, TNRawOn February 12, 2014, Big E Langston’s ring name was shortened to Big E.[162]
    141Curtis Axel1June 16, 2013155Rosemont, ILPaybackThis was a triple threat match, also involving The Miz.
    WWE recognizes Axel’s reign as lasting 156 days.
    140Wade Barrett3April 8, 201369East Rutherford, NJRaw[160]
    139The Miz2April 7, 20131East Rutherford, NJWrestleMania 29Match aired live on YouTube and WWE.com as part of the WrestleMania 29 pre-show.
    WWE recognizes The Miz’s reign as lasting 2 days.
    138Wade Barrett2December 29, 201299Washington, D.C.RawAired on tape delay on December 31, 2012.[158]
    137Kofi Kingston4October 16, 201274Memphis, TNMain EventAired on tape delay on October 17, 2012.
    WWE recognizes Kingston’s reign as lasting 75 days.
    136The Miz1July 23, 201285St. Louis, MORaw 1000[156]
    135Christian4May 20, 201264Raleigh, NCOver the Limit[155]
    134Cody Rhodes2April 29, 201221Rosemont, ILExtreme RulesThis was a tables match.
    WWE recognizes Rhodes’s reign as lasting 22 days.
    133Big Show1April 1, 201228Miami Gardens, FLWrestleMania XXVIII[153]
    132Cody Rhodes1August 9, 2011236Sacramento, CASmackDownWWE recognizes Rhodes’s reign as lasting 234 days, beginning on August 12, 2011, when the episode aired on tape delay.
    On August 29, 2011, the brand extension ended, allowing the Intercontinental Champion to appear on both Raw and SmackDown.
    131Ezekiel Jackson1June 19, 201151Washington, D.C.Capitol PunishmentWWE recognizes Jackson’s reign as lasting 54 days, ending on August 12, 2011, when the following episode aired on tape delay.[151]
    130Wade Barrett1March 22, 201189Columbus, OHSmackDownWWE recognizes Barrett’s reign as lasting 86 days, beginning on March 25, 2011, when the episode aired on tape delay.[150]
    129Kofi Kingston3January 4, 201177Tucson, AZSmackDownWWE recognizes Kingston’s reign as beginning on January 7, 2011 and ending on March 25, 2011, both episodes of which aired on tape delay.[149]
    128Dolph Ziggler1July 28, 2010160Laredo, TXSmackDownWWE recognizes Ziggler’s reign as lasting 154 days, beginning on August 6, 2010, and ending on January 7, 2011, both episodes of which aired on tape delay.[148]
    127Kofi Kingston2May 23, 201066Detroit, MIOver the LimitWWE recognizes Kingston’s reign as lasting 75 days, ending on August 6, 2010, when the following episode aired on tape delay.[147]
    126Drew McIntyre1December 13, 2009161San Antonio, TXTLC: Tables, Ladders & ChairsOn May 7, 2010, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long suspended McIntyre and vacated the title. The following week on SmackDown, Kofi Kingston won a tournament to declare a new champion, but Vince McMahonreverted Long’s decision, nullifying Kingston’s win and continuing McIntyre’s.[146]
    125John Morrison3September 1, 2009103Cleveland, OHSmackDownWWE recognizes Morrison’s reign as lasting 100 days, beginning on September 4, 2009, when the episode aired on tape delay.
    John Morrison was formerly known as Johnny Nitro.
    124Rey Mysterio2June 28, 200965Sacramento, CAThe BashThis was a mask vs. title match.
    WWE recognizes Mysterio’s reign as lasting 68 days, ending on September 4, 2009, when the following episode aired on tape delay.
