Ahead of AEW’s hugely-promoted “Winter Is Coming” edition of Dynamite, Tony Khan joined a conference call and answered questions on a plethora of topics.

    Khan on special-themed Dynamite Episodes:
    There will be more to come in December and tomorrows show will have a PPV feel. However, doesn’t want to water down the PPV’s with too many specials.

    Khan on the placement of the Omega vs Moxley match:
    Omega and Moxley will be the main event of the show. It will be a 60-minute time limit and TNT will stay with them if it means running over the shows allotted time frame.

    Khan on Brodie Lee:
    He can not comment on his whereabouts but hopes he is back soon.

    Khan on signing talent during the pandemic and the size of the roster:
    He said there are cuts he should’ve made but, due to the pandemic, didn’t want to.

    Thinking about splitting Dark into two shows:
    One for developmental talent and One for established talent. Happy with who they’ve signed and believed they’ve done well to build for the future.

    Khan on why Omega vs Moxley is on Dynamite as appose to PPV:
    Big matches, like this, will reinstate the fact Dynamite is the flagship show and knows the worth of creating an important and big show; hence their $175m/ 4 year contract with TNT. Will continue to put big matches on Dynamite.

    Khan on if the wrestling industry was more or less hard than he thought it would be:
    Mixed bag of aspects being surprisingly easy and surprisingly hard. Has learnt a lot on the job but is one of the most experienced with writing a show, producing and dealing with networks.

    Khan on the first year booking of The Elite:
    He believes they didn’t need the beating down by Dark Order at the end of the year. Argues they’ve been booked stronger as of recent and have built and developed new stars at same time.

    Khan on the story between Omega and Moxley:
    He mentions how the “Unsanctioned Match” doesn’t count within storylines. Mentions Omega’s reliability in terms of appearing and being a ratings draw. States it is the biggest match for AEW this year.  Couldn’t ask for more of a top contender coming out of the Eliminator Tournament and for more of a credible champion, in Moxley, coming out of the Eddie Kingston match.

    Khan on the pacing of shows:
    Looks back at points, within the past year, and questions why he did certain things but has gained experienced since. He believes the second year has gone better and there were certain things he was asked to do in the first year, that in hindsight, he shouldn’t have. He believes tomorrow will be awesome and you won’t be able to find a better two hour wrestling show. 

    Khan on trying to create a mainstream acceptance of pro wrestling with AEW:
    He believes people have always wanted more wrestling on cable TV beyond WWE. Hopes people remember tomorrow as one of the best wrestling shows to air on TNT. Mentions how there will be 1,000 people in attendance and states the safety protocols they go use to ensure it is safe.

    Khan on Moxley working Wrestle Kingdom 15:

    Khan on introducing a trios title:
    It is on the agenda for the future and is thought for 2021.

    Khan on the “Winter Is Coming” title:
    Has never watched Game of Thrones but understands the phrase has massive connotations and also it is winter now. WarnerMedia, who are partners of AEW, gave him permission to use it. He states he also planning a huge Christmas event, New Year’s Event and Beach Break.

    Khan on AEW airing live on ITV:
    He reinstates the great relationship he has with ITV and appreciates the blind faith they put in AEW. They (ITV) are very happy with how AEW+ is doing.

    Khan on the return of “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega:
    He said they both collaborated on the return of this persona and Omega has brought him many ideas. An example being they came up with the idea for Ricky Starks to be painted like Darby Allin when drinking one evening. Insists talents usually come up with other talents ideas. References Cody Rhodes coming up with Britt Baker’s Waiting Room segment.