It is our favourite part of watching WWE right now – anticipating what the newest TakeOver will showcase.

    The 25th NXT special, which has grown into a high-show of its own, was a very entertaining watch as expected.

    In this article we will look back at what took place at Saturday and see what we’ve learned about the product.

    1. WWE Can’t Help Firing Shots At AEW

    After Sami Zayn name-dropped All Elite Wrestling on Raw, WWE didn’t let it go and another jab at the new promotion was thrown during NXT TakeOver XXV on Saturday. We were welcomed to the show by Nigel McGuinness on commentary saying that “NXT is the true alternative in sports entertainment.” This is of course is referring to AEW who are calling themselves the alternative to the behemoth.

    Why are they even doing this? Acknowledging AEW only hurts WWE and it just sounds so dumb and childish.

    2. Matt Riddle and Roderick Strong Are Amazing

    Matt Riddle and Roderick Strong were set to have a match that was guaranteed to have everyone on the edge of their seats. The two fought like their lives were on the line.

    The hard-hitting match was swinging back and forth, with Riddle controlling much of the early action. After a Broton, Riddle went in with a GTS into a German Suplex which was a treat to watch.

    Riddle would miss a moonsault as Strong would lift up his knees and counter with a couple of strikes, a powerbomb, and placing Riddle in a Boston crab. The end however turned out to be in Riddle’s favour as he would lock him in a Cradle Tombstone for the victory.

    The match was an absolute treat to watch and it was a main-event level contest. A great opening for the event.

    3. NXT Are Hesitating With The Women’s Championship

    The black and gold brand seems to be a little cautious with who they want to hold the NXT Women’s Championship.

    Shayna Baszler has held the championship for almost a year, with around 351 days to her name.

    On Saturday, it looked like Io Shirai was on her way to snatch the gold after much momentum, but as always she got distracted by the Horsewomen and tapped out to Baszler’s Kirifuda Clutch.

    Baszler has been on the NXT roster for a little too long I feel and I think it’s high time for the WWE to give the other girls a chance and move Baszler to the main shows.

    4. NXT Is Prince Pretty’s Home

    Tyler Breeze, who wasn’t having much luck on the main roster, returned to NXT on the May 22 episode to challenge the NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream. He also made his return to TakeOver on Saturday albeit in a losing attempt. But it’s much, much better than just sitting on the sidelines.

    It can be said that this is nothing more than a downgrade for Breeze, but it is better than nothing. At least he’ll be able to show WWE again how skilled and talented he is. Maybe they’ll wake up this time and treat him better on the main roster.

    5. Ladder Matches Are Made For NXT

    Whenever there is a ladder match set for NXT, you know it is going to be absolute chaos.

    If there’s any ladder spot that you haven’t seen yet, you will in a ladder match on NXT. This one was absolutely no exception and potentially set the bar for ladder matches on the black and gold brand.

    Undisputed Era, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, The Forgotten Sons and Street Profits battled it out in a back-breaking ladder match for the NXT Tag Team Championship. The match started slow but kicked into gear soon afterwards.  

    Every participant shined in this match, from O’Reilly and Fish’s elevated spike DDT on Montez Ford to Wesley Blake powerbombing O’Reilly into a ladder to knock Fish over… it was fantastic through and through.

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