We Are Horror Records is celebrating two years of spine-chilling success, and we’re summoning all creatures of the night to join us for a monstrously good time!

    Leading the night of terror are none other than friends of the label, the macabre maestros themselves, Zombina and the Skeletones! But wait, the horror doesn’t stop there! We’re bringing back the legendary UK horrorpunk heroes, Siblings Of Samhain, straight from the depths of darkness to unleash their eerie melodies upon the stage once again! Prepare to be mesmerized by Toria and The Terror, the queer horrorpunk sensation hailing from the foggy streets of Liverpool! And let’s not forget about the latest label signees Das GHOUL, the masters of gothic-tinged horror-stained punk’n’roll terrorpop!

    Join us at the infamous Redrum in Stafford on Friday, October 11th for a night of thrills, chills, and rock ‘n’ roll madness that you’ll never forget! Doors open at 7 pm, so grab your tickets before they vanish into thin air!

    Tickets are on sale Friday, May 17th.

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    We Are Horror Records is an independent record label focused on promoting horror-inspired music across various genres. Founded by Dan Phillips, the label aims to push the boundaries of the horror genre in music, moving beyond just “horror punk” to embrace a wider array of styles collectively known as “horror music”

    The label is known for its dedication to diversity and innovation, signing artists who bring unique and authentic horror elements to their music. Some notable acts under We Are Horror Records include Toria and The Terror, a band that combines themes of love, mental illness, and empowerment with a macabre aesthetic and Won’t Stay Dead, who recently released their E.P. “3 Hits From Purgatory”

    Dan Phillips has also curated several compilation albums, such as “Horrorpunk’s Not Dead!” which feature a variety of bands and help expose listeners to new horror-themed music. The label’s vision includes expanding into the vinyl market and increasing the visibility of its artists globally.

    For more information, you can visit their official website or their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.