In what will be a historic nigh for the black and yellow brand, Keith Lee takes on Adam Cole in a winner’s take all match.

    We started the night with a video giving us a rundown of what to expect tonight. Then Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix get us prepared for the Street Fight, our opening match.

    Candice LeRae defeated Mia Yim via Pinfall (Ms. LeRae’s Wildride; Swinging Neckbreaker)

    The ladies brought it tonight! Yim wasted no time in getting the action started, as she attacked LeRae during her entrance. They brought in kendo sticks, chairs, garbage cans, and tables. You name it and they probably used it as a weapon. Yim even brought brass knuckles! In the end though, LeRae was able to get the win…on a pile of chairs.

    After the match, both women were down for quite a bit. Johnny Gargano actually came down to the ring to collect his wife. Yim on the other hand got a nice ovation from those in the crowd.

    Before our next match, we get a video recapping how Tony Nese versus Bronson Reed came about.

    Bronson Reed defeated Tony Nese via Pinfall (Splash)

    While Nese may have abs of steel, but going up against Reed those abs really didn’t help too much. Nese did have control for a short period of time, but Reed was just too powerful for Nese to get the victory.

    A video hyping up Mercedes Martinez is shown after the match.

    Then we went backstage where McKenzie Mitchell was with Robert Stone and Aliyah. Stone said big things are about to happen. The group backs up to where Shotzi Blackheart happens to be, working on her tank of course.

    Stone asked Blackheart if she was ready to join his brand. Blackheart said his brand is a dumpster fire and said she rides solo. Stone gets upset and tosses his coffee, which turned out not to be wise. The coffee landed on Killian Dain and he was less than pleased.

    Dain throws Stone around and then Blackheart rode over his leg with her tank. We went to a short break with Aliyah and referees getting the tank off of Stone.

    Also during the break, we saw the arrival of the Undisputed Era, all four members.

    Johnny Gargano defeated Isaiah Swerve Scott via Pinfall (One Final Beat)

    Gargano seemed to be as cocky as ever during this one. He was out to prove to Swerve that NXT is his house. To his credit, Swerve really brought the fight to Gargano and looked to be on the verge off a huge victory multiple times.

    Then we got a video hyping Tegan Nox versus Io Shirai. Nox’s opportunity to become NXT Women’s Champion will be next week.

    After the hype video, we saw Keith Lee preparing for his big match.

    Legado del Fantasma defeated Drake Maverick and Breezango via Pinfall (Phantom Driver)

    Maverick just can’t catch a break it seems. Fandango and Breeze were excellent tag team partners, they kept Maverick in check before the bell ring and did their best to keep Mendoza and Wilde under control. Unfortunately, having Breezango on his side did not change the outcome for Maverick.

    McKenzie Mitchell then interviewed the Garganos backstage. Johnny went on about how he believes he and Candice are the greatest power couple in the world. Or well the universe. He then wondered about what would have happened if Finn Balor didn’t get in his way. Gargano believed he would be the one facing Adam Cole. Candice said that they both still have wrongs to make right and that’s the end of the interview.

    Then we got a profile on the NXT Tag Team Champions, Imperium. After that, the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre gave his pick for our main event. McIntyre picked Adam Cole, BAY BAY!

    Mercedes Martinez defeated Santana Garrett via Pinfall (Fisherman Buster)

    Mercedes is out to prove she isn’t playing around. Santana got in a few offensive moves, but Mercedes ended her momentum real quick.

    After the match, Damian Priest gave a warning to Cameron Grimes ahead of their match next week.

    Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels gave their picks for our main event.

    Keith Lee defeated Adam Cole via Pinfall (Big Bang Catastrophe) to become the first Double Champion in NXT History

    This match had no commercials so you didn’t miss anything. Cole and Lee left it all in the ring. It was a hard hitting affair and the longest-reigning NXT Champion in the history of the brand, could not believe he couldn’t put Lee away. Cole even moved out of the way of a huge pounce by Lee, that saw Lee go through some plexi glass.

    In the end, Keith Lee put Cole away to become the NXT Champion. During Lee’s confetti celebration, Karrion Kross and Scarlett were looking on.