The Pokémon Company is set to be announcing exciting news in celebration of Pokémon Day 2024. Here are the highlights! Pokémon Day 2024 is here, celebrating 28 years of all things Pikachu, Kanto, and catching them all. The Pokémon Company is holding its latest Pokémon Presents showcase to mark the occasion. We’ll be covering all of the news from the event, including all of the new game announcements, updates, and more.

    • Pokemon Scarlet/Violet upcoming Tera Raid Battle Events
    • Pokémon GO ‘Horizons the Series’ collaboration event
    • Pokémon Sleep is getting ‘Raikou’ in an update, alongside the other Legendary Dogs
    • Pokémon Masters EX 4.5 year Anniversary events detailed
    • Pokémon Café Remix events detailed
    • Pokémon Unite events detailed
    • Pokémon TGC Pocket mobile app announced – Coming in 2024. Looks to be a different thing outside of Pokemon TCG Live
    • Pokemon Legends; ZA is teased for a 2025 release

    The Pokémon Company starts off by sending some love to Scarlet and Violet with some new Tera Raids that bring the original three starters’ final evolutions. We’re also checking in with some other existing games.

    Pokémon Go is getting some attention, with a new collaboration from Pokémon Horizons.

    Then there’s Pokémon Sleep, which will be having some new Pokémon join in on helping you get a better night sleep. All three of the legendary dogs will be joining this year, with Raikou starting things off and then being followed by Entei and Suicune.

    Pokémon Masters, Cafe, and Unite all had some new Pokémon announced, too.

    Pokémon is announcing a new digital TCG experience for your phone! The upcoming Pokémon TCG Pocket app won’t be launching until sometime later this year, but will bring the physical trading card game to your smartphone. The company is immediately noting that it will give you free packs to open every day, hoping to get out ahead of any loot box controversies.

    For the big announcement today, the Pokémon Company is returning to Kalos. The new Pokémon Legends ZA games will be launching next year, so Trainers will have to wait until 2025. This reveal teases the return of Mega Evolutions for the first time in years. Pokémon X and Y were first released back in October of 2013. Now over a decade later, we’re getting a new way to explore the Kalos region. It’s only the second game we’ve gotten from the Sixth Generation of the franchise, and looks to offer the same refreshed gameplay that the first Pokémon Legends title did.