Tonight is the last PPV for AEW of 2021 and I hope that they go off with an excellent bang. As Adam Page finally faces Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship in the Main Event, welcome to Full Gear 2021!

    The Buy-in match is Nyla Rose and Jamie Hayter vs Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida. A general overview, The match was very good, The fans chanted for Eddie Guerrero as he tragically died in Minneapolis 16 years ago today. It was a good match, with some great back and forth, including Nyla Rose doing an incredible Frog splash as a tribute. Shida pinned rose shortly after with a bridged cradle.

    OC teases bringing in a dog from chaos (Tomohiro Ishii), we are told we will be informed during the main show, OC will face Butcher and the Blade with his partner because this feud won’t end.

    The main pyro is in the middle of starting as the copyright disclaimer stayed on too long. This 4-hour show couldn’t get that timing right!

    Loud Eddie chants continue, it’s not clear whether this was for Eddie Kingston (whose match graphic did appear) or if it was a continuation of the Eddie Guerrero chants. Regardless, both Eddies are great. LET’S GET STARTED!

    FULL GEAR 2021 : MJF vs Darby Allin

    • Excellent match to kick off with, MJF came out in the most horrific douchey robe, but he’s a heel so it’s cool.
    • Another excellent Video produced by Darby, features him driving a car with LOSER sprayed on it, he then sets it on fire with a man wearing MJF’s dumb face stuck inside. JR did make a funny remark about it being a Freebirds car.
    • Sting fist bumps Darby then goes to the back.
    • Match starts with duelling chants, MJF getting headlock takeovers, Darby shoves his face, more matt wrestling, followed by chain wrestling, multiple pin attempts and roll ups. This is already incredible, we then get a lock up, but MJF slaps Darby during the break. MJF throws Darby outside to give some beatings. Then rolls Darby into the ring. Darby does an immediate dive to the outside. Darby beats up MJF then sets him up on the apron to attempt a Coffin Drop but MJF dodges and Darby crashed and burned.
    • MJF starts working the back, Darby tries firing up, but MJF cuts him off again. Hard Irish whips into the corner, MJF is completely smug. Darby counters an Irish whip, attempts a coffin splash, but MJF blocks it and keeps working the back.
    • MJF is in complete control, he attempts a superplex, but Darby blocks it attempting a stunner, but MJF blocks it, attempting a middle rope tombstone but Darby escapes, connecting the stunner.
    • Strike exchange, Darby headbutts.
    • MJF hits a popup powerbomb onto his knee, MJF seems to hurt his knee, but is continuing the match.
    • Darby keeps firing up, attempting a code red, but MJF counters into an impressive powerbomb, MJF mocks sting applying a Scorpion Deathlock. Darby escapes, then chop blocks Darby’s leg.
    • Darby hits MJF’s knee again then applies the Figure Four Leglock. MJF rolls over, Darby and MJF roll outside to the apron, at this point MJF hits a tombstone on Darby, they then tease a countout win for MJF, but Darby rolls in at 9.75.
    • MJF gets desperate trying to suplex, but Darby rolls up for a two, a number of excellent roll ups and counter roll up by these two, finally Darby hits a code red for a nearfall.
    • Darby goes up for the coffin drop, MJF rolls outside, Darby says F it and hits it outside, though he misses MJF tries to move in the way. Darby tries again on the inside on the ring, MJF gets the knees up, and hurts his knee again.
    • Shawn spears and Wardlow are making their way to the ring, sting thwarts them
    • MJF grabs the skateboard, passes to Darby, who passes to the ref, MJF hits Darby with the ring and pin Darby with a headlock takeover.


    This is a fantastic opener, MJF gets some heat, Darby still looked fantastic, I’m sure they are building MJF for a future world title match, the future is bright with both these pillars.

    FULL GEAR 2021 | FTR with Tully Blanchard vs Lucha Brothers (C) with Alex Abrahantes for the AEW World Tag Team Championships

