Whatever one’s feelings are about the state of Wrestlemania there is no denying its impact. Every year WWE brings its Showcase of the Immortals to cities around the United States. On top of the immediate impact on ticket and concession sales, the businesses in and around the city receive a huge financial boom. Where next on The Road to WrestleMania?

    It is for these reasons that cities vie for the right to hold Wrestlemania.  However, only some cities earn the right to hold this event. Every year we hear of cities competing to hold Wrestlemania, but there is only a successful handful. That leaves out many cities that would be great places to hold the biggest show of the year.

    Below we will take a look at 5 great candidates to hold Wrestlemania in the future, on the Road to WrestleMania!

    Road to WrestleMania | Nashville, Tennessee

    Nissan Stadium Transitions to Cashless Payment For All Future Events

    Rumours have been around for a few years now that Nashville was going to hold a big WWE event. The Music City has not had an event there and it is long due for one.

    For starters, Nissan Stadium, home of the Titans football team, is a massive building. For a football game, the maximum attendance is around 68,000. This means that WWE could fit another few thousand on the field for a Wrestlemania. This would give them the big numbers that they love for the show.

    Nashville is also in a great climate for ‘Mania. Holding it in March/April, the weather up north is suspect at best. Being in a southern state means that there would be no issue with the weather and it would create a more inviting atmosphere.

    Road to WrestleMania | London, England

    Wembley Stadium London from the air | aerial photographs of Great Britain  by Jonathan C.K. Webb

    It has been 30 years since a major PPV went across the pond. It is time that WWE rectifies this and what better way than having the Showcase of the Immortals.

    London, and the U.K in general, is a great wrestling area. There have been countless wrestlers who have come from that area, and the indy federations littering the area are fantastic. The history alone would be a great fit for WWE. They could explore so many great backstories leading into the show.

    Then we have Wembley Stadium. With a capacity of 90,000, this would give WWE the big numbers that they look for in their Wrestlemania. With extra floor space WWE could push its attendance to near 100,000. Something that they would brag about to anyone who will listen.

    Road to WrestleMania | Mexico City, Mexico

    Mexico's Azteca Stadium to Reopen for Fans After More Than a Year

    If WWE were to head outside the United States another great potential city would be a bit south. Mexico has one of the more storied histories in professional wrestling. The Lucha Libre style originated in Mexico and has been a huge part of the culture. Involving this in a Wrestlemania would be a great way to incorporate a great part of wrestling history. It could also help to create some fantastic set pieces for the biggest show of the year.

    Then there is Aztec Stadium. The largest stadium in the country has a maximum capacity of 87,000. This would put the attendance well over 90,000.

    There would also be no problem filling this stadium. As of late, WWE has had issues filling stadiums, and with the popularity of wrestling, this would not be an issue.

    Road to WrestleMania | Washington, D.C

    It is a bit of a shock that WWE has not brought Wrestlemania to the nation’s capital. This would be a tailor-made area for ‘Mania. For starters, FedEx field is a massive stadium. Holding over 80,000 people would again present WWE with an opportunity to give us a huge attendance. This seems to be one of the checkmarks for a Wrestlemania.

    Being the capital of the United States makes this an easy choice. The set pieces, using national landmarks, would be fantastic and give the fans some great visuals.

    It would logically go that using some president look-a-likes would be WWE’s go-to. They do not shy away from these cheap laughs.

    Road to WrestleMania | Denver, Colorado

    Empower Field at Mile High to host University of Colorado and Texas A&M on  Sept. 11

    The Mile High City has not been one to hold many PPVs. The elevation might be a reason for this, but it shouldn’t deter WWE from holding a Wrestlemania. Denver has a huge football stadium, Empower Field. With a capacity nearing 76, 000, it would provide for a large attendance number. We keep going back to this piece of information, but this is where WWE likes to brag. Having large numbers at their shows is exactly what Vince wants and this would give them that achievement.

    There isn’t much in the way of history with the Denver area, but that is something that should change. Bringing a Wrestlemania to one of the United States’ largest cities would create this history. WWE should branch out to the other deserving cities in the United States.