The Undisputed Era has run the black and gold brand for just about three years now. Now NXT is seeing Finn Balor at the helm of the brand for the second time. While Balor and UE have done their job at making NXT must-see wrestling, we have also seen the same thing from them time and time again. NXT is in need of a change to the face of their brand and I believe Pete Dunne is that change.

    This past Wednesday we saw NXT Champion Finn Balor give the locker room an ultimatum to challenge him; he definitely got what he asked for. Kyle O’Reilly made some valid points as to why he should be next in line to face Balor, but Dunne would be the more interesting challenger.

    The NXT Championship has lost its value in the past few months and would benefit from Dunne in the championship picture. We have seen Dunne’s dominance when it comes to championships, becoming the longest-reigning WWE Champion of the modern era anyone?

    After a 685 day UK Championship reign, Dunne has the experience to bring prestige back to the NXT Championship. The UK brand was built around Dunne and he is the main reason why people watched the brand. NXT’s title picture could certainly use more eyes on it. Dunne offers new, fresh matchups and feuds. For example, we could have Dunne versus Tommaso Ciampa or Dunne versus Karrion Kross.

    The Brusierweight is one of the most driven superstars on the roster, which will serve him well as the face of the brand. He’ll use this drive in new feuds to stay at the top of the NXT mountain. The black and gold brand needs a champion who can hold the title, and the brand, on their shoulders for a good length of time. A champion who can have a lengthy reign has been lacking from NXT since Cole, but Dunne could be that missing piece.

    Dunne’s current mean streak would only add to his capability of holding a championship for a long time. A heel Peter is the best Peter. When the Bruiserweight is on a mean streak the entire locker room is on notice and he is hard to beat. If it took someone 685 days to end his UK title reign, imagine what an NXT championship would be like. The possibilities are endless.

    The possibilities continue when we factor Pat McAfee and crew into the equation. While it is true that Dunne has never truly needed anyone to help him, having McAfee on his side could come in handy. Dunne lets his actions in the ring speak for themselves, but McAfee as his hype man would only enhance that. We all know McAfee is very opinionated and talkative, which would put over Dunne’s in-ring abilities even more.

    A championship reign for Dunne is the next logical step in his career path. He has all the qualities one would want in a champion and during this pandemic he has only amplified those qualities. While others took time to rest nagging injuries, the Bruiserweight became an even better version of himself. At age 27, in the prime of his career, Dunne got into the best shape of his life. By doing this Dunne has only become faster and stronger than his competition.

    Now here we are, another Wednesday and another NXT. Kyle O’Reilly versus Pete Dunne. We’ve been here before, but the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. An NXT Championship match is on the line and it is time for Dunne to step up and reach another pinnacle of his career. It’s time for the Bruiserweight to make another name for himself… NXT Champion.