    123Chris Jericho9June 7, 200921New Orleans, LAExtreme RulesThis was a No Holds Barred match.[143]
    122Rey Mysterio1April 5, 200963Houston, TXWrestleMania XXVThe title became exclusive to SmackDown following the 2009 WWE draft.[142]
    121John “Bradshaw” Layfield1March 9, 200927Jacksonville, FLRaw[141]
    120CM Punk1January 19, 200949Rosemont, ILRawThis was a no disqualification match.[140]
    119William Regal2November 10, 200870Manchester, EnglandRaw[139]
    118Santino Marella2August 17, 200885Indianapolis, INSummerSlamWon the title in an intergender tag team match in which both the Intercontinental and Women’s Championship were on the line. The title was won when partner Beth Phoenix pinned Mickie James.[138]
    117Kofi Kingston1June 29, 200849Dallas, TXNight of Champions[137]
    116Chris Jericho8March 10, 2008111Milwaukee, WIRaw[136]
    115Jeff Hardy4September 1, 2007191Columbus, OHRawWWE recognizes Hardy’s reign as lasting 190 days, beginning on September 3, 2007, when the episode aired on tape delay.[134][135]
    114Umaga2July 2, 200761Dallas, TXRawWWE recognizes Umaga’s reign as lasting 63 days, ending on September 3, 2007, when the following episode aired on tape delay.[133]
    113Santino Marella1April 16, 200777Milan, ItalyRawThis was a No Holds Barred match. Santino was “picked out of the audience” by Vince McMahon.[132]
    112Umaga1February 19, 200756Bakersfield, CARaw[131]
    111Jeff Hardy3November 13, 200698Manchester, EnglandRaw[130]
    110Johnny Nitro2November 6, 20067Columbus, OHRawThis was a no disqualification match.[129]
    109Jeff Hardy2October 2, 200635Topeka, KSRaw[128]
    108Johnny Nitro1June 25, 200699Charlotte, NCVengeanceThis was a triple threat match, also involving Carlito.[127]
    107Shelton Benjamin3May 15, 200641Lubbock, TXRawThis was a 3-on-2 handicap Texas tornado match, featuring Benjamin, Chris Masters, and Triple H against WWE Champion John Cena and Rob Van Dam, in which anyone who beat Cena or Van Dam would win their respective title; Benjamin pinned Van Dam.[126]
    106Rob Van Dam6April 30, 200615Lexington, KYBacklashThis was a title for contract match, where Van Dam also defended his Money in the Bank contract.[125]
    105Shelton Benjamin2February 20, 200669Trenton, NJRaw[124]
    104Ric Flair1September 18, 2005155Oklahoma City, OKUnforgivenWWE incorrectly list Flair’s reign as beginning on September 19, 2005, and lasting 154 days.[123]
    103Carlito1June 20, 200590Phoenix, AZRawWWE incorrectly list Carlito’s reign as ending on September 19, 2005, and lasting 91 days.[122]
    102Shelton Benjamin1October 19, 2004244Milwaukee, WITaboo TuesdayDue to the stipulation of the event, fans could vote for who would face Chris Jericho for the title; Benjamin had the most votes.
    WWE recognizes Benjamin’s reign as lasting 245 days.
    101Chris Jericho7September 12, 200437Portland, ORUnforgivenDefeated Christian in a ladder match for the vacant title.[120]
    VacatedSeptember 6, 2004Wichita Falls, TXRawVacated due to injury.[119]
    100Edge5July 11, 200457Hartford, CTVengeance[119]
    99Randy Orton1December 14, 2003210Orlando, FLArmageddonMick Foley was the guest referee.[118]
    97Chris Jericho6October 27, 2003<1Fayetteville, NCRaw[116]
    98Rob Van Dam5October 27, 200348Fayetteville, NCRawThis was a steel cage match.[117]
    96Rob Van Dam4September 29, 200328Rosemont, ILRawThis was a ladder match.[115]
    95Christian3August 10, 200350Des Moines, IAHouse show[114]
    94Booker T1July 7, 200334Montreal, QCRawThat same month, the United States Championship was reactivated for the SmackDown brand as the Intercontinental title’s counterpart.[113]
    93Christian2May 18, 200350Charlotte, NCJudgment DayRaw Co-General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin reactivated the title. Christian won the revived title in a battle royal.[112]
    UnifiedOctober 20, 2002North Little Rock, ARNo MercyUnified with Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship; the Intercontinental Championship was deactivated.[111]
    92Triple H5October 20, 2002<1North Little Rock, ARNo MercyThis was a title unification match to unify the Intercontinental Championship with Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship.[111]
    91Kane2September 30, 200220Houston, TXRaw[110]
    90Chris Jericho5September 16, 200214Denver, CORaw[109]
    89Rob Van Dam3August 25, 200222Uniondale, NYSummerSlamThe title was returned to Raw due to Van Dam’s status as a Raw wrestler.
