On the half way point of the European House Shows, WWE hit Birmingham before they make the trip to Monday Night Raw in Manchester. The crew has done 5 days straight overseas, and will go on to another 6 before going to RAW in South Carolina in a weeks time.

    * The Dudley Boyz defeated The New Day in a Tables Match, however the WWE Tag Team Championships were not on the line.

    * Cesaro defeated The Miz via submission.

    * Finn Balor defeated Sheamus.

    * Curtis Axel defeated Bo Dallas. Axel won the match fairly quickly in about under a minute with a roll up pin on Dallas. After the match finished, Dallas claimed that was a “fluke” and it would never happen again. He then asked for someone else in the Locker Room to fight him. So R-Truth did, receiving “What’s Up?” chants throughout the arena. Bo chose to have a dance-off rather than a fight, so after claiming he would not fight Truth, Bo danced to “I’m Too Sexy” and received a great reaction from the crowd, while R-Truth was dancing to “Billie Jean” and the fans were cheering for him, Bo attacked Truth. Truth was down momentarily, but rushed back to his feet delivering the “Lie Detector” to Dallas, picking up a victory. After the match, Truth celebrated with Axel on the entrance ramp.

    * Demon Kane defeated The Big Show in a Birmingham Street Fight.

    * Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyler Breeze.

    * Charlotte & Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella & Alicia Fox. Paige was the Special Guest Referee

    * Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens (c) by disqualification in a match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.