Mr Brodie Lee stamped his authority in All Elite Wrestling after his crushing victory over the American Nightmare Cody to claim the TNT Championship.

    Cody had only previously taken one singles defeat in AEW, but the self-proclaimed Prince of pro-wrestling had never been annihilated in such convincing fashion. This left the wrestling world questioning, is Brodie Lee the greatest the wrestler in the world? And the answer is yes.

    The Exalted One’s 3:10 win to claim the TNT Championship was the shortest title match in AEW history, proving that he is the most dominant champion in the company’s history. But Mr Brodie Lee making short order of his opponents is nothing new for him, having an average match time of 5:36 minutes across AEW, showing that no wrestler can truly hang with him in the ring for long.

    And of course, a wrestler is defined by the finisher, and no one in AEW can touch the leader of the Dark Order when it comes to finishers. Every week we see people kicking out of Canadian Destroyer’s from the Young Bucks, Jon Moxley’s Paradigm Shift and Cody’s Cross Rhodes. However, the Discuss Lariat is clearly much more devastating, sending AEW’s golden boy to the hospital, never to be seen again.

    When Brodie Lee’s matches have somehow strayed past the five-minute mark, more than likely because he wanted to play with his food before finishing it, he continually delivers the most exciting matches in wrestling today. Mr Brodie’s bouts with the likes of Jon Moxley, Christopher Daniels and Marko Stunt have been some of the best in AEW’s history and will not soon be forgotten.

    Before the Exalted viciously tore the TNT Championship away from the oppressive grasp of Cody, he was ranked 3rd for an opportunity at the AEW Heavyweight Championship. This ranking should still be honoured and allow Mr Brodie to destroy, I mean face, the winner between Moxley and MJF at All Out, but Tony Khan and Cody’s friends are clearly concerned about crowing the first-ever double champion in the promotion’s history, having removed him from the rankings.

    Mr Brodie has also proven that he is one of the best talkers in the wrestling business today, with his inspiring sermons, with Tony Schiavone serving as his microphone stand, enough to bring tears to even the driest of eyes. Switching between his exceptional sense of humour, to a level of intensity that is unmatched in wrestling today just displays the exceptional range that he has, it’s just a shame he can’t do a Southern Accent.

    But the Exalted One’s talents extend far beyond those of a regular wrestler, displaying incredible recruitment abilities that have seen the Dark Order to become the biggest faction in AEW. Part of this recruitment has seen him acquire the best tag team in AEW and Wrestling today, with Evil Uno and Stu Grayson regularly delivering show-stealing performances.

    Uno and Grayson are regularly having to overcome adversity, being unbelievably left out of last week’s Tag Team Gauntlet for a title opportunity at All Out, but they will soon become champions. In addition to this, Mr Brodie has graciously taken it upon himself to improve the Women’s division in AEW, taking Anna Jay from a humiliating loss to Abadon to becoming the Queen Killer as she savagely choked Brandi Rhodes out.

    But he hasn’t just made AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida quake in her boots as he helped Anna Jay, but he is also in the process of Tay Conti to the Dark Order and AEW. Conti managed to escape from the same prison that Mr Brodie had previously found himself in and was the breakout star of the inaugural AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament. It’s clear to see that Conti and Jay would have won the tournament if she had the guidance of the Exalted One during the Tag Team Tournament.

    With Jay and Conti preparing to run roughshod on the Women’s division, it’s clear that it’s only a matter of time before they bring more gold to the Dark Order. The biggest issue in AEW today is that the TNT Championship will now forever be in the possession of Brodie Lee, having clearly established himself as the best wrestler in the world.