    WWE incorrectly list Van Dam’s reign as beginning on August 6, 2002, and lasting 41 days.
    88Chris Benoit4July 29, 200227Greensboro, NCRawThe title became exclusive to SmackDown when Benoit defected to SmackDown on July 30, 2002.
    Aired on tape delay on August 1, 2002.
    WWE incorrectly list Benoit’s reign as ending on August 26, 2002, and lasting 28 days.
    87Rob Van Dam2May 27, 200263Edmonton, ABRawThis was a ladder match.[105]
    86Eddie Guerrero2April 21, 200236Kansas City, MOBacklashOn May 6, 2002, after the World Wrestling Federation was renamed “World Wrestling Entertainment” due to a lawsuit by the World Wide Fund for Nature, the title was subsequently renamed to WWE Intercontinental Championship.[103][104]
    85Rob Van Dam1March 17, 200235Toronto, ONWrestleMania X8On March 25, the brand extensionbegan, in which wrestlers and championships became exclusive to either the Raw or SmackDown brands, represented by the show of the same name. The title became exclusive to Raw when Van Dam was drafted to the Raw brand.[102]
    84William Regal1January 20, 200256Atlanta, GARoyal Rumble[101]
    83Edge4November 18, 200163Greensboro, NCSurvivor SeriesThis was a title unification match, where Edge also defended the WCW United States Championship. The United States Championship was deactivated in favor of continuing the Intercontinental Championship.[100]
    82Test1November 5, 200113Uniondale, NYRaw[99]
    81Edge3October 21, 200115St. Louis, MONo MercyThis was a ladder match.[98]
    80Christian1September 23, 200128Pittsburgh, PAUnforgiven[97]
    79Edge2August 19, 200135San Jose, CASummerSlam[96]
    78Lance Storm1July 23, 200127Buffalo, NYRaw[95]
    77Albert1June 26, 200127New York, NYSmackDown!This was a no disqualification match.
    WWE recognizes Albert’s reign as lasting 25 days, beginning on June 28, 2001, when the episode aired on tape delay.
    76Kane1May 20, 200137Sacramento, CAJudgment DayThis was a chain match.
    WWE recognizes Kane’s reign as lasting 39 days, ending on June 28, 2001, when the following episode aired on tape delay.
    75Triple H4April 16, 200134Knoxville, TNRaw[91]
    74Jeff Hardy1April 10, 20016Philadelphia, PASmackDown!WWE recognizes Hardy’s reign as lasting 4 days, beginning on April 12, 2001, when the episode aired on tape delay.[90]
    73Triple H3April 3, 20017Oklahoma City, OKSmackDown!WWE recognizes Triple H’s reign as beginning on April 5, 2001 and ending on April 12, 2001, both episodes of which aired on tape delay.[89]
    72Chris Jericho4January 21, 200172New Orleans, LARoyal RumbleThis was a ladder match.
    WWE recognizes Jericho’s reign as lasting 74 days, ending on April 5, 2001, when the following episode aired on tape delay.