    • FTR out to what I believe is a homage to Midnight expresses theme.
    • Lucha bros get another special entrance. Dressed in camo, clearly ready for tag team war.
    • Immediately start at break neck speed.
    • Strike exchange between Dax and Penta.
    • Number of roll ups.
    • Fenix tags in from the inside (again) and Cash Wheeler tags in a ton of explosive moves, from Fenix, Eventually FTR ram Penta into the barricade then throw Fenix into Penta.
    • Fenix is worked on, quickly fires up, getting a jumping round house and hot tags Penta, Penta hits a number of slingblades, then hits a flying cannonball, then a stereo superkick on Dax for a nearfall.
    • Penta does the punches on the turnbuckle in Spanish which the fans chant. But then Penta gets cut off.
    • Cash ties Pentas mask on the bottom rope, Rick Knox unties him but does nothing to stop Dax from stomping him.
    • Penta finally hot tags Fenix but the ref didn’t see it, so Fenix was forced back to the apron. Penta finally hot tags Fenix, flurry of kicks, does the kip up superkick followed by the double cutter, Fenix does the rope walk kick for another two count.
    • Cash finally hits Fenix with the title belt followed by a brain buster from Dax for a very nearfall.
    • This match rules but its hard to keep up, Penta blind tags in, super kick, tries the pk, but Tully grabs his leg, Dax tries to do the three amigos, to thunderous boos from the fans, Penta counters on the third suplex, tags in Fenix to do a HUGE frog splash to an ENORMOUS pop.
    • FTRE hit Fenix with the stuffed piledriver, Fenix kicks out, Penta tags in, and then hits a piledriver on DAX for another nearfall.
    • Cash puts on the mask to do twin magic but gets pinned after an assisted piledriver.

    WINNER and Still AEW World tag Team Champions: Lucha Brothers.

    Excellent match, though there were too many near falls for me. Thoroughly enjoyed it, hard to keep up on this for my review and report though.

    Full Gear 2021 | Miro vs Bryan Danielson
    AEW Tournament Eliminator Finals

    • Although Miro was a last minute sub, but this should be interesting.
    • Bryan tries the code of honor handshake, Miro isn’t biting.
    • Lock up but Miro easily over powers Bryan.
    • Bryan tries working the leg, but Miro throws Bryan around again.
    • Number of chops from Bryan, followed by an uppercut, kicks and chops by Bryan trying to knock the giant down, Miro throws Bryan outside.
    • Fans are hugely into Miro and Bryan.
    • Bryan hits the somersault but Miro counters, but Bryan hits another set of chops and kicks.
    • Miro cuts him off, avoid a spinning DDT.
    • Bryan tries diving outside, but Miro punches Bryan in the face during the charge. Then Miro overhead suplexes Bryan, followed by throwing Bryan in the steps.
    • Miro is grinding Bryan down. Hard whip in the corner, then Bryan fires up kicks and chops followed by his charge kicks into the corner, Miro counters the third into a Samoan drop.
    • Danielson and Miro are outside, Bryan hits a running diving knee from the apron.
    • Bryan then hits a diving dropkick inside the ring, then hits the yes kicks, but Miro picks up Bryan but gets a kneebar on Miro.
    • Miro after near tapping, powers out suplexing Bryan, then hits a German suplex.
    • Miro tries a back suplex, but Bryan lands on his feet and Does a kick, then knees to Miro’s head, followed by numerous stomps.
    • Bryan tries the running Knee, But Miro counters into a powerbomb, Miro attempts game over, but Bryan tries to avoid it, but Miro applies it, Bryan gets the desperation rope grab as Miro’s leg gives way.
    • Miro tries again, multiple stomps to Bryans back, Bryan rolls back into a pin, then the yes lock, Miro escapes and elbows Bryan multiple times.
    • Miro and Bryan are getting duelling chants, but Miro is getting more support.
    • Triangle lock, Miro gouges Bryans eyes.
    • Bryan strikes Miro but Miro is in no sell mode.
    • Miro invites kicks from Bryan, then gives a receipt.
    • Miro takes Bryan up top, But Bryan counters to hit a spinning DDT followed by the Guillotine for Bryan to win as Miro was knocked out.

    WINNER and #1 contender: Bryan Danielson

    Excellent big man, little man match, Bryan working as the complete underdog in this match, Miro got moreover in this match in defeat as well, as he pulled his weight, I thoroughly look forward to seeing Bryan go to the AEW World Title Match.

    Young Bucks and Adam Cole vs Jurassic Express and Christian Cage

    This match was really hard to follow, Table spots, ring dives, Luchasaurus diving of the stage into the bucks, BTE triggers with tacked knee pads, overall a fun match and completely different from the other matches, tons of awesome high spots, some comedy and tons of plunder.

    WINNERS: Jurassic Express and Christian Cage

    So I’ll give you an overall what I thought of it, tons Nothing I can say here, it was really fun to watch, but really hard to write about as there was a ton going on. Overall I enjoyed the match, it was there to give fans something to cool off the crowd slightly. It was a Young Bucks match, which featured lots of ramp action. Good fun.

