During a Q&A with Pro Wrestling Junkies, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega commented on the death of Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee/Luke Harper:

    “I do find a lot of happiness in just looking at my timeline and seeing all these stories that everyone else had with him. And I’m just happy that he was so universally loved by everyone that he worked with and everyone that he met. It wasn’t something that was exclusive to us. It wasn’t something that you know, only we had been able to see. So many people had been touched by him. So I’m just glad he was able to meet so many people, touch so many people, and be a part of so many people’s lives.”

    “A lot of people had said what he had done in wrestling wasn’t at all for the sake of his own fame. He was, he was doing it to be a hero to his kids. And you know, regardless of what he had left unaccomplished in the ring, I’m sure he was destined for extreme greatness in AEW. You could see that just in the little bit he did with us — which was unfortunately cut short, but just seeing by the number of posts, and the stories and everything, you could tell that he was a very special man.

    “And not only was he talented in the ring … but everyone knew that who he was was someone you really don’t meet too often on this planet. So again, we all knew what kind of man that Brodie was. Now everyone’s kind of getting to know this man that was — you know, the behind-the-scenes Mr Brodie, behind-the-scenes Luke Harper, whatever. And — yeah. You knew the talent was there too. Just an all-around wonderful human being.”