    71Chris Benoit3December 10, 200042Birmingham, ALArmageddon[87]
    70Billy Gunn1November 21, 200019Sunrise, FLSmackDown!WWE recognizes Gunn’s reign as lasting 17 days, beginning on November 23, 2000, when the episode aired on tape delay.[86]
    69Eddie Guerrero1September 4, 200078Lexington, KYRaw is WarThis was a triple threat match, also involving Kurt Angle.
    WWE recognizes Guerrero’s reign as lasting 80 days, ending on November 23, 2000, when the following episode aired on tape delay.
    68Chyna2August 27, 20008Raleigh, NCSummerSlamWon the title in a mixed tag team match that pitted Chyna and Eddie Guerreroagainst Val Venis and Trish Stratus; Chyna pinned Trish to win Venis’ title.[84]
    67Val Venis2July 4, 200054Fort Lauderdale, FLSmackDown!WWE recognizes Venis’s reign as lasting 52 days, beginning on July 6, 2000, when the episode aired on tape delay.[83]
    66Rikishi1June 20, 200014Memphis, TNSmackDown!WWE recognizes Rikishi’s reign as beginning on June 22, 2000 and ending on July 6, 2000, both episodes of which aired on tape delay.[82]
    65Chris Benoit2May 8, 200043Uniondale, NYRaw is War[81]
    64Chris Jericho3May 2, 20006Richmond, VASmackDown!WWE recognizes Jericho’s reign as lasting 5 days, beginning on May 4, 2000, when the episode aired on tape delay.[80]
    63Chris Benoit1April 2, 200030Anaheim, CAWrestleMania 2000This was a two-fall triple threat match, also involving Chris Jericho, in which Kurt Angle defended both championships. The person to get the first fall won the Intercontinental Championship and the person to score the second fall won the European Championship; Benoit scored the first fall to win the Intercontinental Championship.
    WWE recognizes Benoit’s reign as lasting 32 days, ending on May 4, 2000, when the following episode aired on tape delay. They incorrectly list his reign as ending on May 22, 2000, and lasting 50 days.
    62Kurt Angle1February 27, 200035Hartford, CTNo Way OutEarlier that month, Angle had also won the European Championship. This win made Angle the third and final Eurocontinental Champion.[78]
    61Chris Jericho2January 23, 200035New York, NYRoyal RumbleJericho defeated Chyna and Hardcore Holly in a triple threat match to become undisputed champion.[77]
    Chris Jerichoand Chyna1January 3, 200020Miami, FLRaw is WarOn December 28, 1999 (aired December 30, 1999) on SmackDown, a title match between Chyna and Jericho ended in a double pinfall; as a result they were recognized as co-champions. WWE doesn’t recognize this period as an official reign but as a vacancy.[7][77]
    60Chris Jericho1December 12, 199922Sunrise, FLArmageddon[76]
    59Chyna1October 17, 199956Cleveland, OHNo MercyThis was a Good Housekeeping match.[74][75]
    58Jeff Jarrett6August 22, 199956Minneapolis, MNSummerSlamJarrett also won the European Championship in the match to become the second Eurocontinental Champion.[73]
    57D’Lo Brown1July 27, 199926Columbus, OHRaw is WarThis was a title for title match, where Brown also defended the European Championship. Brown became the first Eurocontinental Champion.
    Aired on tape delay on August 2, 1999.
    WWE recognizes Brown’s reign as lasting 27 days, beginning on July 26, 1999.
    56Jeff Jarrett5July 25, 19992Buffalo, NYFully LoadedWWE recognizes Jarrett’s reign as lasting 1 day, ending on July 26, 1999.[71]
    55Edge1July 24, 19991Toronto, ONHouse show[70]
    54Jeff Jarrett4May 25, 199960Moline, ILRaw is WarWWE recognizes Jarrett’s reign as lasting 54 days, beginning on May 31, 1999, when the episode aired on tape delay.[69]
    53The Godfather1April 12, 199943Detroit, MIRaw is War[68]
    52Goldust3March 29, 199914East Rutherford, NJRaw is War[67]
    51Road Dogg1March 15, 199914San Jose, CARaw is War[66]
    50Val Venis1February 14, 199929Memphis, TNIn Your House: St. Valentine’s Day MassacreBilly Gunn was the guest referee.[64][65]
    49Ken Shamrock1October 12, 1998125Uniondale, NYRaw is WarDefeated X-Pac in a tournament final for the vacant title.[62][63]
    VacatedOctober 9, 1998Vacated due to injury.[61]
    48Triple H2August 30, 199840New York, NYSummerSlamThis was a ladder match.
