Unfortunately, the last few weeks haven’t exactly been a paradise for the NWA, with a very serious mistake made during the last pay-per-view, namely NWA Samhain, in which fans witnessed James Mitchell and the Miserably Faithful using a certain white substance, presumably cocaine, a segment that has apparently cost the company a television contract with CW Network which it eventually signed to WWE NXT.

    But things are about to get worse once again, according to Nick Hausman of Haus Of Wrestling, who reported that Billy Corgan’s NWA is expected to make some cuts soon, such as those in the hair and makeup department for example. Additionally, the NWA’s upcoming tapings at Robarts Arena in Sarasota, Florida will feature all-talent appearances with the only exceptions being Mike Knox and Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse.

    But if that doesn’t sound like much, it’s also been reported that roster cuts are expected after the January 2024 TV tapings. Furthermore, the NWA will no longer fly talent the day before shows and therefore the NWA can save on hotel costs, given that, unlike for example the WWE, the federation paid for flights and hotels for its wrestlers, considered a gesture to encourage performers to work for the NWA, to compensate for the lower contractual salary compared obviously to a major label.

    But why do these cut?

    The reasoning reported for these cuts is linked to the fact that Billy Corgan has financed for years out of his own pocket, receiving very little money back from various external sponsorships. A problem that didn’t just start with NWA Samhain.

    The report also points out that Billy has spent “millions” on NWA Powerrr and the NWA reality show that was announced, and therefore, these cuts will be made to allow the promotion to continue to move forward with peace of mind, thus safeguarding both the NWA itself that the wrestlers and staff that will remain.