NXT opens with a recap of last week’s episode, building up the 60-minute Four way Iron Man Match for the NXT Championship between Finn Balor, Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.

    Legado Del Fantasma then make their way to the ring for a six-man street fight against Isiah Swerve Scott and Breezango.

    Breezango and Isiah Swerve Scott defeat Legado Del Fantasma by pinfall

    Joaquin Wilde starts the match by leaping over the top rope to wipe out the new tag team champions and Swerve Scott to give Legado Del Fantasma control.

    The six men brawl around the ringside area before Scott regains control for his team, drop kicking Raul Mendoza into a chair set up in the corner.

    Fandango then whips Santos Escobar into a ladder before taking out the rest of Legado Del Fantasma, hitting them with an aeroplane spin with the ladder.

    Raul Mendoza takes control of Tyler Breeze, but Fandango slingshots his tag partner into the crotch of Mendoza, before Prince Pretty sprays Legado Del Fantasma with a fire extinguisher.

    As we return from the break, Legado Del Fantasma have taken control, with Mendoza and Wilde having Breeze 2-on-1.

    Imperium then come down to the ring and help Mendoza and Wilde to beat him down. All five men surround Breeze in the ring, but Fandango and Swerve Scott re-emerge on top of a forklift and dive off to save Breeze.

    Isiah Swerve Scott then hits Escobar with a chicken wing piledriver to pin the Cruiserweight Champion and pick up the win for his team, before celebrating on the forklift.

    Tegan Nox talks about her relationship with Candice on the indies, saying that they became family. But she saw the spark in her eyes get darker after she started following the Gargano Way. She says she was hurt by Candice’s words and hopes they can sort this out over a glass of wine.

    Candice LeRae then comes out ahead of her match with Kacy Catanzaro, who is accompanied by Kayden Carter. Catanzaro and Carter’s friendship is used as a reminder of LeRae’s previous friendship with Nox.

    Candice LeRae defeats Kacy Catanzaro by pinfall

    LeRae dominates the early stages of the match, hitting Catnazaro with a draping neck breaker before drop kicking her to the outside. LeRae throws Catanzaro in the ring and is distracted by Carter, allowing Catanzaro to hit a drop toe hold and roll her up for a two count.

    The Poison Pixie gets straight back on the offence, hitting Catanzaro with a splash in the corner and a snapmare for two.

    Catanzaro hits a splash of her own and a cannonball, getting a two count, before LeRae counters her Codebreaker into a submission before stomping her head into the mat for the win.

    LeRae gets on the microphone after the match. She says that the relationship between Catanzaro and Carter distracted her because it reminded her of her friendship with Nox. She then agrees to try and talk things over with Nox, inviting her to swing by her house.

    After the break, we go to Rhea Ripley backstage. The Nightmare says that she is sick of Mercedes Martinez and the Robert Stone Brand sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Ripley then challenges Martinez to a Steel Cage match.

    After both men claimed that they should be the number one contender for the NXT North American Champion, Timothy Thatcher and Bronson Reed meet in the ring.

    Timothy Thatcher defeats Bronson Reed by submission

    Thatcher immediately targets the left arm of Bronson Reed, but the Thicc Boi continually overpowered to break away.

    Reed continually rattled the jaw of Thatcher with huge forearms, knocking the submission specialist to the canvas. Thatcher looked to kick Reed from the canvas, staying on his back, but Reed hit him with a Senton to stay in control.

    Thatcher escapes to the outside before Reed hits him with a suicide dive. Reed throws Thatcher back in the ring and as the referee checks on Thatcher, Austin Theory jumps Reed from behind, allowing Thatcher to lock in the Fujiwara Armbar to submit Reed.

    After the break, we go backstage to Mercedes Martinez. Martinez accepts Ripley’s challenge and the two will square off next Tuesday.

    But with an hour to go, it’s time for our main event, with the four pillars of NXT making their way to the ring to face off for the NXT Championship.

    Finn Balor 2, Adam Cole 2, Tommaso Ciamapa 1, Johnny Gargano 1

    As soon as the match begins, Johnny Gargano rolls out of the ring, allowing his three competitors to wear themselves out as he awaits the perfect opportunity.

