LA PARKA, never recovered from injuries sustained in ring. The most recent incarnation of La Parka (real name Jesus Huerta Escoboza) sadly passed away last night following complications from a near-fatal in-ring accident last year. He was 55.

    Worth noting off the bat that this is NOT the one you remember from WCW. On a show for the Kaoz promotion on October 21st 2019 in Monterrey, Mexico Park did a tope aiming for Rush. However, he missed, hitting his head on the floor and the guard rail. He was paralyzed and rushed to the hospital where he underwent life-saving surgery. Sadly, he never recovered from his injuries.

    Escoboza began his career in 1987 and joined AAA in 1995 using the name Karis La Momia. This was a gimmick that Antonio Pena once used early on in his career and it led to tremendous success for Escoboza before he was switched to – Jr.

    The switch was made due to the original La Parka (Adolfo Tapia) was away in WCW so much and La Parka was one of Pena’s most successful creations, alongside the dancing skeleton coming out to “Thriller” was a key part of the AAA presentation.

    After a falling out between Tapia and Pena, Huerta became known as La Parka, or sometimes La Parka II. The second Parka was among the most popular wrestlers in Mexico of the past two decades and did feud with the original La Parka (now known as L.A Park) at one point.

    Escoboza won the Rey de Reyes tournament in AAA five times as well as the Copa Antonio Pena in 2013. He headlined TripleMania in 2004, winning a mask vs. mask match over Cibernetico and again in 2006, beating Muerte Cibernetica in a mask vs. mask match. Both sold out El Toreo in Naucalpan. Escoboza would go on to headline AAA’s biggest show six times, but in recent times worked further down to the card due to his age and injuries.