Prince Nana, a charismatic force in the wrestling world, has carved out a remarkable journey from Ring of Honor (ROH) to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), continuing to leave an enduring impact in both promotions.

    During his tenure in ROH, Nana emerged as a managerial maestro, orchestrating success for his stable, The Embassy – using his “apparent” wealth gained from the taxes of people of Ghana to hire wrestlers to wrestle his opponents and rivals. With his keen eye for talent and strategic prowess, he guided wrestlers to championship glory and played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of ROH’s storylines. Nana’s larger-than-life persona and commanding presence made him a standout figure in the promotion, captivating audiences with his colorful antics and undeniable charm.

    Prince Nana has managed several wrestlers throughout his career, guiding them to championship success in various promotions. While the specific number of championships may vary depending on the individual wrestler and the promotions they competed in, here are a few notable examples:

    1. Jimmy Rave: As part of The Embassy stable in Ring of Honor (ROH), Jimmy Rave achieved considerable success under Prince Nana’s management. Rave captured the ROH Tag Team Championship and also held the ROH Pure Championship during his tenure with The Embassy.
    2. Da Hit Squad (Mafia and Monsta Mack): Prince Nana managed the tag team of Da Hit Squad during their time in Ring of Honor. While the exact number of championships they won under Nana’s management may vary, they were known for their dominant performances in the tag team division.
    3. Low Ki: Low Ki, also known as Senshi, was another wrestler who found success under Prince Nana’s guidance in Ring of Honor. While specifics about championship reigns during their partnership may vary, Low Ki was a highly regarded competitor in ROH during his time with Nana.
    4. Abyss: During his time in Ring of Honor, Abyss aligned himself with Prince Nana and The Embassy stable. Under Nana’s guidance, Abyss had notable victories and made a significant impact in the promotion’s landscape. While Abyss may not have won championships during his time in ROH, his presence alongside Nana added a formidable force to The Embassy stable.
    5. Xavier: Xavier, also known as “The Notorious 187,” was another wrestler managed by Prince Nana in Ring of Honor. Xavier found success under Nana’s guidance, capturing the ROH Tag Team Championship and later the ROH World Championship.
    6. The Outcast Killaz (Diablo Santiago and Oman Tortuga): Prince Nana managed The Outcast Killaz during their tenure in Ring of Honor. While the exact number of championships they won under Nana’s management may vary, they were known for their powerful presence in the tag team division.
    7. Alex Shelley: Prince Nana managed Alex Shelley during their time in Ring of Honor. Shelley, known for his technical prowess and innovative offense, found success under Nana’s guidance, although the specifics of championship victories during their partnership may vary.
    8. Swerve Strickland: Whilst not quite winning the World Championship (As of March 2023), they have formed a great partnership. allbeit unlikely. Together, they craft a compelling persona for Swerve, blending his high-flying in-ring sadistic style with Nana’s, lets call it – flair for the dramatic.

    In addition to his managerial duties, Nana occasionally stepped into the ring himself on independant shows and some ROH events, showcasing his skills and proving his versatility as a performer.

    Transitioning to AEW – after the Ring Of Honor buyout from Tony Khan, and spending time with Brian Cage, Kaun & Toa Liona (Using his apparent “wealth” to purchase Tully Blanchard Enterprises) Nana’s impact continued to be felt. The Embassy would join forces with Mogul Affiliates (Swerve Stricklands group) Teaming up with talented wrestlers like Swerve himself, Nana contributed to AEW’s burgeoning success, adding a unique flavor to the promotion’s roster and captivating audiences with his unmatched charisma and strategic insight.You all know the dance by now…

    Nana’s journey from ROH to AEW serves as a testament to his resilience, determination, and unwavering passion for professional wrestling. From the smallest of crowds to 80,000+ at Wembley Stadium – His contributions to both promotions and wrestling have left an indelible mark on the industry, inspiring fans and wrestlers alike with his infectious enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. As he continues to make waves in the wrestling world, Prince Nana’s legacy will undoubtedly endure for years to come, one of the best “modern” day managers of our time.