    Full Gear 2021 | Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black vs Cody Rhodes and PAC

    • Cody is once again booed out of the building, the heels are cheered and Pac is getting cheered. PAC got some pretty cool new rave music.
    • Cody blind tags immediately, to Thunderous boos, F-U Cody chants, then Pac blind tags back in.
    • Back and forth between Pac and Andrade, tons of chain wrestling, Andrade tags in Malakai, Malakai and Pac works well together. Cody tags in to more BOOs.
    • After blind tags between the four continue, its insane that the story in this match is no-one can get along.
    • This back and forth is insane, the anti-chemistry is hilarious. Jose squares up to Arn, Arn immediately Glocks up and beats his ass with his bare arms.
    • Pac dives on the two opponents, then tries a black arrow from the top but Andrade knocks him off, allowing everyone to get the heat on PAC, Pac tries tagging in Cody, but Cody is groggy from the spinning heel kick from Malakai.
    • Cody finally gets up for the hot tag and the fans Boo him out of the building, upon tagging Cody fire up on Andrade, hitting a flip flop and fly, then does a reverse superplex. Then applies the figure four, after this Pac tags in and hits the 450 splash.
    • Andrade tags in Malakai, Malakai moves Pac in the way of PACs dive, Andrade kicks Pac then Malakai hits numerous kicks for a pin attempt.
    • Eventually Andrade tags in, but PAC knocks out Andrade and pins Andrade with the black arrow.

    WINNERS: Cody Rhodes and PAC

    The match was good, but the anti-chemistry was laughable at points.

    Full Gear 2021 | Tay Conti vs Britt Baker (C) for the AEW World Women’s Championship.

    • Fozzy’s guitarist playing Britt Baker to the ring, Tay Conti came with Brazilian colours on her makeup.
    • Bit of chain wrestling to start, along with cradles and holds. Britt tries to lockjaw early.
    • Tay hits three judo throws, Tay tries an over the top rope arm bar.
    • Rebel knocks Tay off the ropes, allowing britt to suplex Tay and grind her down.
    • Rebel is yelling herself hoarse in support of britt.
    • Britt hits a neck breaker for the two count. Attempts the lockjaw again, but Tay hits the injured hand.
    • Tay fires up, three clotheslines, then hits a three kicks in the corner. Tay hits a flying clothesline for a two.
    • Strike exchange between the two. Tay goes up top, but britt hits the neck breaker.
    • Britt then hits the stomp for the nearfall.
    • Rebel gives Britt the glove, but Tay hits a cutter for a nearfall.
    • Tay attempts a Gotch style piledriver but Britt counters into a sweet emerald flowsion on the ring apron.
    • Tay hits gotchstyle piledrive for a two count
    • Tay hits TayKO for a nearfall.
    • Jamie and Rebel distract the ref enabling Britt to hit a stomp on the steps, then stomp in the ring, attempts a lockjaw but Tay gets to the ropes. Back and Forth leads to a DDTay from Tay for a 2 count.
    • Britt and Tay go for one final roll up escaping the lockjaw, with Britt getting the pin.

    WINNER and Still AEW World Women’s Champion: Britt Baker

    This was a pretty good match, Not great, but I enjoyed it, Tay has all the potential to be the next big megastar, and didn’t really “lose” anything by not winning here.

    FULL GEAR 2021 | First Time Ever Match: CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston

    • This is going to be an all-out brawl, Punk wearing MMA Shorts for this one. No “Clobbering Time” just staright into it.
    • Before the match starts Eddie hits the spinning back fist.
    • Match starts with Eddie beating Punks ass outside.
    • Punk comes back with a number of strikes and a running knee in the corner.
    • Eddie hits an exploder suplex, followed by numerous strikes.
    • Punk fires back with strikes and kicks, but Eddie no sells it and pokes the eye.
    • Punk comes back outside with a kick to the head, then slams eddies hand in the steps.
    • Punk gets busted open, Eddie, like a shark, attacks more.
    • Punk hits a flying clothesline. This crowd is on fire as both wrestlers get in the ring.
    • Punk does Cena’s three moves of doom, Eddie gives punk the bird. As Punk punches his face, then hits the three amigos with more Guerrero tributes for the night.
    • Eddie fires up, putting Punk up top, then hits a top rope superplex.
    • Both start punching and slapping each other, then do a knee from punk and jumping kick from Eddie respectively until Punk then hits Eddie with the GTS but can’t capitalise.
    • Both wrestlers are exhausted, and start swinging with numerous strikes and knees, Punk starts beating Eddie’s ass, gains the upperhands to some Boo’s from the crowd, then hits a second GTS for the pin.

    WINNER: CM Punk

    This match was an absolute brawl, incredible, they accomplished a ton in what felt like 15 minutes, it was everything it needed to be. Punk tries to shake Kingston’s hand post-match, but Kingston refuses, leaving the ring…

    FULL GEAR 2021 | Inner Circle vs Men of the Year and American top Team (Junior Dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski and Dan Lambert) in a Minneapolis Streetfight.