    Triple H was formerly known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
    WWE mistakenly lists Triple H’s reign as lasting 44 days, ending on October 12, 1998.
    47The Rock2December 8, 1997265Portland, MERaw is WarAustin handed the championship belt to The Rock, who was formerly known as Rocky Maivia.[60]
    46Stone Cold Steve Austin2November 9, 199729Montreal, QCSurvivor Series[59]
    45Owen Hart2October 5, 199735St. Louis, MOBadd Blood: In Your HouseDefeated Faarooq in a tournament final for the vacant title.[57][58]
    VacatedSeptember 8, 1997Vacated due to a neck injury that Stone Cold Steve Austin suffered in winning the title.[55][56]
    44Stone Cold Steve Austin1August 3, 199736East Rutherford, NJSummerSlamWWE mistakenly lists Austin’s reign as lasting 64 days, ending on October 5, 1997.[55]
    43Owen Hart1April 28, 199797Omaha, NERaw is War[54]
    42Rocky Maivia1February 13, 199774Lowell, MARaw[53]
    41Hunter Hearst Helmsley1October 21, 1996115Fort Wayne, INRaw[52]
    40Marc Mero1September 23, 199628Hershey, PARawDefeated Faarooq in a tournament final for the vacant title.[48][51]
    VacatedAugust 12, 1996Seattle, WARawAhmed Johnson forfeited the title after being attacked by the debuting Faarooqafter winning an 11-man battle royal.[50]
    39Ahmed Johnson1June 23, 199650Milwaukee, WIKing of the RingWWE recognizes Johnson’s reign as lasting 58 days, ending on August 19, 1996.[50]
    VacatedApril 1, 1996[47]San Bernardino, CARawHeld up when a title defense against Savio Vega ended in a no contest.
    Aired on tape delay on April 15, 1996.
    38Goldust2April 1, 199683San Bernardino, CARawDefeated Savio Vega in a rematch for the vacant title.
    Aired on tape delay on April 22, 1996.
    37Goldust1January 21, 199671Fresno, CARoyal RumbleWWE recognizes Goldust’s reign as lasting 64 days, ending on March 25, 1996.[47]
    35Dean Douglas1October 22, 1995<1Winnipeg, MBIn Your House 4: Great White NorthWon the title by forfeit due to Shawn Michaels being attacked outside a nightclub in Syracuse, NY on October 14, 1995.[45]
    36Razor Ramon4October 22, 199591Winnipeg, MBIn Your House 4: Great White North[46]
    34Shawn Michaels3July 23, 199591Nashville, TNIn Your House 2: The Lumberjacks[44]
    33Jeff Jarrett3May 21, 199563Trois-Rivières, QCHouse showWWE recognizes Jarrett’s reign as lasting 62 days, beginning on May 22, 1995.[43]
    32Razor Ramon3May 19, 19952Montreal, QCHouse showThis was a ladder match.
    WWE recognizes Ramon’s reign as lasting 3 days, ending on May 22, 1995.
    VacatedApril 26, 1995Moline, ILAction ZoneHeld up when match between Jeff Jarrett and Bob “Spark Plug” Hollyended in controversy.[41]
    31Jeff Jarrett2April 26, 199523Moline, ILAction ZoneDefeated Bob Holly in a rematch for the vacant title.
    Aired on tape delay on April 30, 1995.
