Randy Orton vs. Edge at Backlash is being labelled as “The Greatest Wrestling Match Of All Time” before it has even taken place. 

    It may just be a rib, or they may have the formula to succeed.

    Whatever the case, if they follow this blueprint I believe they can indeed have the greatest match of all time.

    Now, I haven’t done anything unrealistic, like have Orton do 15 somersaults or Edge dive off of 30-foot ladders, although I have removed Randy’s endless minutes of chin locks from his repertoire for this bout.

    So, sit back, relax and enjoy The Greatest Wrestling Match Of All Time.

    Edge enters first, not as energetic as usual, still with a look in his eyes of doubt, believing he hasn’t got what it takes to hang with Randy Orton in a straight-up wrestling match at this stage in his career.

    The Viper is out next, cocky grin, expecting to school The Hall Of Famer and pick up a massive win at Backlash.

    Chants for Edge start to rise from the small, socially distanced, gathering in attendance at the WWE Performance Center, as he attempts to psyche himself up with hard slaps to his own face.

    No collar and elbow tie-up here as Edge starts fast, perhaps attempting to finish early, landing a series of knife-edge chops to Randy, causing his chest to turn a sunburnt red.

    Edge tries to stay on the offence, but a quick pace change by Orton sends him into the corner where Randy delivers a receipt for the chops he just endured. Edge rebounds with a slap to the face of Orton, trying to take Randy’s mind out of the game. 

    Suddenly, Edge staggers and holds his neck, perhaps having tweaked something. However, Randy is not buying it.

    He delivers several arm drags to Edge, before schooling him on the floor, proving this may indeed be a long night for the former multiple-time World Heavyweight Champion.

    Orton follows up with a big back body drop followed by a picture-perfect standing dropkick before delivering the trademark Randy pose. Edge manages to kick out at two, but it simply brings a smile to Orton’s face.

    He is enjoying this.

    Orton heads up to the top rope to deliver a flying crossbody, and it connects. He goes for the RKO, but Edge holds onto the ropes to send Randy crashing to the mat. Edge then backdrops Orton over the top to the outside floor and it appears Randy has injured his leg upon landing.

    Edge smells blood in the water and relentlessly attacks the knee. It appears he wants a sharpshooter, but instead settles for a figure four. The commentary team remark on Edge’s tremendous win/loss record opposite Orton, but note many of those battles came during Edge’s prime, over a decade ago.

    Orton manages to break the hold, so Edge chop-blocks the knee. Orton starts punching his own leg to get some feeling back in it, and catches an incoming Edge with a super quick power slam.

    Orton rallies a little with a couple of clotheslines in succession as he starts signalling for the end. He looks for the draping DDT, but Edge battles out and lands an Edgecution for a near-fall. 

    Edge stays on the offence by locking in a Crossface. Orton can’t break the hold, but is able to roll Edge into a pinning attempt for a two-count. Orton battles to his feet and breaks the hold with a backdrop, sending both men crashing to the canvas. 

    Edge is first up, beating Orton to the punch and landing a big boot to the face. Edge starts to fire up, and drops Orton with an electric chair. Edge heads up top and looks for an elbow drop, but Orton quickly recovers and meets Edge on the top rope. The Viper lands a huge superplex for another near fall.

    Orton goes for the RKO for a third time, but Edge again counters. The Hall Of Famer, suddenly a step ahead of Randy, targets the injured leg and goes for the Figure Four once more, but Orton counters with an inside cradle for another near fall.

    The action heads to the arena floor where The Viper stalks his prey around the ring. He preps Edge on the ring apron and goes for the DDT to the concrete floor, but thankfully Edge battles out and slams Randy into the barricade. Edge looks for a Spear, but Orton just casually walks away as Edge smashes through the barricade with a sickening thud.

    The referee checks on Edge as Orton regroups in the centre of the ring.

    Randy is frustrated when he sees Edge stirring, so he takes drastic measures. He sets up the ring steps next to the announce table, drags an almost lifeless Edge over and attempts an RKO off the steps, only for Edge to counter at the last second, pushing Randy straight through the table.

    Edge pulls himself back into the ring and demands the referee start counting Randy out. The Hall Of Famer is seemingly desperate to get the win by any means. The anguish can be seen etched all over Edge’s face as Orton makes it back into the ring at the count of nine.

    Edge regroups and preps for a Spear. Orton counters with a massive RKO for a hot near fall. Randy looks for the Punt, but this time it’s Edge who stops him mid-flow with a thunderous Spear. He crawls into the cover, but Orton kicks out at two.

    Both men are down, but Edge gets to his feet first with a crazed look in his eyes. Edge goes for another Spear, but Orton counters with a kick to the face, and lands the draped DDT. Somehow, Edge kicks out at two. 

    Orton seems to be getting desperate now as he heads up top and tries to hit a second crossbody. That doesn’t turn out too good as Edge ducks out of the way, sending Randy crashing and burning into the canvas. Edge senses the end is in sight, as he sets Orton up for the Spear. Sadly for him, Orton leaps over his body, sending Edge shoulder first into the steel ring post. Orton wastes no time in connecting with a brutal looking RKO, but again Edge kicks out at two.

    Orton is furious with the referee, believing it to be a slow count, refusing to believe Edge managed to kick out of a second RKO. Orton goes right back to the RKO, but Edge powers out and hits an inverted brainbuster. Edge crawls to the corner and pulls himself to the top rope.

    He looks a little unbalanced before managing to nail a body splash, crawls to the ropes again and uses them to pull himself to his feet. He sets up the Spear again, and a powerful-looking Spear follows. Now Orton kicks out, and Edge looks at a loss as to what to do next.

    The crowd in attendance starts a “This Is Awesome” chant, and rightfully so.

    Both men start exchanging blows in the centre of the ring, each yelling at the other to stay down while reigning down with fists. Orton wins that duel with a dropkick out of nowhere. Edge finds himself in the corner, getting pounded on by Orton until he is able to hoist Randy up and drop him head-first onto the steel ring post.

    Edge believes the moment to end is here.

    He climbs to the top rope, berating Orton to get to his feet before leaping off with an attempted Spear only to get caught in mid-air with a spectacular RKO outta nowhere for the three-count!

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