    Baron Von Raschke is shown in the crowd, looking very good for his age, gets a great reaction. Dan Lambert comes out in a jumpsuit, I can’t wait for the Inner Circle to beat his ass…

    • Fans hate lambert.
    • Sammy and Scorpio start
    • I don’t know why they doing tag rules, I thought it was a street fight.
    • Fans are even talking about this being a street fight.
    • Inner circle dominates Scorpio sky, Andrei tags in and beats Hagers ass.
    • Santos is very good. Jericho tags in and they fight
    • Santos does a very good suplex and ground moonsault for a two.
    • Lambert tags in and slaps Jericho twice, Jericho then grabs dan, and then we have a huge brawl. Finally using some plunder, as the match picks up…
    • Jericho takes a Prince sign, fans chant Purple Rain.
    • Ethan does a chair round the neck of Ortiz.
    • Santana fires up against page and sky, beating their assess.
    • Double submission spot.
    • This match has become a plunder fest, Dan lambert disappeared. Page and Sky get double cutter by Sammy.
    • Sammy hits a HUGE Swanton onto Scorpio Sky from the top of a massive ladder on the outside.
    • Ego hits the Egos Edge to Ortiz but then gets Iron Clawed by Baron von Raschke.
    • In the end, Lambert gets his ass kicked, taking some horrible bumps and Junior dos Santos was late interfering…
    • An emotional moment as Jericho took down Lambert, then hit a Frog Splash with many finger points to the sky for Eddie Guerrero, and picks up the win.

    WINNER: Inner Circle

    Tony Schiavone announces that Jay Lethal is in the company, and is now ALL ELITE. He announces himself as all elite and challenges Sammy for the TNT title Sammy accepts.

    FULL GEAR 2021 MAIN EVENT | Hangman Adam Page vs Kenny Omega (C) for the AEW World Heavyweight Title

    Hangman special entrance where he is haunted by his failures and mistakes while riding a horse. Please win hangman, you’ve worked so hard.

    This has a big match feel to me. Fans are completely behind hangman. Lockups to start. Chop exchange in the middle than in the corner. Don Callis grabs the hangman’s foot (F him). Fans agree with me, Kenny gets the advantage. Callis hangs pages neck on the ropes. Hangman hits a springboard clothesline to Kenny on the apron. Kenny takes advantage, ramming Hangman’s back into the guard rail and ring. Hangman hits a suplex onto the matt.

    Hangman does a flying forearm into the ring. Kenny rakes the eyes then hits a reverse bulldog. Page tries striking Kenny, but he counters, throwing Page outside where Callis stomps Page. Fans bury the ref now. Kenny slams Adam’s head into the steps. Hangman fires up with strikes but gets thrown out and Kenny dives onto him. Kenny attempts the “you can’t escape” but Adam gets his legs up. Adam charges the corner but Kenny elbows Adam, then tries a v trigger but Adam hits a big boot. Then dives to him outside, then hits a moonsault. Hangman hits the Brainbuster, but Kenny kicks out at 2.

    Kenny is forced into the corner, Adam attempts a superplex, but Kenny escapes and hits a springboard liger bomb (Ouch). Omega follows up with numerous Snapdragons, with a final one on the apron. Kenny hits a running V-Trigger, and sets up for the One-Winged Angel, but Adam rolls through for a roll-up, then hits a release German suplex. Kenny avoids a deadeye and hits a tiger driver onto his head.

    Hangman bites Kenny on the top rope and hits a top rope avalanche for a two-count pin attempt.

    Hangman goes up top and hits a diving crossbody onto Kenny and a table that didn’t break. Hangman attempts buckshot, but Kenny pulls the ref in the way. Hangman punches Callis and dodges a belt shot from Kenny to hit a deadeye. Aubrey sprints to the ring and counts a very near-fall. Strike exchange from the two, as they face off one final time. Kenny wins the striking, attempts a third V-Trigger but Adam blocks it and tries to hit a clothesline, but Kenny hits a third v trigger, but Hangman hits a rolling forearm. Hangman hits a giant lariat.

    Young Bucks come to the ring, Hangman hits a One-Winged Angel for a nearfall, then hits two more Buckshot Lariats, one after a knowing glance from Matt Jackson, to finally pin Kenny Omega in your main event of Full Gear 2021!


    Excellent match, everything it needed to be the perfect storyline, Young Bucks nodded, to show they were there for him this time. Unlike at All Out 2019. Congratulations Hangman!

    Overall, almost every single match was Good to GREAT, with a few fantastic ones thrown in there, only match that was boring to me was the Street Fight with ATT because I saw a much better Street Fight earlier BUT Watch this show, I implore everyone, the opening match alone is worth the price of admission