Speaking exclusively to TWM, and giving her first ever interview, AEW’s Anna Jay opened up about her wrestling inspirations, the Dark Order and more.

    On learning from experience roster members: “I mean, there’s so many people in the back there that are just full of experience and getting their advice on things have been one of the coolest things to me. Jerry Lynn, he has been very active.”

    On who inspired her to become a wrestler: “I was watching the Bella Twins, Naomi, and Charlotte Flair started coming in, as well as Becky Lynch. So really, that whole generation is really what got me into it. And I think they’ve been a really instrumental part of breaking the barriers for women. It was kind of cool that I got to watch them.”

    Her goals for the future in AEW: “I definitely want a championship match at some point, and I hope to be the Women’s Champion. Um, you know, I don’t think that will happen right now, but you never know. And that’s all I can wish for and all I can work towards. So hopefully one day in the future, that’s my goal.”

    On criticism of AEW’s women’s division: “I think that what people don’t realise it’s just gonna take time, you know, we’re new, we’re, this division is new, the company is new, and we’re working our asses off and it’s just going to take some time and that’s okay. We’ll get there one day.”

    Watch the interview in full: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khS0VEHukZM&feature=emb_title