    Tommaso Ciampa takes control of the early stages of the match, stomping Cole and Balor in the corners before hitting Gargano with a running knee strike to knock him off the apron.

    Ciampa then runs around the ring, planting both Balor and Gargano with running knees before brawling with Adam Cole on the outside.

    Ciampa then lifts the apron cover, looking to hit Cole with the slingshot into the bottom of the ring , just as he did Jake Atlas last week, before Balor attacks him from behind.

    Balor is held in a chin lock by Ciampa, but Cole re-enters the ring and throws Ciampa to the outside before being hit by a kick to the midsection from Balor.

    Balor controls Cole in the corner before the leader of the Undisputed Era rolls him up with a sunset flip, but Balor counters with a shotgun drop kick. This allows Gargano to take advantage, sending Balor to the outside before he begins targeting the left arm of Cole as he works towards Gargano Escape.

    Cole manages to escape from Gargano with forearms and a neck breaker to the Wednesday Knight, but he can’t capitalise due to the injured arm.

    After the break Johnny Gargano is in control of the match before Cole hits him with a pump kick and an Ushigoroshi for a two count. Cole climbs to the top rope to attempt a Panama Sunrise, but Gargano.

    Balor then takes out Gargano before Cole hits him with a superkick. Ciampa catches Cole’s superkick but is met with an Enzigori. Cole goes for another Panama Sunrise, this time to Ciampa, but Balor cuts him off and looks for a superplex. Ciampa re-enters the ring and throws both men off the rope.

    But Gargano pulls Ciampa into the ringpost before he can capitalise, attempting pins on Cole and Balor, but both men kick out.

    After the break, Ciampa and Gargano face off in the middle of the ring, but Balor and Cole take them both out. The two former Bullet Club members then Too Sweet in the middle of the ring, forming an alliance both Balor instantly attacks Cole.

    The Prince then hits all three men with drop kicks on the outside of then ring, before rolling Cole into the ring and hitting the Coup De Grace to pick up the first fall of the match.

    Ciampa and Cole then brawl on the outside and Ciampa looks to hit the slingshot to the underside of the ring once again. But Balor stops him with a suicide dive and rolls him into the ring.

    But as Balor enters the ring, Ciampa hits the Prince with Willow’s Bell before hitting the Fariy Tale Ending. But Johnny Gargano throws Ciampa out of the ring and steals the pin from him to pick up his first fall.

    Gargano looks to capitalise by hitting Balor with the One Final Beat DDT, but Ciampa throws him off the apron. As Ciampa enters the ring, he is met by a Last Shot from Cole, but he kicks out at two.

    Cole then hits Balor with a superkick before hitting Gargano with the Panama Sunrise to pick up his first fall.

    Cole looks to capitalise by hitting Gargano with Panama Sunrise, but Balor intercepts him and throws him to the outside. Ciampa then hits a double Willow’s Bell to Cole and Balor before hitting Cole with the Fairy Tale Ending to make things all square.

    As we head towards the final five minutes of the match, Gargano and Cole trade superkicks before Gargano locks in the Gargano Escape.

    Ciampa pulls both men to the outside before wiping out all three of them. He then finally hits the Slingshot to the underside of the ring to his long-time rival Johnny Gargano before rolling him in the ring.

    Tomasso Ciampa looks for a pin on Gargano, but Cole and Balor pull him to the outside. Ciampa throws both men down the ramp before entering the ring, but Gargano rolls him up for two.

    Ciampa then takes Gargano and to the top rope and hits him with an Air Raid Crash with 30 seconds to go, but before he can pin him, Finn Balor hits him with a Coup de Grace from out of nowhere to retake the lead with 10 seconds remaining.

    But as the Prince celebrates in the ring, Adam Cole appears out of nowhere and hits him with the Last Shot, getting the pinfall and leaving Cole and Balor at two pinfalls a piece at the end of the hour.

    William Regal makes his way to the ring and announces that Finn Balor and Adam Cole will face off next week in a singles match to finally crown the new NXT Champion.