Wrestlemania 37’s main event has been booked, with Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Edge all competing for the Universal Championship. Edge claimed his place in the match with his triumphant win at the 2021 Royal Rumble from number 1 whilst Daniel Bryan forced the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns to tap to stake a claim for the championship.

    All three men have been the face of the company at one time or another and have all done it superbly, but at Wrestlemania 37, it’s Edge’s time to come out on top.

    Regaining The Title That Was Never Lost

    Cast your mind back to April 11th 2011, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge announces his retirement from professional wrestling and is forced to vacate the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Exactly 10 years to the day, April 11th 2021, the Rated R Superstar has the opportunity to reclaim the championship that he never lost at Wrestlemania.

    Edge’s retirement was one of the most heart-breaking moments in wrestling and to see the story come full circle would be an incredibly beautiful piece of storytelling. Although this is not the same championship that Edge lost, it is the replacement for that belt and would be a nice full circle on Edge’s career.

    Wrestlemania has always been about creating moments, and the biggest moment possible heading out of Wrestlemania 37 would be to see Edge reclaim the gold that he never lost 10 years on.

    The Return of Rated R!

    Edge’s heel turn on Smackdown has made his character incredibly more compelling, with the Rated R Superstar always producing his best work as a heel.

    Although Edge was never the squeaky clean of superstars, a full heel turn makes Edge even more exciting, with the Rated R Superstar that we know and love truly coming out.

    Edge - The Rated-R Superstar

    The Ultimate Opportunist is one of the most compelling characters in wrestling history and it will be interesting to see just how WWE can book a heel Edge now that he is older.

    The Rated R Superstar is one of the most successful wrestlers in the history of WWE and to truly justify this heel turn, he needs to claim the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania.

    Paving The Way For New Talent

    When Edge first returned at the 2020 Royal Rumble, fans minds began to cycle through all the potential dream matches that he could have with the modern roster.

    Giving Edge the Universal Championship demands him to fend off new challengers and all comers, giving him an opportunity to work with new faces, help put them over as well as helping them to develop as characters throughout.


    Edge has already brought the best out of Daniel Bryan, a character that felt somewhat lost before he got mixed into Edge’s business but has since become one of Smackdown’s most compelling characters.

    To see the likes of Buddy Murphy, Cesaro, Chad Gable and Big E come and push Edge to the brink would not only produce some excellent matches but some incredible stories too that the Rated R Superstar has become known for. Seeing these stars take Edge all the way before managing to somehow escape with the gold is just one of the reasons that Edge should become Universal Champion.