Short answer is Yes, but for obvious reasons it can’t & won’t happen yet. Now here’s my longer answer.

    Kylie has all the potential in the world & upon her arrival generated quite a lot of buzz for IMPACT Wrestling & got lots of people talking. She’s certainly a special kind of talent & someone many IMPACT fans have wanted as part of the Knockouts division for quite some time.

    Now whether or not she could become IMPACT World Champion? I feel like she could certainly step up & be a great champion. She’s no stranger to Intergender wrestling, one of her most notable feuds on the independent scene was against one half of the longest reigning IMPACT tag team champions in history, “All Ego” Ethan Page.

    They’ve had an incredible feud in companies such as Black Label Pro & Freelance Wrestling where I believe Kylie is the current Freelance Champion… Defeating Ethan Page. She’s an exceptional athlete & is already fitting in well with the current class of Knockouts, having recently defeated Kiera Hogan at the Recent Rebellion TV specials.

    I have seen comparisons online between Kylie & former Knockouts Champion Allie, I can see the similarities but right now it is maybe too soon for comparisons of her still early run in IMPACT Wrestling. However it does seem like her career is on a similar trajectory to the current IMPACT world Champion Tessa Blanchard, now I’m not comparing I’m just noticing a few similarities.

    Both had great success on the independents & had notable matches with male wrestlers, both got a lot of attention when it was announced they had signed for IMPACT Wrestling. Now as I say I don’t think it will or even should happen this early into her run but after a year or two into her contract & with the right build Kylie Rae could be a future IMPACT Wrestling world champion.

    Now obviously I wouldn’t have a clue how this would or should be booked, but as a champion there is no doubt Smiley Kylie can put on fantastic matches with anyone & everyone regardless of gender. Now I don’t even know if becoming world champion is even something in her sights, however if it is she’s in the right company to make that dream a reality.

    Kylie Rae is a superb talent & I can picture her being World Champion in IMPACT Wrestling.