It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that the concept of the ladder match was brought to us by the beautiful brain of one, Chris Jericho.

    The concept quickly rose to one of the most popular match stipulations, beginning as part of the Wrestlemania card before it was given its own pay-per-view in 2010, the same year that saw the final money in the bank match to be competed at Wrestlemania 26. As this article is brought to you, we are a few days from the 2020 edition of the show, with a massive twist that the match will be competed at Titan Towers instead of an arena.

    There has been a total of 24 matches in 15 years, that does include the one we got on Smackdown after James Ellsworth won it for Carmella, and this list will be looking at the matches and if the winner was indeed the correct superstar to receive the coveted briefcase.

    Wrestlemania 21 – Edge

    Who Should Of Won? Edge

    The first ladder match ever brought to us was all the way back in 2005 and was won by the man who made his gimmick around the concept, Edge. He became known as the Ultimate Opportunist and took the most he could from winning this match. Looking at the field of competitors in the match alongside Edge; Kane, Christian, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin, Edge was fully the right winner for the briefcase.

    He had been such a hard worker for WWE in the mid card scene leading up to Wrestlemania 21, holding the Intercontinental Championship multiple times, as well as the Tag Titles with Christian and the WCW United States Championship. Not saying the other competitors didn’t deserve it but Edge had been such a loyal servant to WWE that it made perfect sense for him to win it. Looking back into history now, the result of his win and what he made from it, gives me the reason alone to have won it. He became a megastar from this match and fully deserved his entire success.

    He became an icon in this match stipulation, as well as his previous experience in ladder matches, as well as one of the best cash ins of all time. Edge held the briefcase for 280 days before cashing in on John Cena at New Year’s Resolution 2006.

    Wrestlemania 22  – Rob Van Dam

    Who Should Of Won? Shelton Benjamin

    Sometimes, you look at a wrestler and they instantly fit a match type or stipulation. For some reason, to me, Rob Van Dam fits the mould of a money in the bank briefcase holder. He won the briefcase back in 2006, defeating Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy, Kane, Shelton Benjamin and Finlay, holding the briefcase for just 70 days before he cashed in on John Cena at ECW – One Night Stand 2006.

    What could’ve been with this title reign if RVD’s extracurricular activities didn’t sabotage his place in the card and subsequently his title reign. However, I feel like RVD didn’t need the title because he was already an unbelievably popular member of the WWE roster, it was mainly given to him for him to bolster the resurged ECW. I would’ve given the win to the extremely underrated, Shelton Benjamin. He has proven on countless occasions his worth to WWE, both in the present time and back in 2006.

    Benjamin was always a stalwart of the midcard scene, holding multiple Intercontinental and US titles, showing off his unreal wrestling abilities that were on a different level. He deserved a WWE title run and using the ladder match to get him there would’ve been the perfect opportunity. 

    Wrestlemania 23 – Mr Kennedy

    Who Should Of Won? Mr Kennedy

    What could’ve been if Kennedy hadn’t got injured and lost the briefcase. The largest field so far entered the ring in the opening contest of the main card at Wrestlemania 23, this time fielding seven men, not five. We had both members of The Hardy Boys, Jeff and Matt, Edge, Randy Orton, Booker T, Finlay and the winner, Mr Kennedy. 

    After Kennedy got injured, he lost the briefcase to Edge in a match on RAW and was written off tv. Kennedy fully deserved to win the briefcase, he was an extremely over act and loved by the fans. He had such a despicable character that he would tease a cash in constantly before doing it a very long time after. Proved by how he won, hitting the Green Bay Plunge off the ladder to Hornswoggle whilst everyone else was out.

    We did have Edge become World Champion once again off the back of the injury which is always good for Edge fans but Kennedy would never regain his momentum after he returned and would leave the company shortly after. Edge would cash in four days after he beat Kennedy for the briefcase, cashing in on Smackdown and defeating The Undertaker

    Wrestlemania 24 – CM Punk

    Who Should Of Won? CM Punk

    This is one of my favourite Money In The Bank matches to date, not only for the winner but for the match as a whole, it was fantastically put together. It was also, for me, one of the matches hardest to call at who would win. Most of the field did deserve to win it, you had Mr Kennedy who was looking to make amends for the previous year, you had Chris Jericho, the man who invented it and wanting to be the holder as well as the Intercontinental champion.

