On the December 2, 2020, episode of Dynamite, Kenny Omega and Don Callis shocked the pro-wrestling world when they announced that Omega was going to appear on IMPACT! with his newly-won AEW World Championship. Wrestling fans were on the edge of their seats for almost a week anxiously waiting for IMPACT to hear something from The Cleaner. After multiple theories and wild speculations, Kenny addressed the fans last Tuesday and hinted at his goal of getting every championship that he can. Let’s not forget that he is a double champion right now with the AAA Mega Championship over his other shoulder so he’s already 2 down, don’t know how many to go. So to put a shape to those theories going around, let’s take a look at various titles Kenny can add to his “collection”. Before we get in, let’s establish the fact that Omega isn’t going after any belt that isn’t the top belt of a promotion. He’s coming for the gold.

    Impact World Championship

    This one has already been teased last Tuesday on IMPACT! when Rich Swann was stopped from going into the parking lot because “The Champion” had not allowed anyone to come near his bus except for certain people who were on a list. Rich Swann didn’t take to this kindly and expressed surprise and frustration from his body language. It obviously wouldn’t sit well with Rich Swann, given that he is a champion yet he isn’t being treated like one. Swann won the title a few weeks ago at Bound for Glory where he beat Eric Young. Swann defended his belt at the recent IMPACT! event Final Resolution against Chris Bey at Final Resolution, in hopes of making his title reign people will remember but will Omega put a halt to Swann’s run before it even starts picking up steam?

    NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

    This belt is considered by many to be the most prestigious championship in all of the professional wrestling given that it has a prized history dating back to 1948. It has been held by many legends of the industry such as Lou Thesz, Bruno Sammartino, Harley Race and Ric Flair. The current champion is Nick Aldis who is currently flexing his second reign with the belt and is at around 800 days as the champion. That is a very commendable achievement but will he last against The Cleaner if he were to come after him? After all, it is one of the most prized possessions in wrestling and why wouldn’t Kenny want to have it around his waist. Moreover, we have already seen cross-brand matches between NWA and AEW’s women’s divisions so it won’t be reaching to say that Nick Aldis better watch out for Omega.

    ROH World Championship

    Another belt that Kenny hasn’t gotten his hands on before lies in Baltimore under the guardianship of Rush. This one is of relevance to Kenny because some of his fellow Elite and Bullet Club peers have held this yet this title always seemed to escape Kenny’s reach. Even though he wrestled for Ring of Honor for a collective four years, Omega failed to even get a title shot let alone win the belt so this might be a chance of redemption for Omega. This belt might seem very irrelevant when Omega finally goes on the conquest of collecting every title there is, but Ring of Honor is one of the few promotions where Omega has wrestled as a part of their roster and was not able to win their top championship. Furthermore, this belt has been on the shoulders of many great competitors that you still see on T.V such as Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and Cody.

    IWGP Heavyweight Championship

    This scenario would be a dream come true for every wrestling fan: Kenny Omega goes back to Japan and wins back what was truly his. AEW has been crazy with their small teasers and hints at a New Japan collaboration and New Japan haven’t held back either with Kenta trolling the internet by posting things like “I’m busy on Wednesdays” with a dynamite emoji next to it and being a major suspect in the case of who attacked Moxley. After all, Moxley does have the IWGP United States Championship. There are so many factors linking NJPW with AEW which opens the door just enough to have room for a couple if not multiple Supercard events so why not make it the last belt that Kenny has to win to complete his collection.

    Currently, Tetsuya Naito has the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, but that status could soon change with the Wrestle Kingdom just around the corner where White or Ibushi can also walk out of the Tokyo Dome with the title. If we’re analyzing the whole situation from an Omega centred booking perspective, then putting the belt on Ibushi would be the right decision. Ibushi could be the final boss in Omega’s run. The last time these two faced each other was at the 2018 G1 Climax, where Ibushi pinned Omega on Day 18. Omega needs to return to Japan to fight the other Golden Lover as the cleaner to finish off the saga by beating Ibushi for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The IWGP belt should be the final belt that Omega wins to make history.

    So that was a few of the titles that I think Omega would want to put on his mantlepiece. If you want more wrestling related articles and news, follow us on Twitter at @TWMWrestle. Thanks for reading.