First my dear wrestling fans an apology for not submitting a Magnificent Seven last week. Now I don’t know what you’ve heard but I have not and will not walk out on you! Speaking of walking out I was wondering what ol’ CM Punk was up to these days but most folks can’t seem to get much word on that. I wanted to change that. So I hopped a train to Chi-Town and got the lo-down on the Top Seven Things Punk could be doing right now!

    *PWHipster Note: D-Lo Brown had NOTHING to do with me getting the lo-down.

    7. Reliving his greatest moments (as well as Legends House, and old Nitros) on the WWE Network for just 9.99. And with the announcement that you’re no longer required to make a six month commitment he’s even more likely to subscribe. Eh, even if he had signed a six month commitment I’m sure he could’ve found a way out…

    6. Sitting on his couch wearing his ring gear & a goalie mask watching the Special Edition Blu Ray release of Slap Shot. I’ve got nothing more to say about it. You’re picturing it right now, aren’t you?

    5. Spending long afternoons at the Navy Pier with Colt Cabana. The ferris wheel, a boat ride around Lake Michigan, deep dish pizza… Look AJ is on the road a lot these days and I’m certain Punk had been to the Navy Pier with Colt more than AJ anyway. Some rad bromances never die!

    4. Standing in front of a full length mirror wearing blue & yellow tights, holding a cigar and just repeating the line “I’m the best in the world at what I do, but I what I do isn’t very nice…” He’s hopeful Marvel will cast him as the next Wolverine. He figures if Batista can be in a Marvel flick then he can. Anything Batista can do he can do better. He can fight MMA too…

    3. Making stacks of pancakes for AJ Lee. For real, he’s even tweeted about this! I didn’t know he was such a wiz in the kitchen. Perhaps this could lead to a new series on The WWE Network… C(hef) M(aster) Punk! He could go head to head with Gordon Ramsay. Just think of the promos…
    “I don’t hate this dish Gordon, I don’t even dislike it… I hate this idea that French Cuisine is the best.”

    2. Meticulously trying to work the number 434 into everyday mundane conversation.
    “Sure Colt, meet you at 4:34”
    “How much gas do I want? Give me $4.34 worth!”
    “AJ, your Honey-Punk-in just reserved your favorite room at the Four Seasons… ROOM 434!”

    1. Playing the season mode of WWE2K15 but getting angry when he loses the Royal Rumble. Right after the loss he’s going to delete his save file (never explaining to anyone why) and walk out of the room. Then he’ll walk back in and just go back to playing NHL2K14.

    Those all sound pretty reasonable to me. How about you folks? Have you heard about something Mr. Brooks is up to that I didn’t touch on? Is there something I said you have proof he isn’t doing? Let me know! Also if you’ve got a Magnificent Seven idea, don’t have sour grapes, let me know about it!

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