    Ultimately, we had CM Punk the winner. The up and coming Straight Edge Saviour, who had been making a name for himself on WWECW until he was drafted to RAW. He fully deserved to win this match overcoming MVP, Carlito, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, Mr Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin and Kofi Kingston. Punk winning is the embodiment of why money in the bank was created, to give younger talent the chance to shine and an easier route into the main event picture.

    He would cash in 92 days later on Edge, who held the World Heavyweight Championship and had just been drafted to Smackdown, to keep the title on RAW. 

    Wrestlemania 25 – CM Punk

    Who Should Of Won it? CM Punk

    The only man to officially do it twice, and two years in a row. What’s different about this match win was the cash in, he was a babyface in 2008 but when he cashed in on Jeff Hardy in 2009, he was a heel. He wasn’t a heel at 25th annual Wrestlemania when he ascended the ladder and claimed the briefcase for the second time.

    The field at Mania 25 had a couple of the competitors from 24 in Punk, Shelton Benjamin, MVP and Kofi Kingston who were joined by Kane, Christian, Mark Henry and Finlay. The briefcase made CM Punk into the main event talent he was and put him into the picture to become one of the best ever, the second briefcase just added to it. Him winning was definitely the right decision looking at his position on the card compared to the other competitors. Yes, the briefcase can excel one of them to the newest heights, but most of them weren’t ready for that. Punk had won it, proved he is main event calibre and did it all again.

    He gave us the Straight Edge Society and the second Summer of Punk off the back of these monumental victories. Punk waited a little less time than his first to cash in, holding for 63 days before cashing in on Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules 2009 after Hardy had just defeated Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Wrestlemania 26 – Jack Swagger

    Who Should Of Won? Christian

    The final ladder match to take place on the grandest stage, won by someone who struggled to unclip the briefcase, Jack Swagger. Swagger, again like people before him, was a young talent and a hot prospect. However, he was a hot prospect with no personality and couldn’t connect with the fans leaving us with a Money In The Bank briefcase holder we didn’t really ask for. Especially, when you look at the rest of the competitors, there were other wrestlers who could’ve benefited from this so much more, wrestlers we could connect with.

    Shelton Benjamin, Christian, Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston would be four better picks based on how it would’ve boosted their positions in the card. We could’ve possibly never seen Drew McIntyre in 3MB and subsequently get released if he had won the World Championship.

    However, saying that, the Drew we have now is much better than the one we could’ve got if he never left but we would never know. Out of the four I’ve mentioned, I would single out Christian. He, like Edge, was a midcard stalwart and could’ve been propelled to the main event scene much quicker than he did. And, he wouldn’t have to ride the coattails of his best friend, he would’ve been World Champion on his own.

    Either way, Jack Swagger was not the right fit for the briefcase. Swagger held it for only five days, cashing in on Chris Jericho the Smackdown following Wrestlemania, holding the title for 79 days before losing it in a fatal four-way match to Rey Mysterio.

    Money in the Bank 2010 (Smackdown) – Kane

    Who Should Of Won? Kane (by default)

    The first Money In The Bank match to appear on a PPV named after the match, competed between seven Smackdown wrestlers. Those being the eventual winner Kane, Big Show, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Matt Hardy and Cody Rhodes. Based on the Smackdown roster in 2010, the wrestling wasn’t that brilliant. The roster was a bit weird, talent who should be excelling but they just weren’t. Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler were all deserving based on their in-ring standpoint but their position in the card didn’t warrant it.

    Kane was a weird fit for the briefcase, mainly because of the mystic that had always surrounded him. He didn’t seem like a character that would acquire such an easy route to the main event. But it worked on one level, the main one, Kane would be World Heavyweight Champion. It would also remove the memory of Kane’s first World Championship, that he held for one day back in 1998. Kane also holds the record for the fastest cash in, just waiting 49 minutes before cashing in on Rey Mysterio, who had just defended his championship against Jack Swagger.

    He would be in the midst of his storyline where he was searching for the attacker of The Undertaker and would blame Mysterio as one. Kane lost his title at TLC 2010 in a fatal four way to Edge, also involving Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio.  

    Money in the Bank 2010 (RAW) – The Miz

    Who Should of Won? The Miz

    If you could pick a wrestling persona to win this match, The Miz is it. He is obnoxious, cowardly and conniving. The winner of the match gets to cash in whenever they want, The Miz is the perfect fit for this. He also, deserved the main event position, grinding in the company from a comedic act to a tag wrestler to this position he was in. He would overcome Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Edge, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase and Mark Henry. Some of the best RAW had to offer, showing the faith WWE had in The Miz to prove he was a main event talent.

