Tom Aspinall, the man many consider a potential heavyweight champion, is set to make a highly anticipated comeback to the octagon, seizing the opportunity to star in another headlining match in his homeland. The thrilling showdown, pitting Aspinall against Marcin Tybura, is scheduled for the forthcoming UFC London event on July 22 at the O2 Arena. Dana White, the UFC president, formally revealed this exciting matchup on Wednesday.

    A bright prospect in the heavyweight division, Aspinall’s previous fight resulted in a disappointing setback. In an unfortunate turn of events, he sustained a torn ACL barely 15 seconds into his main event clash against Curtis Blaydes at a separate UFC London event in July 2022. Now, fans and competitors keenly await Aspinall’s imminent return to action.

    Fight Predictions

    A dominating figure in the octagon, Tom Aspinall holds an outstanding record of 12 wins contrasted with a mere three losses, indicating his burgeoning prowess in the heavyweight division. Notably, Aspinall has bounced back after suffering substantial ligament damage to his ACL and MCL in a match against Curtis Blaydes, demonstrating his resilience after a year-long absence from the sport.

    Before the encounter with Blaydes, this fighter from Manchester showcased his strength and skill by scoring two first-round finishes consecutively against Alexander Volkov and Sergey Spivak. Aspinall’s striking game, characterized by landing 7.41 significant strikes per minute with a 65% accuracy, is an example of the sheer power and precision he delivers. In addition to his striking defense, which stands at an impressive 64%, he successfully minimizes unnecessary damage.

    The grappling skills of Aspinall, a black belt in BJJ, are also worthy of attention. He averages 4 takedowns per 15-minute period with an unbeatable 100% accuracy, indicating his knack for forcing his adversaries onto the mat. He has proven his ground game to be lethal, averaging 2 submissions per 15 minutes. However, Aspinall’s vulnerability emerges when faced with offensive strikes, absorbing 2.87 per minute, a flaw that competitors may seek to exploit.

    At 30 years old, Aspinall is in the prime of his career within the heavyweight division. His opponent, Marcin Tybura, is a seasoned competitor, having been a part of the UFC since 2016 and boasting a solid career record of 24-7 at 37.

    Tybura has shown a unique endurance factor, with his fights lasting an average of 12 minutes and 40 seconds, suggesting his ability to persevere under pressure. While not matching Aspinall’s, his striking skills are admirable, as he lands 3.55 significant strikes per minute with a 48% accuracy rate. 

    Tybura’s defense against striking is commendable, ensuring minimal damage. He has a 2-1 record in his last three fights, with wins against Blagoy Ivanov and Alexander Romanov and a loss to Alexander Volkov.

    Tybura’s striking accuracy and volume fall short of Aspinall’s, and he absorbs more strikes at a rate of 3.31 per minute. This could leave him exposed to Aspinall’s potent punches and combinations.

    Each fighter brings distinct strengths and vulnerabilities into the octagon. Aspinall’s superior striking, bolstered by his accuracy and volume, might pose a formidable challenge to Tybura. Meanwhile, Tybura’s wealth of experience and resilience may help him withstand Aspinall’s onslaught.

    Predictions based on UFC stats suggest Tom Aspinall could emerge victorious, most likely through knockout or submission within the first three rounds. Considering Aspinall’s prior commanding performances in the ring, this prediction provides a potentially high return on investment.

    Tom Aspinall vs. Marcin Tybura: Odds

    Online sportsbooks have rolled out the odds for eager fans looking forward to placing their bets on this hotly anticipated fight. Moreover, spectators wishing to wager on this fight can use the BetMGM Bonus Code to enhance their betting experience and potentially reap greater rewards while savoring every moment of this compelling showdown.

    The upcoming face-off between Tom Aspinall and Marcin Tybura is a battle of the giants. Both fighters have showcased impressive performances in the past, losing merely a single fight out of their last five contests. Aspinall, a power-packed player, has marked his place as the 5th-ranked heavyweight. On the other side of the octagon, Marcin Tybura, known for his experience and resilience in UFC, holds the 10th position in the heavyweight division.

    The Betting Landscape: Favoring Aspinall

    Per several US online sportsbooks, betting odds have painted a favorable picture for Aspinall, listing him as the likely winner at -450. These odds suggest that Aspinall has a strong, approximately 82% chance of clinching the victory, underscoring his remarkable track record and clear statistical superiority in the match-up.

    Aspinall has emerged as a dominant force in the heavyweight division, making a mark with his impressive performance and agile tactics. His status as a favored contender is well-earned, reflecting his formidable abilities and potential to strike hard when it counts the most.

    Tybura: The Underdog with Potential

    Conversely, Marcin Tybura is slated to enter the contest as the underdog, with his odds listed at a more modest +340. This rating implies a slightly lower, about 23% chance of winning, but seasoned UFC followers understand the dynamics of the octagon.

    While Tybura’s probability of winning, according to the odds, may seem less significant, the value of his experience and skills can’t be discounted. Tybura could potentially upend expectations and make a mark with an unexpected victory. Underdogs have often defied the odds in UFC’s high-stakes environment, and Tybura might add to that narrative.


    The eagerly awaited clash between Tom Aspinall and Marcin Tybura at the UFC London event on July 22 presents a compelling narrative of skill, resilience, and potential surprises. These two heavyweight titans will step into the octagon with different strengths, vulnerabilities, and fight records, promising an event filled with suspense and high-energy performances.

    Aspinall, a potential champion, looks forward to making a triumphant return following an unfortunate injury. His remarkable record and dominant performances validate his status as the favorite. His striking prowess and grappling skills are significant factors that could lead to his victory.

    Tybura, on the other hand, while seen as the underdog, brings valuable experience and commendable endurance into the bout. The potential for an unexpected outcome cannot be discounted, given Tybura’s capabilities.

    As the date of the showdown approaches, fans wait with bated breath for what is sure to be a memorable night of MMA action. Regardless of the outcome, this clash will undoubtedly add another thrilling chapter in UFC history.