    30Jeff Jarrett1January 22, 199594Tampa, FLRoyal Rumble[40]
    29Razor Ramon2August 29, 1994146Chicago, ILSummerSlam[39]
    28Diesel1April 13, 1994138Rochester, NYSuperstarsAired on tape delay on April 30, 1994.[38]
    VacatedSeptember 27, 1993Shawn Michaels was stripped of the title for failing to defend it within 30 days. In reality, Michaels was suspended for testing positive for steroids.[35][36]
    27Razor Ramon1September 27, 1993198New Haven, CTRawRamon and Rick Martel were the final two participants in a battle royal. Ramon then defeated Martel for the vacant title; The match aired on tape delay on October 11, 1993. However, Michaels returned in November 1993, claiming to be the legitimate champion as nobody defeated him. Ramon went on to defeat Michaels in a ladder match on March 20, 1994 at WrestleMania X.[36][37]
    26Shawn Michaels2June 6, 1993113Albany, NYHouse show[34]
    25Marty Jannetty1May 17, 199320New York, NYRaw[33]
    24Shawn Michaels1October 27, 1992202Terre Haute, INSaturday Night’s Main EventAired on tape delay on November 14, 1992.[31][32]
    23The British Bulldog1August 29, 199259London, EnglandSummerSlam[30]
    22Bret Hart2April 5, 1992146Indianapolis, INWrestleMania VIII[29]
    21Roddy Piper1January 19, 199277Albany, NYRoyal Rumble[28]
    20The Mountie1January 17, 19922Springfield, MAHouse show[27]
    19Bret Hart1August 26, 1991144New York, NYSummerSlam[26]
    18Mr. Perfect2November 19, 1990280Rochester, NYSuperstars of WrestlingAired on tape delay on December 15, 1990.[22][25]
    17The Texas Tornado1August 27, 199084Philadelphia, PASummerSlam[24]
    16Mr. Perfect1April 23, 1990126Austin, TXSuperstars of WrestlingDefeated Tito Santana in a tournament final for the vacant title.
    Aired on tape delay on May 19, 1990.
    VacatedApril 1, 1990Toronto, ONWrestleMania VIThe title was vacated when The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.[21]
    15The Ultimate Warrior2August 28, 1989216East Rutherford, NJSummerSlam[21]
    14Rick Rude1April 2, 1989148Atlantic City, NJWrestleMania V[20]
    13The Ultimate Warrior1August 29, 1988216New York, NYSummerSlam[19]
    12The Honky Tonk Man1June 2, 1987454Buffalo, NYSuperstars of WrestlingAired on tape delay on June 13, 1987.[18]
    11Ricky Steamboat1March 29, 198765Pontiac, MIWrestleMania III[17]
    10Randy Savage1February 8, 1986414Boston, MAHouse show[16]
    9Tito Santana2July 6, 1985217Baltimore, MDHouse showThis was a steel cage match.[15]
    8Greg Valentine1September 24, 1984285London, ONMaple Leaf WrestlingAired on tape delay on October 13, 1984.[14]
    7Tito Santana1February 11, 1984226Boston, MAHouse show[13]
    6Don Muraco2January 22, 1983385New York, NYHouse show[12]
    5Pedro Morales2November 23, 1981425New York, NYHouse show[11]
    4Don Muraco1June 20, 1981156Philadelphia, PAHouse show[10]
    3Pedro Morales1December 8, 1980194New York, NYHouse show[9]
    2Ken Patera1April 21, 1980231New York, NYHouse show[8]
    1Pat Patterson1September 1, 1979233Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPatterson became the first champion as a result of defeating Ted DiBiase to win the WWF North American Heavyweight Championship on June 19, 1979 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and defeating Johnny Rodz in a fictional tournament final in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to unify the North American Heavyweight Championship with the fictional South American Heavyweight Championship to create the WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship.

    Longest reign: The Honky Tonk Man (454 days)
    Shortest reign: Dean Douglas (14 minutes)