    He made multiple cash-in attempts but they were thwarted by other competitors interrupting those attempts showing how little anyone would want him to be champion and how many enemies he had. During the win, he was the holder of the United States Championship but would drop it to Daniel Bryan before he cashed in on Randy Orton to become WWE Champion for the first and only time, picking the bones of Orton after he was attacked by The Nexus.

    That began his meteoric rise in WWE to always being in the mix of the upper echelons, being in WWE movies and holding the Intercontinental Championship eight times, one behind the record of nine.

    Money in the Bank 2011 (Smackdown) – Daniel Bryan 

    Who Should Of Won? Daniel Bryan 

    The result of this win is worth everything. Not only is Daniel Bryan one of the greatest men to ever step in a wrestling ring, he went from indy darling to WWE sensation so quickly, fully earning the right to this accolade. Very similar to the 2010 match, the Smackdown roster was filled with potential superstars who were dwindling on the card, alongside Bryan we had Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Kane. As much as I would’ve loved to have seen Barrett or Rhodes win this match, Bryan was definitely the right choice because of what we got from it.

    The heel turn and the creation of the Yes Movement were good enough alone for him to win, not even counting his past credentials. Bryan holds the distinction for being the only competitor to cash-in but for it to be voided after he pinned a beaten Mark Henry, Teddy Long would declare his win voided as Henry wasn’t fit to compete. Ridiculous thing to come out with when it comes to the briefcase but it’s WWE, we should expect it.

    He would eventually cash in 154 days after winning at TLC, pinning the Big Show who had just won the title from Mark Henry. 

    Money in the Bank 2011 (RAW) – Alberto Del Rio

    Who Should Of Won? Alberto Del Rio

    As much as we hated the cash in, based on who he defeated, Del Rio was a great choice to win the briefcase. Similar to The Miz, he fit the mould of a holder very well, showing his ability to pick his correct moment. The only problem I had with Del Rio winning the briefcase was this felt like WWE were trying to fix their mistake with him, after he lost the World Title match he got for winning the Royal Rumble earlier in the year. Del Rio would defeat The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Alex Riley on his way to the top of the ladder. A field of very adequate competitors that could’ve won but didn’t deserve to as much as Del Rio.

    Del Rio was nearly thrusted straight into the reign as Mr McMahon would demand for him to come down later in the night to defeat CM Punk, who defeated John Cena to depart the company with the title. He would cash in Punk but at SummerSlam instead of Money in the Bank, after Punk was attacked by Kevin Nash.

    With this, he held the briefcase for 28 days before cashing in and holding the title until Survivor Series, where he lost it back to Punk. 

    Money in the Bank 2012 (WWE Championship) – John Cena

    Who Should Of Won? Chris Jericho

    A man who did not need to win the briefcase in a match that didn’t really need to happen. WWE billed this as the ‘All Star’ Money in the Bank ladder match where it pitted Cena against Big Show, Chris Jericho, Kane and a returning The Miz. I have no idea why it was billed as all-star, only two of the five had won the ladder match before. WWE had just got into the tradition of doing two ladder matches per show so made this extremely weird match. Cena won after he smacked Big Show in the head with the briefcase causing it to break, and one of the best memes to be created.

    Cena’s character really doesn’t fit the briefcase, he has too much honour and integrity to surprise an opponent to an impromptu match. Proven by his cash-in, giving CM Punk a week to prepare for their match at RAW 1000. If I would choose anyone to have won this match, I would’ve gone with Chris Jericho. None of the five really needed a briefcase to be in the main event picture, they all were already, but Jericho would’ve been able to reinvent himself to fit the briefcase, he would’ve brought some comedy to it and frankly, he created the match and deserved a win in it.

    I can see why WWE didn’t go with Jericho, he was on and off TV constantly as he would tour with his band, Fozzy, making his title run very short. 

    Money in the Bank 2012 (World Championship) – Dolph Ziggler

    Who Should Of Won? Dolph Ziggler

    The pop this man got for his cash in will never be replicated. Ziggler went from a spoilt child under the guise of Vicky Guerrero to a megastar, during his allegiance with Big E Langston and AJ Lee. Ziggler was the frontrunner to win the match, the other members in Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Santino Marella, Tensai, Christian and Tyson Kidd didn’t hold a candle to his potential and the backing he had from WWE. He would defend the briefcase twice against Chris Jericho and John Cena, the first was a career vs briefcase match and the latter was a ladder match, both with Ziggler coming out the victor.

    The RAW after Wrestlemania 29, Ziggler would cash in on World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, to win his first official World Championship, I don’t count the first as he was gifted it by Vickie Guerrero. After he won, came the downfall. Ziggler would be hampered with injuries, mainly concussions, that caused his title run to be extremely short, ending after just 69 days. We did get a face turn for Ziggler, where he became one of the most popular superstars in the mid 2010’s but not the title run he deserved.

    For a man who has worked so hard for the company, Ziggler deserved the briefcase, a lengthy title run and more but unfortunately, the injury was a setback he just could not recover from. 

    Money in the Bank 2013 (WWE Championship) – Randy Orton

    Who Should Of Won? CM Punk

    A briefcase holder we didn’t know we wanted until it happened. However, the other competitors in the match makes me think he won in the wrong group of wrestlers. This match had CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Christian, Sheamus and a returning Rob Van Dam. I would say this was the match with the most level playing field ever, anyone could have easily won this match. Orton didn’t need it because of his position in the card and it’s Randy Orton, but the same could be said with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Rob Van Dam winning on his first night back in Philadelphia would’ve been incredible but the WWE would never book that. If I had to pick one, I would pick CM Punk.

    He held the WWE Championship for 434 days the prior year and would easily be able to replicate that title run, it would’ve also prevented Punk leaving WWE a short time after this event took place. Punk was in midcard style feuds, teaming with Bryan against The Wyatt Family and The Shield, so at the time he could’ve really used a boost back into the main event picture. He would also set a record WWE could never try and replace; winning the Money in the Bank ladder match three times.

    Orton would win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, defeating Daniel Bryan who had just won the title from Cena. Orton winning did create The Authority and one of the more interesting storylines in WWE and the unification of the two World Titles. 

    Money in the Bank 2013 (World Championship) – Damien Sandow

    Who Should Of Won? Wade Barrett or Cesaro

    A wrestler with so much potential but he just didn’t live up to his expected level of ability. Sandow had joined WWE as ‘the intellectual saviour of the masses’ gaining major heel heat from the fans giving him a platform to prove he was worthy of a main event push. However, he shouldn’t have won this match. Sandow turned on his tag partner, Cody Rhodes, in this match ending their tag team to win which gave us a face Cody Rhodes, something I very much enjoyed.

    There were two men in this match who should’ve won; Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro. Two phenomenal competitors who had proven they could be in the main event scene and would continue to do so after this event. Neither men have had a World Title reign to date, Barrett left WWE in in 2016. Both should have had multiple reigns at this point.

    Sandow cashed in on John Cena after holding the briefcase for 106 days but would lose the match being the first person to officially lose his cash-in match, John Cena won by disqualification in 2012 so it does not count as a loss. After the loss, Sandow plummeted to the bottom of the card, proving the experiment had failed and WWE shortly gave up on his character before he resurrected himself as Damien Mizdow.

    Money in the Bank 2014 – Seth Rollins

    Who Should Won? Seth Rollins

    The most beautiful cash-in since the incarnation of the match. Like The Miz and Alberto Del Rio, Rollins character fitted the mould of the briefcase holder but with one additional ingredient; The Authority. He was the golden boy; he could do no wrong and was given everything handed to him. Rollins would defeat former Shield brethren Dean Ambrose, along with Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Rob Van Dam for the briefcase. Rollins even demanded Ambrose be in the match to ensure he wouldn’t meddle in Rollins’ ascent to the top.

    Was Seth the right person to win? Is the sky blue?

    He was the most hated person in WWE after he shattered The Shield, he couldn’t anything right in the eyes of the fans so making him Mr Money in the Bank was beautiful. Rollins’ cash-in at Wrestlemania is still hands-down the greatest of all time, Michael Cole naming it ‘the heist of the century’ is amazing as Rollins would steal the title from under the nose of Brock Lesnar and the other member of The Shield, Roman Reigns.

    Seth would go on to hold the title until November 2015 where he tore his ACL, MCL and medial meniscus causing him to vacate the title. The briefcase made Rollins into the man he is today and us as fans would never have it any other way. Seth also still holds the honour of being the only person to cash-in on an active match and the only person to cash-in at Wrestlemania.

    Money in the Bank 2015 – Sheamus

    Who Should Of Won? Neville

    In terms of timing, Sheamus winning the ladder match came at a good time, he had just made his return to WWE with his drastic change in looks and personality. The only thing is, Sheamus didn’t need the briefcase to be near the main event scene, he was always in there. He would eventually partner up with The Authority and become a golden boy turned lacky so, having him win was a bit of a wasted exercise. I would’ve had Neville win here; he was a vastly underused talent who had proven he can hang with main eventers after he had that incredible match against Seth Rollins.

    All he needed was a launch pad and the briefcase would have been that. But he was always treated as a highlight reel by WWE and not taken seriously until the revived Cruiserweight division. Neville always works well with both people his size and bigger than him, his position in the main event scene would’ve resulted in some fabulous title matches, but it was just never to be. Sheamus cashed in on Roman Reigns at Survivor Series after Reigns had just won the World Championship in a tournament.

    Sheamus would hold the title for a measly 22 days before dropping it back to Reigns on an episode of RAW. What could’ve been a solid Sheamus championship run if WWE didn’t push everything towards Roman Reigns.

    Money in the Bank 2016 – Dean Ambrose

    Who Should Of Won? Dean Ambrose

    One of my favourite cash-ins due to the timing of it, all three members of The Shield holding the World Championship within an hour window. Ambrose was always deemed to be the ‘wacky’ guy on the roster after the Shield’s split, mainly spending his time chasing down Seth Rollins before he was subdued by The Authority. Ambrose competed in the ladder match against five of the best WWE had at this time; Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro.

    Again, like other matches, all of these men could have easily won the briefcase but for the storyline we got after this PPV, and for his continued hard work since 2012, I’m glad Ambrose got this. He was a World Champion waiting to happen as long as the booking was correct and he did have some decent feuds after he won the title. Ambrose was the second man to cash in on the same night, waiting just 57 minutes before blindsiding new champion, Seth Rollins. This set up one of my favourite matches, the triple threat between all three members of The Shield at Battleground. Ambrose deserved this, but a lengthier reign wouldn’t have gone a miss, that was until WWE decided to bring James Ellsworth into the mix and ruined everything. Ambrose held the title until September 2016 when he lost it at Backlash to AJ Styles.

    Men’s Money in the Bank 2017 – Baron Corbin

    Who Should Of Won? Kevin Owens

    2017 was a weird time for WWE, the whole Money in the Bank PPV was a Smackdown exclusive which was a weird choice. It also seemed like such a good idea to have Corbin win, he was hated by the fans and could get even more heat by cashing in on a beloved champion somewhere down the road. But, when you consider he defeated Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura to win, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. As much as fans would’ve loved to have seen Sami Zayn win this, I just can’t imagine it ever happening, it always felt WWE didn’t believe in him.

    I definitely think Owens winning this would’ve been the best choice because it’s Kevin Owens. What he could’ve done with the briefcase would’ve been exceptional, but he was too involved in the hatred towards Zayn storyline. WWE would’ve put more focus on that than the briefcase. I’d also pick out Nakamura but he would go on to win the Royal Rumble the following year and fail in capturing a title, the briefcase didn’t fit his face character, possibly if they turned him heel it could’ve worked. Nonetheless, we had the Lone Wolf ascend the ladder and claim the briefcase, for him to hold it for 58 days before failing to beat Jinder Mahal in his cash-in attempt.

    Yes, it was the fault of John Cena who distracted him, but still Baron Corbin became the second man to fail his cash-in, despite it seeming like WWE was backing him to do good things in the company. It’s been three years since and I’m still waiting for those good things.

    Women’s Money in the Bank 2017  – Carmella 

    Who Should Of Won? Carmella

    The first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, finally, we were getting the women’s equivalent to the men. Until WWE decided to book it so a man won it and everything fell flat. Out of the five women in this historic match to win, Carmella made the most sense. Becky and Charlotte had been champions, Natalya was a veteran and didn’t need a championship and Tamina just was there and was useful when WWE needed her.

    She was dwindling on the shows, being involved in storylines but not worthwhile ones, Carmella was money waiting to happen, but the booking kind of ruined it when James Ellsworth climbed the ladder for her and claimed the briefcase. Daniel Bryan stripped Carmella of the briefcase and made a rematch for a Smackdown show, in which Carmella would win again by claiming it herself. She held the contract for the longest time, 287 days, before cashing in on Charlotte Flair following a beatdown by The IIconics.

    Carmella was made at that point; she defeated a big name in Charlotte and had a respectable championship reign which resulted in her being always on the shows and one of the most reliable female wrestlers on the roster.

    Men’s Money in the Bank 2018  – Braun Strowman

    Who Should Of Won? Samoa Joe or Rusev

    Three winners in this list are pointless, and this is one of them. Strowman doesn’t need a briefcase, he’s a monster. What was the point in him winning, and losing the title match that came with it? He literally destroyed Kevin Owens in this match too which made it worse. The lineup for this match had some of the best RAW had to offer; Samoa Joe, The Miz, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Rusev, Bobby Roode and Kofi Kingston, alongside Strowman.

    All of them deserved it more than Strowman, imagine if WWE had actually pulled the trigger on Rusev or Samoa Joe and we got either one of them with the briefcase and eventually, with the World Title. But nope, they gave it to the biggest bottlejob, Strowman always choked title opportunities and his cash-in was no exception. He did a John Cena and gave the champion, Roman Reigns, notice and would cash-in at Hell in a Cell, in the namesake match. It ended in a no contest after Lesnar got involved, a no disqualification match ended in a no contest.

    What a way to bury not only the talent but the briefcase and the title.

    It made Strowman seem so unimportant, resulting in him being a comedy act for two years. Strowman was never the right person for the briefcase, he is very similar to The Big Show, he doesn’t need titles to seem important.

    Money in the Bank 2018 – Alexa Bliss

    Who Should Of Won? Alexa Bliss

    I would’ve been very happy with anyone, but Lana, winning this match. It came at a time where Becky was on her rise to The Man status, Charlotte was the be all and end all of the women’s division and Ember Moon, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Sasha Banks and Natalya were working hard on the shows to get their spots. I am glad Alexa got it, it definitely fitted her character to be the heel with it and taking her opportunity.

    However, she didn’t cash the briefcase in, in a way we expected. She ran down to the ring, just under three hours after winning the briefcase, caused a DQ in the Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey match, before cashing in on Nia to become RAW Women’s Champion. With the win in the ladder match, she became the first woman to win a Money in the Bank ladder match, an Elimination Chamber and to hold both RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championship’s. 

    Alexa is a fantastic talent, fully deserved to win the briefcase and get her title back from Nia Jax, Nia had defeated Alexa for the title at Wrestlemania. It made perfect booking sense to protect Nia, the newcomer Ronda and to get the title back to Alexa.

    Mens Money in the Bank 2019  – Brock Lesnar

    Who Should Of Won? Finn Balor

    The third most pointless winner. Lesnar wasn’t even in the match, he just came down at the end of the match, claimed it and apparently, that’s acceptable. Zayn was removed from the match after being attacked earlier in the night and wasn’t immediately replaced, until Lesnar decided to show up. The talent in this match, everyone else could’ve easily laid claim to the briefcase.

    Ali, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Andrade, Randy Orton and Baron Corbin but nope, WWE had to do what they always do and give everything to Lesnar. I would take anyone winning over Lesnar, but I will pick out Balor. Finn was the inaugural Universal Champion but got injured in the match and never regained his momentum back towards the title. The briefcase is the perfect way of doing it, he’d dwindled in the midcard for a little bit since then and now can stake his claim to the World Title and cash in, giving us some dream championship matches like a rematch with Rollins, feuds with the likes of AJ Styles etc. 

    Lesnar held the briefcase for 56 days before cashing in on Rollins at Extreme Rules, following his title defence in a mixed tag team match alongside Becky Lynch. Another example of WWE booking themselves into a corner and wanted to bunny hop the title back to The Beast Incarnate. 

    Women’s Money in the Bank 2019  – Bayley

    Who Should Of Won? Bayley

    What this win created is beautiful; Bayley became the first women’s grand slam champion, becoming a fully deserving champion and ripping a title away from Charlotte. With the women’s ladder matches, it’s an open playing field as most of them deserve a title run, that being partly because there is no midcard women’s title.

    Bayley bested Ember Moon, Natalya, Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke, Naomi, Carmella and Mandy Rose to win the briefcase and would become the fastest woman to cash in. She held the briefcase for just one hour and 25 minutes before cashing in on Charlotte, who had just defeated Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

    Except for a minor hiccup in her reign, losing to Charlotte, Bayley has been Smackdown Women’s Champion ever since, turning heel and becoming the best version of herself in years. She worked so hard to get to this point and fully deserves to be champion and fully deserved the Money in the Bank win. All she needs to do now is win a Royal Rumble and she has done it all. 

    An interesting mix of winners, some deserving, some not. The briefcase gives the fans something to look forward to on a show, when the winner will appear and cash in to either ruin or make the fans night. We’ll have to wait and see who ascends the corporate ladder this year and claims the prize.

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